Police Shoot and Kill Man Who Decapitated Woman in Domestic Dispute

Police Shoot and Kill Man Who Decapitated Woman in Domestic Dispute

Seattle police released a horrific video of the officer-involved shooting that happened early Thursday morning. Officers shot and killed a man suspected of killing a woman after the suspect grabbed a knife and began flashing it at officers, according to the video.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. Thursday when officers were called to an apartment building near North 105th Street and Midvale Avenue North. In the video, officers can be seen breaking down a door to bedroom as a man moves around in the room.

When police enter, they find a woman who had been decapitated. The shocked officers then begin ordering the murder suspect to get down on the ground. There's a knife nearby on the floor of the room.


After a few minutes, the suspect - who the officers cannot talk to due to a Spanish language barrier - gets up and begins walking around the apartment. He keeps his hands in the air at some points, but then suddenly grabs the knife from the floor and moves behind a wall out of sight of the officers' bodycams.

The suspect comes back into view and begins moving slowly toward the officers, who are in uniform, shouting for him to get down, and aiming guns at him.  The two officers open fire when the man fails to get down and continues moving toward them.

You can watch the full exchange below. This video contains very graphic content.

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    John Robert Mallernee · 11 months ago
    I wonder why he wasn't tased in the first few minutes, while he was on the floor, refusing to lie flat and be still, and before he got to his feet?

    But, of course, until the police had a chance to thoroughly search the premises, they couldn't assume the suspect was by himself, and thus, the only threat.
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    Frank Anast · 11 months ago
    If we used this method at the border our problems would be over!
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    BRIAN KEANE · 11 months ago
    Please say some prayers for the two police officers. Thank God many (most?) police departments are connected with experts on post trauma. I personally, along with 2 friends, were beneficiaries after a horrific, freak boating accident where lives were lost. Due to the nature of the accident over 70!(ok this was in Canada) agencies/organizations got themselves involved BUT the only group that reached out to me/us were the police. About 2-3 weeks after, an officer contacted us all, and asked when would be a convient time to come in--we assumed it was just for another round of evidence gathering. Wrong, it was all about us!! Officer explained this special unit had been set-up, initially to take care of their own, especially the cases when a partner had gone down. He went on to help us through the "guilt" we would likely experience in the near-mid future having survived and all the different form this "guilt" would attack us from.
    I hope the two officers have recourse to similar emphatic expertise!!! this one sounds like another "suicide me" which unfortunately are very under-reported occurances. As a result the police energy is spent "defending" when it should be helping their own (which are also "our" own) and the "victim"'s family/friends/ atention seekers etc. are similarily "solving the wrong problem."
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      Gregg Walker · 11 months ago
      Brian, Good info. I used to be part of a PAT team. We were fellow officers who worked with mental health professionals in situations like this. It was all confidential and got everyone involved to talk about what happened and how they were dealing with things. I saw it really helped a lot of people.
      It was called “Critical Incident Stress Debriefing” (CISD);
      it sounds like you also benefited from that. Good to hear!
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    Grim · 11 months ago
    This must be an example of the *diversity and cultural enrichment* that we've been promised by the Democrats when they argue against securing our borders against the sub-human garbage flowing into the country.