NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion Damage

NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion Damage

The Georgia Guidestones, which were bombed at about 4:00 this morning, have now been completely felled by a back-hoe.  They are now all gone.


# VictorySurDavid 2022-07-09 16:07
I like the smell of explosives at 3:33am in the morning...smells like...victory!
# interesting videoAravinda 2022-07-08 21:40
regarding the stones, do not know if anyone put this up yet or not.
+3 # Act of 2022-07-07 20:16
An Act of GOD destroyed the Georgia Guidestones:
+1 # RE: Act of GODMaid4theLamb64 2022-07-08 11:25
I watched the video... Wow, it is so obvious that lightning hit those stones!! In the middle of so much turmoil on the earth right now, this Act of God is refreshing to my soul!
+1 # RE: Act of GODmjc 2022-07-08 00:42
Hand of God (lightning).

Same as the St George of Fentanyl memorial.....

The broadcast starts out with an expanded view
of the Georgia Guidestone incident.

(Interesting note in the show is that the Guidestones
are located 666.7 miles from the United
+2 # ForensicsFlatfootfrank 2022-07-07 19:02
Surly someone tested for gunpowder/cordite residue at the site. Easy enough to confirm or debunk a man made explosion.
+2 # RE: ForensicsBeenThere 2022-07-08 01:40
No need, that place has cameras covering 360 degrees.

They know what happened and won't say!

God sent a bolt of lightning to take it out - Praise God!
+1 # Interesting analysisAvanarts 2022-07-07 18:47
From an Army Vet who served in Iraq. Includes a view of the damage from an angle I hadn't seen before.
+2 # dont get fooledrugerwild 2022-07-07 18:12
it was lighting that hit the stone
+2 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageLoki 2022-07-07 17:29
Comment on talking about the Georgia just shows you how asleep people are, and how valuable alternate media and websites are.

"I went to school for 13 years, then college for 6, followed by grad school for an additional 2,
yet, the only time I EVER heard of the Georgia guidestones was from Alex Jones"
+1 # FALSE IDOL DEMOzoochman 2022-07-07 17:15
Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish! Georgia has been a stronghold for the false stolen election and maybe now the truth will come out that 45 is still President and Biden should be hung by the neck.
+5 # ElectricalKali K 2022-07-07 17:13
That explosion wasn't man made or if it was it was an electrical device.

The light on the perimeter brightened at the same time as the explosion. Explosives don't do that. Even a shape charge which is what would have had to have been used to leave the other slabs untouched would even do that, plus a shape charge would have left the 'cap stone' untouched as well.

No, this was not man made. Watch the video frame by frame and watch the light go super bright then back down to normal. Also, not the purple halo around the explosion area. That happens with lightning strikes.

As an aside. Why did they only show the explosion and not release any other video which MIGHT have shown someone setting the charge IF there was such a person or persons?
+2 # Agreed….Jonesy042 2022-07-07 17:46
That’s not a lightning strike as I see it. The entire area will light up like daytime. That did not happen. I think it’s directed energy. The shards of stone all went in the direction from which the monument was fired upon.
-2 # Silver CarLoki 2022-07-07 17:30
There is video showing a silver car leaving just prior to the explosion.
# RE: Silver CarMaid4theLamb64 2022-07-08 11:31
The car was driving very slowly. If that person was the culprit, they would've been "hightailing" it out of there.

No. God destroyed it with lightning!
# RE: Electricalalmachius 2022-07-07 17:19
Could've been an RPG, or some similar device.
# RPG ? 2022-07-08 01:06
Someone has suggested a DotMil launcher. Would that match for the direction of the broken slab fragments??

Who would have access to that ??
# They became redundantalmachius 2022-07-07 17:04
The almost complete prevalence of sterile copulation between males and females, the epidemic of porn addiction, the proliferation of sodomites, the aggressive imposition of pederast ideology by the left, and the use of abortion as birth control: what need to promote Luciferian principles any more?

