New Jersey & NYC -- Temperatures that KILL

New Jersey & NYC -- Temperatures that KILL

The actual temperature in front of my house in North Bergen, NJ is 97° as of 3:10 PM today (Sunday).  But when the Humidity is factored-in, the "Real-Feel" temperature feels like ONE-HUNDRED ELEVEN (111°) DEGREES!

This is the kind of heat that KILLS people.

It's been a long time since I've felt these kinds of temperatures in my neck of the woods.

The forecast for Monday includes Thunderstorms and the weather service has already issued "FLASH FLOOD WATCHES" which probably means we're going to get walloped.  I guess that's what it takes to break this kind of heat.

Funny thing about such heat in summer; it tends to lead to much colder Winters -- with lots of snow.

"I'm dreamin of a White Christmas!"