Overnight, I Lost ~25% of My Lung Capacity

Overnight, I Lost ~25% of My Lung Capacity

Since my Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack) on April 20, 2019, and subsequent open heart surgery for quadruple By-pass of four clogged coronary arteries, I have monitored my lung capacity using a hospital-provided Spirometer, similar to the one pictured above.   PRIOR to my open heart surgery, my lungs had four litre air capacity, with me being able to consistently reach 4000 ml  on the Spirometer.  That changed suddenly overnight.

During the days PRIOR to my open heart surgery, my lungs could draw-in ~4000 ml of air.   AFTER the surgery, my lungs did not want to re-start on their own, causing me to be kept on a ventilator for a full 24 hours after surgery, which allowed the anesthesia to clear out, allowing my lungs to re-start a day later.

But when they re-started, they had so much phlegm which resulted in collapsed lung area, that my lung capacity plummeted from 4,000 ml to about 750 ml.   I was breathing in a panting manner for WEEKS after the surgery.

Slowly but surely, my lung capacity returned back to the 4,000 ml capacity, and has remained at that level consistently for months.

With the coronavirus outbreak, I began measuring my lung capacity again, every day, just to keep track of it.  

After my radio show last night, I went to sleep and when I awoke this morning, I was wheezing and congested in my chest.   NO FEVER.

I used the Spirometer to check my lungs and was only able to achieve 3,000 ml of lung capacity.   I have lost about 25% of my lung capacity overnight!

I don't feel "sick" just congested.

So I am taking OTC allergy stuff "Claritan" and mucus-clearing OTC stuff called "Mucinex" and we'll see how that goes.