For long enough, their offensive teachings, an affront to God, stood and declared the agenda of the ruling cabal. Just like their poison spread throughout the culture, from the schools upwards, all but token vocal resistance. A besotted populace indeed.
# RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-07-07 16:20
Now they must get rid of the arch of the temple of Baal:
+2 # LIGHTNINGGodzHammer 2022-07-07 15:22
Don’t believe the narrative! It was lightning (GOD) that brought down those stones and more and more proof is coming out about it.
+2 # CorrectKali K 2022-07-07 17:15
Unless there's something else that ran a surge of electricity through the night watch light at that very same instant.
+1 # Maybe a silly question…Jonesy042 2022-07-07 14:49
What became of the time capsule buried there?
+1 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageCanis Major 2022-07-07 11:14
Expect blow-back.
This will not be tolerated.
For those who think the explosive charge was by teenage hooligans are mistaken.
Something else is brewing.
Pot is starting to over boil.
People please report any strange movement of private militias, ooops, security contractors encroaching on Republican states with the most citizen militias.
# RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion Damagebleedingblue 2022-07-07 09:27
OK where is video of the person placing the device at the stones?
# RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageRAFO 2022-07-07 08:41
Don’t know who did the actual bombing, but I see this as a sign… the destruction of the globalist agenda may have just started. People want to live and breathe FREE!
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-07-07 07:49
The destruction of the Georgia Guidestones is a symbolically very significant event because it could foreshadow the destruction of the globalist Zionist satanist project and their authors.
+3 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageErfman 2022-07-07 07:30
There is a reasonably convincing video on bitchute that suggest the Georgia guidestones were hit by lightning.

It was determined by looking at the video frame by frame one frame showed an intense light a distance away before the stone exploded.

This could explain why they didn't release any video of somebody planting the explosives.

The deep state would rather put a right wing arson spin on it than have people say it was a divine act of God.

It could also be Russia demonstrating their space weapons and symbolically striking the symbol of the NWO.

Either way, the powers that be would rather blame it on right wing extremism.
-2 # Ok. time to get serious. Didn't somebody here predict total chaos by July 4th?Haarnaś 2022-07-07 07:16
I just cannot remember if it was Kevin the extinct-Dodo-bird and his heretical babble or was it the Virgin of Virgins?

Euro plunging like a stone thrown into the well
is just the beginning. Be home by the 12-13 July. Things will fly off the handle above our heads on the 17th, methinks.

Meanwhile moronic Dodo is talking and wasting everybody's time with the Jewish false flag in Chicago 'bur Highland Park, the latest Jewish false flag here in the US. Other countries also allow guns, but "mass shootings" are strictly American phenomena. If the moronic Kevin, a friend of Drudge who helped launch the Highland Park HorseFeathers, shows up anywhere near me today, I will initiate on this forum a search for his brain!
+2 # Harnass whoever he is...Doug Brown 2022-07-07 11:56
Harnass is seriously fucked up.
So tired of his drivil.
-1 # Go and fly a kite in RussiaHaarnaś 2022-07-08 16:02
Quoting Doug Brown:
Harnass is seriously fucked up.
So tired of his drivil.

or better still volunteer peel potatoes for the Russian Navy, you bloody Esau!
+1 # █▓▒░ The Headline says “Ok. time to get serious...” But wait a minute... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-07-07 08:18

I see we are once again blessed by the presence of the
inspirational Voice of Cheese, as it grasps for strands of
cognitive attributes to justify it's existence.

Let us behold our blessing for this day:

Things will fly off the handle above our heads on the 17th, methink
Rubbing two brain cells together, imitating the thought
process, while projecting an artificial “ methink” awareness.

Be home by the 12-13 July

Obviously another baseless suggestion brought forth
by cognitive congestion. (A medical condition usually
associated with a mass of conflicting impulses)

Whats next here...

Highland Park HorseFeathers

Appears to be reference to an Amusement park to ease
the burden of “ Dod-extinct-bird” cognitive congestion.

...oh yea... we sure need your advice don't we...
Tell us again how you predicted Jesus would return on
Easter of this year.
And please don't leave out your most recent brain storm
that this year will be the “end of humanity.”

And you even brought along your imaginary friend
"Kevin the-Dod-extinct-bird."

Nice to see you are finally playing with a full deck.
# You moron have actually helped establish the presence of Holy Virgin of virgins here by failing to provide the citations in your heretical babble per you sola scriptura misbelief, specifically proscribing her veneration by 3.44 billion faithful worldwide.Haarnaś 2022-07-08 16:17
Quoting Palehorse:

I see we are once again blessed by the presence of the

3.44 billion faithful worldwide are breathing a collective sigh of relief as we speak. If 50 million Frenchmen cannot be wrong Kevin-the-Dodo, certainly 3.44 billion Catholics, mohammedans and Eastern Orthodox can continue with their favorite Heaven-approved devotion and ignore prononcements of the deluded heretic from a Church of One with his eyes and brain missing!
+2 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageShamo 2022-07-07 05:40
There’s a time capsule underneath the plaque that explains the stones. I’ve gotta know what’s in it. I can’t remember the date it was supposed to be open, but nows a better time than ever.
+2 # The stones may be goneCloudNebula 2022-07-07 02:50
but the perpetrators are not. Need a comprehensive worldwide list. Tired of referrring to these globalists in the abstract.
+5 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageEddamnit 2022-07-07 02:44
Let's see, explosives are a very highly regulated commodity and no crime scene investigation, no police ribbons cordoning off the area. Just the destruction of a crime scene with ZERO investigation.
This is all set up by the government.

