UPDATED! My Son - Fever - 102.8° F.

My 27 year old son, Michael, came home from work tonight and, quite unusual for him, went to sleep.   Very tired. 

He has no work tomorrow, his company gives them tomorrow as their New Year's Eve day off, so NORMALLY he'd go out-on-the-town tonight.   He woke up and surprised us by saying "I'm not going out tonight."   We must have looked surprised because he then said "I think I have a fever, can you get the Thermoscan?"

UH Oh.   

We got the ear thermometer.  102.8

For many months, he's been taking Lauriciden, Vitamin D-3, Zinc Picolonate, Vitamin k-2, Vitamin C, and a multivitamin EVERY DAY.  He's been doing that for months now, so his immune system is "bulked" for whatever this is.

Plus, he's young and strong, so he ought to be good no matter what this is.

But now me and my wife have to be careful because, well, we're not Spring Chickens anymore.

Will keep you posted.

Prayers will be appreciated.

 UPDATE 11:44 AM EST --

Son woke up with NO FEVER this morning!  Feels tired, washed-out, but it looks like his body kicked the butt of whatever bug was in him.  

Naturally, today being New Year's Eve, he's thinking about going out on the town tonight.   Of course, what 27 year old listens to his parents?  None of us did!!!!

I trust his judgment about how he feels, so if he remains without fever, and if he goes out, oh well.  A young man is gonna do what a young man is gonna do.

Thank you all for your prayers.  



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