Nuclear Attack Subway Signs in New York City

Nuclear Attack Subway Signs in New York City

Signs instructing New Yorkers what to do in the event of Nuclear Attack/Radiation Emergency have been placed in New York City Subway Cars!

The signs tell New Yorkers to:

  • Take off all outer layers of clothing.
  • Wash or Shower
  • Put on clean clothes
  • Help others and pets
  • Tune-in to local media for instructions from officials.

Here is the full-size image of one of the signs actually installed in a NYC Subway car:

These news signs come just months after the New York City Office of Emergency Management, on July 11, issued a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for TV, telling New Yorkers what to do "When a nuclear bomb hits the city."

Here is that PSA:

(Full story about that PSA HERE)

Of course, most of the information on these new Subway signs, and in the TV PSA above, is useless.

Russia utilizes what they call "YARS" intercontinental ballistic missiles to launch a nuclear strike.  Those missiles carry an 800 kiloton (kt) nuclear warhead, fifty-three (53) times more powerful than the nuclear bomb which detonated over Hiroshima, Japan in World War 2.

The blast from an 800kt nuclear warhead, detonated at 2900 meters above the Empire State Building in Manhattan, would cause the following:

Here is the Legend for the map above:

In the smallest yellow-colored circle in the middle would see everything VAPORIZED.  Absolutely nothing would remain; no people, cars, trucks, roads, or buildings.

In the next larger grayish colored circle, all residential buildings are knocked down flat and on fire. Anyone who was outside when the blast hit is dead.

In the next larger yellowish circle the Thermal (heat) damage spreads all the way out into New Jersey to the west, and to the Bronx to the north, queens to the east, and Brooklyn to the south.  Everyone here has third degree burns throughout all layers of their skin, and will either be dead or will die within minutes.  Most buildings -whether they were knocked down or not, will be on fire within this entire area.

The final grayish circle will see damage to all buildings, but not necessarily knocked down, and people will be injured by flying debris.

From the center of the small yellow circle, to the outer edge of the light damage grayish largest circle, is a radius of about 12 kilometers, or 9 miles.

For what it's worth, my house is within the second, grayish area as shown below.  Neither I, nor my family, have any chance at all of surviving if we're still here, and not in Pennsylvania at the house I inherited when my mom died last November.  In fact, as I am typing this story for publication, I am sitting in that very house!


Readers of this story must clearly understand that government does not do things like these subway signs, and PSA's for no reason.  They do it because they know there either is a high probability that this is going to happen, or because they absolutely KNOW this is going to happen.

Moreover, most of the info the government is providing, won't apply to the people in New York City or my area of New Jersey . . . because not much of any of it will still exist.  Most of the people in the various circles above, will already be dead.

And for those who are not dead, there won't be any shelter.  There won't be any place to wash or shower.  There won't be any running water to wash or shower with.  There won't be any media to tune-in-to because all of the transmitters will be either be destroyed or damaged by the EMP.   So most of the information being provided, is useless.

All this because our government refuses to mind its own business over the Russia-Ukraine thing.




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