Oregon Democrat House Majority Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Trafficking

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt has been arrested and charged by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation.


+1 # I'm guessing ......BanjoDoug 2021-05-04 16:33
....this democrat refused some assignment from his "higher-ups"... & this is the penalty for non-cooperation.

If he cooperated, like so many others, getting caught for these crimes would never had happened..... This is how politicians are controlled.
# RE: Oregon Democrat House Majority Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Traffickingeric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-05-04 06:13
Hmmm yet another vile, sick puke DEMONRat, huge surprise on a very, very long list. AmeriKA, I ask when is enough ever going to be enough?? Ever?? Bueller? Bueller?
# It has already been enough...Paul Lambert 2021-05-07 15:25
...and Bueller is out doing something about it.
+1 # Vile manAdster 2021-05-04 01:25
If such a law was passed i would fully support this man being strung upside down by his balls, castrated and the family jewels stuffed in his mouth. Only to then be tortured to death in the most inhumane and cruel way.
I'd be a real a$$hole if i was a lawmaker i can guarantee
# RE: Vile maneric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-05-04 06:15
But then one rainy evening your brakes would fail or you would "slip" in the shower on that pesky bar of Dial, etc, etc. We are Doomed friend.
+1 # Slow on the uptake, but I eventually get there.Paul Lambert 2021-05-04 06:47
For the sake of brevity, whenever I see "eachurch1972" I will just assume that your comment is that people don't do anything to stop the inevitable doom of civilisation.

That's your schtick, right?
# DittoGiJoe 2021-05-04 08:12
Me also, and we are all to blame.

Those who smelt it, dealt it.


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