To give you hope when there is none.

You can all go back to sleep now, the Georgia Guidestones are no more. You have won.
+2 # I still think ....Doug Brown 2022-07-07 02:02
I still think some good old Georgia boys
got drunk and did a good one. And they did
a shit ass job too, only knocking down one
Pillar. City had to come out next day and
finish it
+2 # FinallyJules 2022-07-07 01:52
I was wondering when that nasty eyesore would go away. After all the patriots that have been canceled it is time they got a taste of how it feels.
That ignorant caller was the reason it has been up so long. We tolerate these foolish notions even though we know in our hearts it is complete BS.
If you agree with eugenics and pop control, go load up on your vaxes and high tail it over to Ukraine. I hear they need all the help they can get cuz Russia is kicking their Nazi fannies.
+2 # Good Riddance!Smiley1984*! 2022-07-07 01:31
Good Riddance!

End of phase 1, now ready for the next phase in demolishing the NWO and WEF!
+1 # The seal was brokenwilliamrothesq 2022-07-07 00:34
This act appears to be the breaking of a seal. One day after the CERN was turned back on. Praying for deliverance by YAHWEH is never a bad idea. Doing that and living within the law provides ironclad protection.
+2 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageTexasWolf 2022-07-07 00:07
Blast occurred at 4:03:33 AM on 7/6. It originated from the Southeast Pillar. It's the Occult Concord.

The stand against globalism begins in the South.
# Which Pillar?Elpidios555 2022-07-07 09:55
Which of the 4 main pillars was the first one attacked?
1. Russian/Chinese
2. Spanish/English
3. Swahili/Hindi
4. Arabic/Hebrew
+2 # Hooyahsupporttheblue 2022-07-06 23:34
# Gstones build back betterLoki 2022-07-06 23:33
who knows, maybe they'll come back with a much bigger Gstones.
+2 # Stolen car?Loki 2022-07-06 23:28
I hope the good perp's silver four door car was stolen b/c otherwise he'll be put away for years. Whether it was done by a patriot or even if this is a false flag, I'm still all for it.
+1 # Caller was RightJim Calhoun 2022-07-06 23:03
Start and pause the video multiple times during the blast, toward the end of the actual blast a projectile of sort, very white in color, shoots up like a rocket.....The caller to Hal's show was right, something went straight up after the blast.
# Dyn-o-mite!Loki 2022-07-06 23:29
Probably dynamite.
+5 # "This Should Scare The Hell Out Of You" 2022-07-06 22:33
Why? Historically, "Whenever Satanist Act," before that Action "All References and Proofs are Removed!"
+4 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion Damagebleedingblue 2022-07-06 22:30
That is what you call an excavator or a trackhoe
+5 # ...and there was much rejoicing...Keflin Arivaen 2022-07-06 21:37
+14 # I WonderCataMaroon 2022-07-06 21:23
I wonder if the explosion was an inside job. The message had been sent, so they are ready for the next phase. Buckle up.
+15 # A covert signal?Tcatt 2022-07-06 21:19
The kind that erects such monuments are also the kind that have a history of destroying such monuments as a signal/ritual for others of their kind.
Something wicked this way comes.
+4 # Explosion videoTamar721 2022-07-06 21:19
Here is a link to the “explosion” from what I see it appears it came from ‘above’
+1 # The Wicker ManOccamsRazor 2022-07-07 00:48
Maybe a consumer drone dropped a pretty good charge on it.
+1 # DEW precision laser canonMein.Dingus 2022-07-06 23:35
ya , enough to superheat the C4 that has been encased within all-along - good call Tamar721
+5 # Back in 1994 ...Pierre Derelicto 2022-07-06 21:04
I believe it was (not 100% on the year, but it was at least around that time): Adam Weishaupt's document founding The Illuminati, from 1776, was somehow (without tripping any alarms) stolen from The British Museum. It was the only known copy of the document.

For many, many decades, it sat -- available for anyone to read, see for themselves and verify, etc. -- then, in an instant, it was gone.

(... and anyone who ever dared mention it got labeled a "conspiracy theorist," naturally.)

