People Keep Asking Me "What's the big deal about de-Dollarization?" Maybe THIS can explain it to them . . .

People Keep Asking Me "What's the big deal about de-Dollarization?"  Maybe THIS can explain it to them . . .

Take a good, hard look.  THIS is your future here in the USA:  $29 for a Ham and Cheese Sandwich!

As countries all over the world switch AWAY from the U.S. Dollar for settling international trade, a Tsunami of "Dollars" previously held in foreign central banks, is coming back home to America.  You see, by settling their international trade in their own currencies, countries no longer need to hold US Dollars.

As those dollars come back here to America, the value of the US Dollar relative to other currencies, is dropping.  Our money is worth less while their money is worth more.

In the past, this was no big deal because here in America, we used to actually manufacture things.  But some numbskulls in the corporate world thought it would be super-neato-keeno-swift to switch the US economy from manufacturing to a "service economy."  Manufacturing departed the USA for cheap foreign labor, and now we don't make much of anything here anymore.   We IMPORT almost everything.

Now, that bad decision to outsource manufacturing to foreign lands is coming home to bite all of us in the ass.  How?   Like this:

Yes, you see that correctly; $29 for a ham and cheese sandwich!

Now, admittedly, this is from Eli Zabar's on Madison Avenue in New York City.  As you might have guessed, Madison Avenue is some of the most expensive Real Estate in the world, and prices in stores along that avenue match that reality.  

While this is certainly the exception to the rule, very soon, it won't be.

Very soon, these are the types of prices that YOU will be asked to pay when YOU want food or other items you need.

Just giving you a Heads-up.  The Democrats you put in control down in Washington, DC, are directly to blame for this.

They imposed economic sanctions on so many countries, for so many years, that a whole slew of those countries are now fed-up with us.  They're getting together, collectively turning their back to the US Dollar, and settling their trade in their own currencies.  Now, the US can't Sanction them anymore because the US can't control THEIR currencies!

As more and more countries dump the dollar, what you see above, will be common.  Not just with food, but with E V E R Y T H I N G.

Democrats did this.  

When you can't afford to eat or feed your kids, remember who is to blame and go pay them a visit to . . . thank them.


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