One month ago today, I had a Heart Attack


It's hard to believe a month has come and gone  already, but it has.  One month ago today, on the 20th, I suffered a Myocardial Infarction while driving to the local supermarket to do some food shopping.

Ambulance got me in the supermarket parking lot, hauled ass to the hospital and thus began my experience with clogged coronary arteries.  I had at least three.  One at 80-85% clogged (Left Anterior Descending).  One 90-95% clogged (Left Circumflex) and at least one on the right side - I don't remember the name.

Turned out the clogs were long; running almost the entire length of the arteries.  That meant stents would not work; I needed bypass surgery, which Christ Hospital in Jersey City didn't do.

I was transferred to Englewood Hospital; the one my family Doctor practices at.  They had to wait a few days for the Plavix given to me at Christ Hospital, to clear out of my system.  On April 25, I went under the knife.  

Ended up with a Quadruple Bypass.

Still healing.  Made the mistake a couple times over the past few days of sneezing.  OH SHIT does that hurt.   You see, they had to cut through my sternum to get to my heart, and the sternum bone is still healing.  When you sneeze, the rib cage moves big-time . . . and the part they cut, doesn't like having to move.

My insides hurt less, but still hurt; all the connective tissue they had to cut through to get to my heart feels as though it's got scabs on it inside me.  Hurts every time I move.

The IV wounds on my arms are healing.  The center scar on my chest is healing. The three smaller scars on my abdomen, where they had the drainage pipes, are healing. The four locations on my right leg where they harvested veins are healing, but sore.   All of it Itchy as hell, especially since I'm a very hairy guy and they shaved my chest hair for the surgery.  ITCH ITCH ITCH . . . . drives me nuts.   Oh, speaking of nuts, they shaved there too; in case they had to access veins in that area.  More itching!

Worst experience of my life that surgery.  But here I am, still alive.

God must have a plan for me.  I'm still not sure what it is, but I'm His to do with as He pleases.

Thanks, so much to all of YOU for being here for me.  Your notes, cards, emails, and kind words of encouragement help a lot.

All the best,



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    Matthew Worner · 3 months ago
    Hal, without you we'd have to rely on the bureaucrats in the deep state for telling us what's going on. Ponder for a moment how reliable THAT would be. I don't think God would let that happen to His people, no matter HOW naughty we've been. He most definitely has a plan for you.
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    TSlinger · 3 months ago
    You ain't done yet pard.

    When God grabs your attention though, He means business. I know this. Pursue Him in obedience in Christ the King- you ought to know you're being called out by now. If you don't- chase Him with all your might. I pray He rewards your endeavors- just enough. I pray you know Him as I do at the very least...wretch that I am.
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    Russell Owen · 3 months ago
    Thanks for all you do Hal and Godspeed in healing.
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    Mel Perry · 3 months ago
    Welcome back Brother! You were missed.....and prayed for.

    You're right, He does have a plan for you. Listen hard.

    Good to have you back. Our family ain't big enough to loose many.
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    Maria Kneas · 3 months ago
    Hal has been through so much. Could we generous donations this month? And do it early? Because with all he's been through, Hal does NOT need the stress of fund raising on top of all that.
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    Larry Taylor · 3 months ago
    Hal, yes God has a purpose for you at this TIME !!! Be patient, continue to WARN those that will listen !!! praying for continued healing........Larry W. Taylor, Oklahoma
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    Maria Kneas · 3 months ago
    God bless you, Hal. I'm praying for you and I hope that many others will continue to pray for you.
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    Robert Byrnes · 3 months ago
    The watchmen on the walls are the first to take hits as the enemy approaches, we are all grateful that you have been bandaged up and are back on the line, even if it is on limited duty for a bit.Being called to be a brave watchman who will call out the alarm, advise and tell the truth is an honorable pathway. Through prayer you may learn of additional things the Lord may wish to add to your stewardship, only you can find that out, but surely, you have been given and additional opportunity to apply yourself to His cause. You area lucky man and we are thankful that you are still on this side of the curtain!
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    Gifford Rodine · 3 months ago
    Your sense of humor is outstanding with your recovery situation. Humor keeps personal things in perspective. We, my wife also, are very happy with your improvement and our very best thoughts are for your continued recovery.
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    Joey Paquette · 3 months ago
    Hey Hal, I am so glad that God has His hand on your life, and as for what God's plan is? You are doing it right now Hal, that's right buddy, God has you right where He wants you?! Pretty simple, and cool eh? (Sorry for the Canadian eh) Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. I have Muscular Dystrophy Hal, and a Cardio Myopathy that comes with it, I have been through a whole lot as well my brother, let's go through it together, with support and prayers, and always putting our hand in the hand of the man from Galilee!! :-) God bless you Hal, you are on the road to recovery!!
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    Mike Dirksen · 3 months ago
    GLAD to hear how well you're doing Hal! AND YES! The LORD has a plan for you, so, keep listening & obeying HIS Spirits' council--- JOHN 14: 13 - 17; & Jn. 15: 26; & Jn. 16;13 --- ESPLY. note Jn. 16; it has 2 VERY SIGNIFICANT GOALS:

    #1] Guide you into ALL TRUTH and then,

    #2] He shall shew you things to come.

    All you have to do is LISTEN, ACCEPT HIS COUNCIL, & OBEY! "A piece of cake"!...He'll NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU!
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    StandingWave · 3 months ago
    Hal, you are one tough hombre.
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    Marie Bridge · 3 months ago
    Hoping this time next month you will see a great improvement in your health and your recovery. So glad you made it. Whatever would I do on Wednesday night!
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    Kevin Newsom · 3 months ago
    Glad you're in the land of the living. It's going to be one hell of a ride for good ol' planet Earth. Keep healing!
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    Frank Anast · 3 months ago
    Kate and I are very happy that you're on the road to recovery.
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    Willie D · 3 months ago
    May GOD+Bless and Keep us all...
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    Valarie Petterson · 3 months ago
    I am glad you pulled through and still here to keep us informed on world events. I think that's why God kept you around, hardly anyone tells it like it is anymore in news forums.