Perhaps this is the case with the guidestones. They've stood as yet another open testimony to TPTB's utter contempt for humanity. Perhaps, in that regard, they've served their purpose and are, also, being deliberately disappeared.
# attracts attentionLoki 2022-07-06 23:31
...or this could be illumaniti need to broadcast their goals to as many people as possible. Many who weren't aware of the Gstones will be now.
-3 # ... or ...Pierre Derelicto 2022-07-06 21:10
Maybe it was "Q" ... I guess, by now, the AltMedia shills can really use something fresh, to keep their sap audiences hoping, further still.

"The white hats" are coming! ... just don't hold your breath, or hang YOUR hat on it.
+1 # You’re rightAdiff5466 2022-07-07 00:41
As usual, the poor Q cultists are calling it a “boom!” with the usual “more coming!”... I’m embarrassed to admit I was sucked into that for a few months. However, it was too ridiculous and waiting because “the white hats are in control” was just too much. How much more of the country had to be destroyed before all of the so-called arrests. There are still people that think the Clintons were hung at Guantanamo! It’s sad because most are probably good people, but they’re deceived. Of course they’re deluded and think they’re the ones with the inside info. All of those shills like Scott McKay and Charlie Ward are clear examples of controlled opposition in a world where everyone thinks anyone who tells the truth is the controlled opposition. Come out of it people. Admit it was all a CIA sham and join us back in the real world.
# LOL Shills..Mein.Dingus 2022-07-07 08:13
patriot street fighter, will open a whole case of whoop-a$$ on you... true assessment , but as with so many things , there's alot to unpack without a definitive 'splain - like the doppelganger/clone issue - there's a lot of Putin reportage out there , and the Clintons are a bad example - I really believe they are long dead - look at what they rolled out of Chelsea's Manhattan apt on the 911 memorial day - Hillary got younger , and much shorter , all bubbly... The original writers for Mission Impossible couldn't have come up with a better script and story line - having 'Willy & Barny' pick up the attending carcass of Hillary in that van ... so while you're correct about Ward, O'Savin (who's really an accomplished swimmer JFK Jr.) and the rest , you can't explain it all , and while you can't, you end up being Roy Xmas , in that Western Bar, told by Mary that his odds of connecting with her is 1 mill/one - you still believe in the popcorn /movie sheeit and wait for a night of the long knives scenario..... and wait you will as you sit in your movie chair , starving, power interruption , and zombies breaking into your estate like the end of Scarface. Sometimes I think that you might as well be a prepper , and have that mountain Peruvian Flake ready , along with your street sweepers and flash-bangs and wait it out...
+1 # RE: ... or ...TexasWolf 2022-07-07 00:38
Not all esoteric operators are evil. Notice any patterns in the Betsy Ross flag?
# someoneLoki 2022-07-06 23:32
well, you do recognize SOMEone did that, right, Pierre?
+4 # A new Holiday!A706 2022-07-06 20:50
May God bless and protect the patriots who performed this righteous act.
+5 # Thank Godbeattle55 2022-07-06 20:49
Eat that ya buncha globalist rat bastards
+6 # Destroying evidence? 2022-07-06 20:49
This is what is done after false flags in order to destroy evidence. More will come out soon.
# 9-11pmoore67 2022-07-07 05:21
Debris was removed really fast too.
+6 # commercial opportunityTerraHertz 2022-07-06 20:45
I'd pay money for a piece of those stones. A chunk with some intact text, especially the bit about keeping the global population under 500 million.

I hope someone running the demolition operation recognizes this great ebay opportunity.

Next do Klaus Schwab please? Few on the planet more deserving of a personal high-VOD Great Reset than that maniac.
+6 # Bill 2022-07-06 20:43
Perhaps Bill Gates, the Satanic psychopath, and mass murderer, should have been under these stones as they were dropped.

After all he is about eliminating people. Perhaps he should go first.
# Bill-payee?pmoore67 2022-07-07 05:23
Some think that rat bastard paid for those stones.
+1 # Don’t forgetRembrandt1981 2022-07-06 23:43
Pfizer owners also should have been below the blast and feel the full effect.
+2 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageJFY 2022-07-06 20:36
Who knows of the local police dept had always been looking for a good excuse or if there is some ulterior motive, but for whatever reason, good riddance!!
-3 # █▓▒░ But wait a minute... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-07-06 22:08

Applying such loosely fitted logic as yours, while
supported by such weak motives, you missed the
opportunity to include intense space potato
bombardment as a possible cause.
-2 # RE: █▓▒░ But wait a minute... ░▒▓█JFY 2022-07-06 23:14
Toke much?
# RE: █▓▒░ But wait a minute... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-07-06 23:42

Guess we can see where your at.
-1 # Did God do the final blow?acturner067 2022-07-06 20:33
Some are saying an act of God took the one pillar down. Maybe that is why they destroyed the rest for if it were a bomb wouldn't there be and investigation first?
+4 # RE: Did God do the final blow? 2022-07-06 20:46
Not necessarily, especially if it were a false flag and they did not want anyone to gather explosive residue for evidence.
That is what happened with TWA flight 800 when a truth seeker got access to cabin seat material and had it analyzed.
# █▓▒░ "if it were a false flag" ? ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-07-06 21:08

if it were a false flag and they did not want anyone to gather explosive residue for evidence.

