President Trump Acquitted

President Trump Acquitted

The United States Senate has acquitted President Donald Trump on his second Impeachment.  The vote was 57 guilty to 43 Not Guilty.  A two-thirds majority of 67 was required to convict.


# Victory over evilMan of the Atom 2021-02-15 01:51
+1 # RE: President Trump Acquitted bperkins68 2021-02-14 16:15
Thank you Hal. As always, you know how to drive home the points. I appreciate the commentary. God bless you.
# Very true comment madeMan of the Atom 2021-02-15 00:58
The whole thing was a setup from the start. I would love to see Nazi Pelosi under oath with penalty of perjury - oh what that girl knows!

About the police officer who died - first this:

and then this:

Meanwhile the Decepticons of the Uniparty can't get it through their thick heads that people see what they are doing:

This fraudulent election will never be forgotten.

Finally, here is some good news:

Montana is about to become number 18. I remember Florida made the initial move in removing handcuffs from law-abiding citizens by permitting concealed weapon permits and the liberal media went crazy over it saying the State would turn into the Wild West - now 34 States "shall issue" permits to people who pass background checks. God bless America.
+1 # scamtrustintheLord 2021-02-14 16:09
The president was never guilty to begin with.,
+1 # Impeachment #2: Best & Funniest Breakdown (w/ Comedian K-von)Palehorse 2021-02-14 13:30

Impeachment: Good idea or political waste of over $500million?!?
+2 # The Supreme Court Supreme Court schedules cases from Sidney Powell, Rep. Mike Kelly & Lin WoodPalehorse 2021-02-14 13:10

SCOTUS to Hear Election Fraud Cases for Pennsylvania, Michigan & Georgia

BREAKING: The United States Supreme Court has scheduled the Pennsylvania election case, Sidney Powell's Michigan election case, and Lin Wood's Georgia election case for its February 19 conference
+2 # These people should be driven out of the Republican Party. They should be confronted and viscerally criticized whenever they show their face in public, anywhere in their home state.Harnaś 2021-02-14 07:41
This is unbelievable, a failed show trial? Uncle Stalin would not approve and be apoplectic purging all the judges involved, if somehow the two of his favorite Khazarian Nikolais, Bukharin and Yezhov were to go free in their 1938 trials.

NKVD Chief Yezhov

I did not expect Trump to be exonerated by the Senate. Trumps lawyers on Saturday were brilliant, but it still does not explain the outcome.

Still, the grouping of RINOS with the Democrat commissars is no surprise. They have been spoilers all along. Khazars like Murkowski and earlier Dan Rostenkowski are expert of disguise, but all Kazarians do it. In Boston these Kazars become John Kerries and in Chicago they become Murkowskis and Roztenkowskies, both having made up Polish names. I had once know a Polish Jew from new Jersey who originally had Polish name Pokrzywa. When the family moved to the US after WWII, they transliterated their name to Porway to fit with the locals in NJ. Most Khazarian names in the US are of German origin. Jews in Germany bought not only the castles and manors but also the most beautiful names of the German aristocrats, who like aristocrats elsewhere needed money because of their spendthrift way. Hence all the Bloombergs, Silverbergs and Rosenbaums here.
+3 # Has everyone signed up for Telegram?Kme 2021-02-14 02:34
All the major players are now on Telegram . . .

President Trump, First Lady Melania, General Flynn, General McInerney, etc. . . .

Stay in touch with as many access points as possible . . .

