On Tuesday, May 14, Mayor Nick Sacco Deserves Your Support - VOTE!

On Tuesday, May 14, Mayor Nick Sacco Deserves Your Support - VOTE!
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As all of you know, I am a Conservative Republican.  It is not a simple matter for me to cross party lines and endorse a Democrat.  Yet that is exactly what I am doing for the Municipal Election in my home town of North Bergen, NJ.  I endorse (Democrat) Mayor Nick Sacco and his COLUMN "B" Team.

I have lived in North Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey since 1990.  For much of that time, Nicholas Sacco has been Mayor and I think he and his team deserves my vote again this Tuesday.  

Municipal elections in New Jersey are "non-partisan."  In heavily Democrat Hudson County, that is a distinction without a difference because the party apparatus gets what it works for.  But party aside, Mayor Nick Sacco and his team actually get the job done right; day-after-day-week-after-week, year-after-year.

In matters that one expects a municipal government to undertake, the record is amazingly clear:

Whenever I or others in my Condominium complex have needed the Police, they have come, fast, and done what was needed; from helping the sick or injured, to investigating petty crime, to arresting people for their actions against others or against property.   The police enforce our law without passion or prejudice.  No smarmy remarks, no delayed responses, no going out of their way to bother anyone.  THAT is a reflection of the values at the top of the chain of command.

Whenever the fire alarm has gone off in our condo complex, the North Hudson Regional Fire Department - created by combining the local municipal departments from several towns, is on the scene within minutes.   In fact, I can attest that when our fire alarm goes off, at least one Engine Company and one ladder truck is pulling-up out front within about FOUR MINUTES.   In an urban environment like North Bergen, THAT is amazingly good response time.

The fire apparatus are all late model vehicles, well-equipped and in good repair.  The crews that man those apparatus are all highly trained and very good at what they do.  THAT is a reflection of the values at the top of the chain of command.

Whenever I or another resident has needed an Ambulance; North Bergen EMS is on the scene, fast, well-equipped, and highly trained.  As all of you know, on April 20 of this year, I personally needed that ambulance crew while heading out to my local supermarket.   I suffered a heart attack (myocardial Infarction) while driving.  I managed to make it to the supermarket parking lot before my body began collapsing.  I called for help via cellular phone and within MINUTES, the ambulance was rolling-up on my car at the ShopRite in Columbia Park shopping center at 32nd St and Kennedy Blvd.  The number of Ambulances in our township of 60,000 people, the condition of those ambulances (terrific) and the equipment onboard are top notch.  I credit their fast response and good training to the values of the chain of command.  They helped save __MY__ life.

Every Wednesday morning, from 10-12 Noon, there is NO PARKING on my side of Paterson Plank Road to allow the Department of Public Works (DPW) street sweeper to come and clean the street.  Without fail, by about 10:20, that sweeper in coming past my condo complex, cleaning the street.  Every week.  No fail.

In winter time, that same DPW plows and salts the roads until they're not only passable, but WET and clear.  There is not a single street or block anywhere in our town that is ever forgotten.   THAT is a reflection of the chain of command; Public Works Commissioner Frank Gargiulo - part of Mayor Sacco's team.

The local parks and recreation facilities and programs are well funded, well equipped, clean and pleasant.

So in every regard of what I expect a Municipal government to do, North Bergen does it, and does it well.  THAT is a reflection of the chain of command -- the people in charge: Mayor Nick Sacco and his fellow Commissioners.

You know, folks, nowadays, people get so caught up in party politics, labels, and grievances, they sometimes overlook the reality and the good that is actually taking place.   Nick Sacco does good.   His team does good.   

In every regard, Mayor Sacco and his team get the job done.   They are getting MY VOTE this Tuesday.  I urge you to get out and vote as well.  


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    Paul Lambert · 9 months ago
    You seem to be indebted to this fellow, Hal (for some obvious reasons). Credit where were credit is due. He might be a Democrat, but if he is doing a good job, then why not support him in this specific instance?

    Hypothetically, wouldn't it make sense for a level-headed and down-to-earth fellow like Nick Sacco to leave the insane Democratic Party, or would that be political suicide in a state like New Jersey?