Such could be true if the explosive residue were
from an explosive compound not readily available
through commercial avenues.

+3 # █▓▒░ There are still problems... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-07-06 21:23

But you still have the problem with the street light
increasing in it's intensity at the very moment of the
explosion. Lighting bolt theory would account for
the increased power line voltage at that very moment.
This is a good reason to remove the remains as there are
no cracks nor any man made explosives residue with
lighting supplying the only visible evidence and being

And still no perpetrator images in the video.
+1 # TrueAdiff5466 2022-07-07 00:46
I noticed that too. It was really weird the street light got bright at the same time! So much so when I first watched it that I thought the street light was an incoming “bomb” for lack of a better word. What would cause that to happen yet the cameras didn’t seem to jitter or blur for a moment. Thoughts?
+2 # Re: Conspiracy 2022-07-06 20:23
Prior to the “assault “ on these guidestones a large portion of our nation’s population had either never heard of them or chalked concerns about them under the “conspiracy theory “ category.

Did TPTB decide later today to have the remaining stones bulldozed to shove the story off the headlines, nothing to see here…?
# RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageWoulf 2022-07-06 20:18
I think Hal summed it up "just right".
+2 # RE: NOW COMPLETELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageAngus 2022-07-06 20:17
+5 # Should Be A Shot OfForrest Mosby 2022-07-06 20:12
Someone setting the charges unless it was an aerial attack
Those cameras were installed to inhibit vandalism that used to occur
+2 # Now that they are gone..Teknikid 2022-07-06 20:08
I have to wonder who among the global elite are going to take this personally and react accordingly.
-2 # RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageLambs Servant 2022-07-06 20:06
See ya. I know that this will be controversial but this might be up Harness’ ally. Since the consecration of Russia, that was done by Pope Francis, Roe v. Wade was overturned and these guidestones(symbolizing the NWO) got turned to dust.
+3 # RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageBecca9019 2022-07-06 20:04
Maybe they did it themselves?
-1 # Hee HeeCRS 2022-07-06 20:03
Love the music...High Ho, let's go!!!
+8 # RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageBeenThere 2022-07-06 19:45
One large leap for God fearing Americans!
# RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-07-06 19:41
Oh no!

Now what will we do????

# RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageJohn Galt 2022-07-06 19:35
That flash on the left of the screen at the explosion; any ideas what that was?
+7 # Be carefulSrmay72 2022-07-06 19:34
Maybe TPTB did this! Remember the great time capsule hidden underneath the stones. MAYBE THE FINAL 10 QUOTES OR COMMANDS ARE NOW TIME FOR THE FINAL CHAPTER! CERN DID FIND 3 MORE ....GOD HELP US!
# RE: Be carefulChristine 2022-07-07 01:46
[quote name="Srmay72"]Remember the great time capsule hidden underneath the stones.[/]

There is another slab of stone to the west of the Guidestones set in the ground containing the time capsule. That stone slab is a marker that describes the history and building of the Guidestones. The time capsule is not actually housed under the monument itself. Just an FYI.
-1 # MaybeSrmay72 2022-07-06 20:10
At this point it wouldn't surprise me if the real reason for the stones was hidden inside the time capsule. Think about how the elite would laugh knowing one day a patriot would release the deadliest bioweapon ever thinking they was showing them. Watch for strange deaths all around that area, or zombies lol. If TPTB don't find who destroyed them in short order this means it was them! Again don't cheer until we know who and why!
# WowAdiff5466 2022-07-07 00:49
Now that’s a terrifying thought! And a good one. I forgot something is buried there. What outta hell could it be...
+12 # LolTheBove 2022-07-06 19:31
And Bill Gates wept
-1 # Ted TurnerRadical for Freedom 2022-07-06 20:18
May this be just the beginning of the Globalists "blowing up".
+13 # RE: NOW COMPLTELY GONE: Georgia Guidestones Pushed Over by Back-Hoe after Explosion DamageDratchev241 2022-07-06 19:31
is this the shot heard around the world?
+1 # americaldocamericaldoc 2022-07-06 20:14
Sure hope so


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