GOD Bless U.S.
+1 # RE: Has everyone signed up for Telegram?laurie spencer 2021-02-14 08:54
Like it....telegram is Russian owned, I believe.
+2 # What's Next?Kme 2021-02-14 02:21
We don't know for sure, but there are still some options . . .
+1 # Censure of the Traitors from State GOP CommitteesMan of the Atom 2021-02-14 00:01

Meanwhile, in news of interest to "gold bugs" or those who want a "silver standard", Texas continues to make moves and you might wonder why:

Thirteen States now accept gold and silver as cash. "When Texas passed House Bill 483, it established the state’s only state-run gold depository, from which no gold can legally be confiscated by the federal government in the event of a 'national emergency.' The Lone Star State also repatriated about $1 billion worth of gold that was being stored by HSBC bank in New York City."
+2 # Trump's Lawyers showed the Dems Inciting ViolenceFaith11 2021-02-13 21:09
Trump's lawyers were absolutely amazing, highly impressive They were going to start calling witnesses, Pelosi was going to be the first one ...yup instant acquittal! I think those politicians as witnesses would all have to take the 5th and the whole world would get to watch
+3 # WHAT'S NEXT?Palehorse 2021-02-13 19:44

Demoncrats... nothing but a bunch of lying degenerate low life scum. Snakes have to dig a hole just to find them.

Now what are they going to bitch about, lie about, cheat about and foam at the mouth about?

Now they will spend tax payer money to bail out broke failed "demoncrat" run states and cities as they let them burn under BLM/Antifa scum attack.


+5 # RE: President Trump Acquitted CamoGloves 2021-02-13 19:05
Wow, Gov. DeSantis is the man!!! Florida is lucky to have such a strong, intelligent, ballsy gov. I wish our gov, Abbott, had even half of what DeSantis has. Wow. What a strong man!! And pussy Beijing-Biden telling a man to address him as President! What a puke. He is Fake-president and knows it and still pushes the lie. Good job, DeSantis!!!!!!!!!!
+2 # governordeplorable in the desert 2021-02-13 19:16
yep. im stuck with sissylack out here.
+2 # RE: President Trump Acquitted Hope springs 2021-02-13 19:04
Spot on, Hal! And Congratulations to Donald on being acquited. The system is corrupt to the core, it seems.
+1 # Truer words have never been spokenMan of the Atom 2021-02-13 19:29
The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said "all governments are corrupt - they only differ in their degree of corruptness". The main benefit (so far) of the Trump movement has been to "redpill the masses" about the Decepticons of the Uniparty:

As soon as Trump's lawyers said they will call Pelosi and DC mayor Bowser as witnesses:

Mr. Turner is correct about the lack of security:

Meanwhile two Dim governors are in big trouble:

I hope they get what's coming to them - the Dim party is despicable. The religious people here will tell you they will get what they deserve in an after death judgment by a Supreme Being who is connected to everything in existence and I hope they are right.
+2 # MilitaryScott Donahoe 2021-02-13 18:45
When I served, after Chow, we broke down and cleaned weaponry...then we ironed our underwear, put our locker in order, and prayed that the drill sergeant wouldn't single us out in the morning for our sin-filled dreams.

Don't those guys ever sleep??
# RE: President Trump Acquitted laurie spencer 2021-02-13 18:37
Did you read Mitch the bitch’s statement? Leaving the door open for criminal charges.
God help us
+7 # Not RunningScott Donahoe 2021-02-13 18:40
China-cocaine-Mitch will not be up for re-election I suspect. Too old and his constituency probably has figured out that old fool by now.

I say...have fun in the lake of fire Mitch!!!!
+4 # Go F%#@ yourselfScott Donahoe 2021-02-13 18:32
Anybody been able to "fact" check the governor of Florida telling Joe "Stalin" Biden to go f%#@ himself?
+3 # Idk if it’s true or notlaurie spencer 2021-02-13 18:43
+1 # UglyScott Donahoe 2021-02-13 18:30
Politics is a reality show for ugly people.
+2 # RE: President Trump Acquitted Paul Lambert 2021-02-13 17:44
Rather obvious conclusion.

Still, I find it disquieting that it all comes down to a vote motivated by political interests and not actual questions of guilt or innocence.
+5 # WHAT NEXT ..........NHydg 2021-02-13 17:19
AND HERE WE ARE .......ANOTHER false/ contrived/ totally fraudualant effort on the part of the socialists. Stupidity will not stop until the bastards ALL are removed from the country. . . . .if yer demonrat ....OUT ...GET tha fuck OUT !


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