NYC Implosion Continues: DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED Man Found in Lower Manhattan Apt.

NYC Implosion Continues: DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED Man Found in Lower Manhattan Apt.

The body of a decapitated, dismembered man was found inside a Lower East Side (Manhattan) apartment on Tuesday afternoon — sorted in plastic bags right next to a power saw.


# WET WORK?ChicagoView 2020-07-15 13:01
Today’s refers to this as a message type hit.
# Get outjwnark 2020-07-15 09:30
Hal, you need to move now...
Move here to Arkanas.
+2 # Portland Ore.jimginny 2020-07-15 00:01
While NYC has the spotlight, mayor's as porltand ore., is out of control ... just down the street from Seattle .... Portland mayor is now blaming the federal officers protecting federal buildings for causing all the riots ... talk about hours poop ... Seattle mayor just cut 76 million from the police budget for 2021, while the city council just passed a huge new tax on the cities rich business' ... talk about things beginning flushed down the drain ... While our shit head governor probably will be following LA's lead in school closures ... our schools are in such a mess, we should fire all the teachers and hire all the illegal's in their stead, they could not do any worst ... thanks
# RE: Portland Ore.BlueMagoo 2020-07-15 03:59

As a contractor 3 years ago or so, i needed to aquire a security badge to finish construction work in a finished operational facility, downtown seattle. There was a map of operations on the badging desk. I asked how many facilities are therw here? "56". Yes, 56 inside the city limits of seattle years ago. Now goofgle search shows 40!office spaces, not including fulfilment, whole foods, amazon go, and on and on.
That 1 company alone is moving offices into the surrounding cities as of last year. My opinion is because they saw the writing on the wall and made moves. Moving 8,000 employees across the water into Bellevue was anounced last year. SAWANT moved her peice, now alot more will move theirs.
Honestly reap what you sow, as a man whom makes a living in the construction sector this is really good for my group. None of us like working downtown seattle, those fucks treat us like the house elves whom are expected to build their personal shit hole up but not be seen. Ive been told not to make eye contact with pedestrians. Parking is a joke. Ive had employees walk to another building and never return because someone sked for money and attacked when told no, cops take both of them. Wow ive now seen someone shoot up drugs in their dick.
As corporations move out into more "American" cities that are really minutes, or further away good folks will benifit from the opportunities presented with growth while places like seattle die. Population density matters. But leadership in densly populated areas really makes the difference. Seattle, im watching it like my fish tank, granted I swim in it from time to time. Shark Cage.


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