Pennies and Nickels Now Worth More as SCRAP, than face value

Pennies and Nickels Now Worth More as SCRAP, than face value

For what it's worth . . .

1.) ALL pennies 1982 or older (obviously wheat, and Indian Head pennies have a greater numismatic value), but an average 1982 or older are 95% copper and 5% zinc. TRASH anything after '82 because it's close to the opposite amalgamation (copper coated zinc).

Those '82 pennies are worth $.0307 EACH! Imagine a penny being worth 3 cents! SAVE 'EM FOLKS!

2.) ALL Nickels 2014 and older, because of the increase in the price of nickel recently are worth almost TWICE their face value.
$1.00 of these are currently worth $1.73!

I find it funny that MOST stores currently have a "change shortage".

I think the government is culling as many of these coins as possible, artificially creating this "shortage" while they replace the valuable coins with worthless pieces of SHIT.

NOTE: There are only 2 US coins that are not allowed to be melted down. 1 is the penny, the other is the nickel. (I smell a rat here.)

The ONLY saving grace is you're allowed to melt them down for scientific purposes or demonstrations.

I will personally be SCIENCING the SHIT out of my neighborhood!

Hope this helps if even a bit.

Reference: (base metal melt value calculation)


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