One Million Fire Refugees In Oregon Forming "ARMY" To forcibly Overthrow State Government and "Take Back" the State

The population in entire southern half of Oregon have been displaced by fires, many of which were intentionally set by ANTIFA, who boasts about it on their web sites. 

Upwards of ONE MILLION Oregon residents have had to evacuate as fires burned everything they had.  These people fled with the clothes on their backs, a backpack for survival, and . . . their rifles.  

Now those million people have realized that these fires are the work of ANTIFA and BLM Militants, who have been coddled by Governor Kate Brown, the state legislature, local Mayors like Ted Wheeler, and District Attorneys like Mike Schmidt, who set-free from jails these militants after their arrests for rioting, only to see them go out and burn down half the state.   

So brazen are ANTIFA and BLM militants, they actually put videos on their web sites showing FLAME-THROWING DRONES being used to start new fires in Oregon:

These Oregon citizens are now recruiting armed, able-bodied citizens to form an ARMY, with the stated purpose of forcibly deposing Governor Brown, the state legislature, local Mayors like Ted Wheeler and Local District Attorneys like Mike Schmidt, and forcibly restoring order to the state.

The video below tells the story:

At this stage, the people in Oregon literally have nothing to lose by doing this.  The state National Guard is no match for such vast numbers of armed men - and a lot of those armed men ARE the National Guard.  They've seen their homes burned down too, and would likely side with the Oregonians grouping to overthrow the state government.

The police are woefully outnumbered by these displaced Oregonians and wouldn't stand a chance against them.  Besides, a lot of the police have seen THEIR homes burned to the ground as well, so the cops would likely stand with their fellow citizens to depose the government too.

Then there's the question of federal troops.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  For months, the President has asked Governor Brown to call-up the National Guard or request federal assistance to put down the riots, the looting, the arson.  She has flatly refused.   

It is highly doubtful the President would now send troops to keep those very politicians in power.  So . . .  no federal troops!

So stay tuned, America, the people of Oregon seem to be preparing to show the rest of us what needs to happen to Communistic, Liberal, government.   If they do, I would politically SUPPORT the Oregonians in their efforts.

In the Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot" there's a scene where British troops round-up townsfolk (whom they deem to be traitors to England) into a church and then burn it, with them inside:

Wouldn't it be something if the people of Oregon did the same thing to their state capital, with the governor and state legislators locked inside?  Would that be considered poetic justice?



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