NIH ADMITS Fauci Lied: ‘We DID Fund Gain-Of-Function At Wuhan Lab’

NIH ADMITS Fauci Lied: ‘We DID Fund Gain-Of-Function At Wuhan Lab’

Dr. Anthony Fauci was left reeling after the National Institutes of Health admitted on Wednesday that he lied and that they did indeed fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, contradicting statements that he made to Congress.


# A little chimp from Brooklyn is about to have a chimp OUTMan of the Atom 2021-10-22 03:43
Was this a limited hangout prior to an untimely "breakthrough infection" or "accidental" dive down a flight of stairs? It does happen to "ordinary" people; in Europe a relative of the wife unit died from an accidental fall on stairs. They found him in a pool of blood. However the little chimp is "the man who knows too much" so I think he will be "rubbed out" in an "obvious" accident, at least as accidental as Jeffrey Epstein's death was suicidal.
# What is He?acturner067 2021-10-21 19:48
Fewer people know that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a poster boy for the Roman Catholic Jesuit educational system Georgetown U. “The Jesuits are the deadly enemies of civil and religious liberty.” (The Footprints of the Jesuits By R. W. Thompson Ex-Secretary, American Navy). Here is a link to Captain Covid cartoon dated 10/19/17 straight out of Rome.
+1 # Am I a horrible person?gotalife 2021-10-21 15:20
Not even burning Fauci at the stake would maje anyone vaccinated person feel better. Someone else will come along pushing a new narrative and the masses will comply...
+1 # THAT IS NOTHING!Rick Geise 2021-10-21 12:58
Considering the consequences for what Martha Stewart, Roger Clemens or Roger Stone may have said Fauci should be tarred and feathered; however, this admission is trivial compared to the work they funded at Chapel Hill, NC in 2015!... and where they obtained that sample!!
+6 # Indite, convict,supporttheblue 2021-10-21 12:32
and execute all who have had a hand in this barbarian destruction of human life.
+1 # Fauciplumberdeluxe 2021-10-21 12:28
Burn that douche-bag and put him to pasture!
# Faucicowgirl 2021-10-21 12:46
put to pasture would be kind. throw him in hell... in a prison in solitary confinement... where he cannot get it on with other inmates.
+5 # Fauci Lied: As we all knowPalehorse 2021-10-21 11:15

It would appear that the deep state operatives have gotten all of the mileage out of Fauci they
can. Time to throw him on the sacrificial alter
and let the little people rejoice for a moment in seeming victory. and glee.

It will be interesting to see his replacement as
the "Great Pandemic Global Assault" takes it's next turn into deeper insanity.

I sure won't miss his Garden Gnome face.
(You can see him here:
+2 # Did Anyone Have a Doubt?Xootneg 2021-10-21 11:09
This incredible evil is overwhelming! Millions dead and billions of lives changed in perpetuity.
+3 # With the number of deaths and life disruptions caused globallyDon McIntyre 2021-10-21 10:50
The gallows would be appropriate.
+6 # VindicatedSBGlett77 2021-10-21 10:48
OK, Rand Paul is vindicated. However, it greatly distresses me to see people in the U.S. Senate saying "Fauci should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law". These are senators with a bully pulpit - they can insist that he be prosecuted, and then when the corrupt Democrats refuse, Mssrs. Paul, Cotton, Meadows, Bishop, and other big shot people of noble character should go on a mainstream media news tour and relentlessly point out the Democrat corruption. If they are refused network news coverage, they should expose that with billboards ! Call those colluders out, too ! They should write op-eds in scores of small-town newspapers, they should publish special bulletins to be sent to all their constituents. And on and on.

This is a crime which has affected or ended the lives of literally billions of people, and Fauci was in on it. It is worth these legislators expending every bit of political capital they can muster, pushing everybody they can, using themselves up, for a cause of this magnitude. This obvious atrocity can end the Democrats' Reign of Terror right here and now if the Democrats refuse to prosecute this guy, and these good senators and congressmen need to push this long and hard, to bring up such a groundswell of outrage that it cannot be distracted away.

NO, Senator - don't sit there and say, like those of us who are nobodies must do, he "should" be prosecuted. SEE TO IT. SEE TO IT.
+3 # Don't forget that part ...LilBirdie 2021-10-21 15:40
Where Fauci is squeezed for every drop of information he has pertaining to this situation. He's high up. He's received instructions from someone somewhere.
Also, all monies he has received from his investments/ownership of the pharmaceutical companies making these shots MUST be confiscated.
+4 # RE: NIH ADMITS Fauci Lied: ‘We DID Fund Gain-Of-Function At Wuhan Lab’Notthemama 2021-10-21 10:46
Yeah oops, we lied.

Are they going to admit that all the covid vaccinated are sterilized and/or going to die too? Or they saving that for a distraction on black Friday when all the spastic shoppers realize there is nothing to buy and nothing is on sale?
+1 # AS IFTIKI 2021-10-21 10:35
Anything will be done!


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