Proof: International Organizations Engaged in Criminal Conspiracy to Aid & Abet Illegal Immigration into USA; to COLLAPSE the country for UN Agenda 2030 Goals

Proof: International Organizations Engaged in Criminal Conspiracy to Aid & Abet Illegal Immigration into USA; to COLLAPSE the country for UN Agenda 2030 Goals

Photo & Video Evidence Of Illegal Immigrant Encampments & Stations PROVING The Planned & Organized Collapse Of America. 

 Organizations: - United Nations - IOM International Organization for Migration - European Union - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund UNICEF - Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS - Red Cross - Doctors Without Borders - United Nations Refugee Agency UNHCR - Norwegian Refugee Council

“And catered to by various international government and nongovernment organizations.

A few on the scene include OIM, Red Cross, UNICEF, HIAS, European Union, Doctors Without Borders, UN HCR, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, who offer migrants aid and instructions on how to get to the United States.

Migrants See various maps to telling exactly how to trek to the US border. This map, displayed in a highest care facility, shows the migrant the path across Panama and Costa Rica.

In this footage, a highest worker can be seen explaining exactly how to cross Panama.

A more comprehensive map is distributed by the Red Cross. This map not only shows multiple migration routes to the United States, but also includes rest stops across Central America and Mexico. A similar app is handed out by Medecosine Fronteras, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

Perhaps the most striking form of This aid is a bag which we call a rape kit. It is handed out by the OIM in Colombia before migrants trek through the Darien Gap. The kit, which contains condoms and morning after pills, allows migrants to get more safely in the jungle.

Why are all these groups encouraging migrants and aiding them on the steadily journey? Why is this happening on an organized industrial scale? And why does the US border remain wide open?

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. The agenda provides a, quote unquote, blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

At its heart are the 17 sustainable development goals. Agenda 2030 outlines a blueprint for world socialism stating that we are embarking on a collective journey to build a world free of poverty, hunger, disease, and want.

In a related paper by the IOM titled migration and the 2030 agenda, a clear plan for mass migration of people is presented. The report begins by stating, the 2030 agenda recognizes migration as a core development consideration, which marks the first time migration is integrated explicitly into the global development agenda and further states, quote, it is possible to link migration to every goal in the 2030 agenda.

Shockingly, The report refers to migrant men, women, and children as agents of development. Finally, the report states that We should not focus efforts on trying to stop migration. Facilitating, not restricting. Migration is the priority.

It is clear that this illegal migration is indeed being facilitated and encouraged. For example, UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children's Fund, hands out these care packages at Panamanian migration camps.

Notice the subtle messaging on the bag that reads, trust yourself. Delph, you can, encouraging the migrants to continue on their journey.

On the back of a Red Cross map, information is given about the use of freight trains for transportation. Rather than denouncing the dangerous form of transportation, migrants are told to remain seated and look out for any branches, electrical cables, or tunnels. — There's no doubt that These groups serve as camouflage for spies, criminals, and other nefarious actors seeking to penetrate our borders undetected.

Powerful organizations thousands of miles away, are facilitating the collapse of the US southern border.”

I can’t transcribe this but everyone needs to watch this.



I am not an attorney, and thus am not competent to render a legal opinion.  However, I am also not a Swiss Watchmaker; that doesn't mean I can't read or understand a clock.

As a layman, I can read and understand the law the same way I can read and understand a clock. As such, it seems to me the activities you see taking place in the video above, providing maps showing the routes to take to enter the United States unlawfully, is a felony criminal conspiracy.   I believe it is a felony to aid or abet anyone intending to enter the United States unlawfully.

I am also of the layman's opinion that, if two or more persons - or organizations - know that a particular activity is unlawful, but AGREE to engage in a particular act together, then that AGREEMENT is a Criminal Conspiracy, a separate federal felony.

Upon watching the video, it seems to me the organizations named in the video are engaged in aiding and abetting people who are planning to illegally enter the United States, and the organizations KNOW this.   It also seems to me as a layman, that these organizations being aware of this, and agreeing jointly to assist these illegal invaders, puts ALL the organizations into a federal felony criminal conspiracy for which they can be criminally prosecuted, fined, and jailed.

Why are these organizations NOT being criminally prosecuted?

I urge readers to immediately CEASE any and all donations or help to the organizations shown in the video above.   

People who KNOW what these groups are criminally doing, but still give money or other donations to these organizations, could be deemed as Accessories to their crimes by providing material support for these criminal activities.



The number of violent crimes taking place inside the United States, perpetrated by illegal aliens, is staggering.   In very many of these cases, the perpetrators are caught.

Civil Attorneys can make themselves an absolute fortune SUING the organizations mentioned above if THE ORGANIZATION(S), in any way, aided the perpetrator in getting to the United States.

While a Civil lawsuit cannot prosecute a CRIME, it can use the perpetration of the crime as the basis for the suit against those ORGANIZATIONS.  A Civil suit can argue these organizations FACILITATED the crime, by aiding people the organizations KNEW were coming to the US illegally.  The crime victims and their families all have legal standing to bring such actions because they have been directly harmed!

Lawsuit, after lawsuit, after lawsuit, in court, after court, after court, at both the state and federal level, will cost these organizations millions in legal fees just to answer all the suits.

Civil Trial attorneys can tie these organizations up in answering lawsuits, attending depositions, satisfying evidentiary subpoenas, being put on trial.  The process alone would tie them up for years!

And since I'm not an attorney and am not subject to the rules of the court, I can suggest this course of action without fear of sanction by a court or threat of losing a law license.  

Imagine: Case after case after case.  Oh, and media coverage of those cases . . . . would be breathtaking.  Imagine the possible headlines:

(For example only - no actual suits are pending as far as I know)

"Red Cross Sued over Illegal Alien Who murdered . . . "

"Doctors Without Borders sued over Illegal alien who raped . . . "

"UNICEF sued for diverting money from Children's Funding to Illegal Aliens . . . "

"European Union Sued for aiding Illegal Aliens breaking into USA . . . "

All done through CIVIL actions, which anyone can bring, and not reliant in any way upon State or Federal legal action.

Headlines, headlines, headlines.  Bad publicity after bad publicity.  Suddenly, donations start drying up . . . .


Don't stop at suing the organizations, Subpoena their donor lists, and go after the Donors too!  "Material support of . . ."    "Facilitation of . . . ."   "Accessory before/after  the fact to . . . "

Send their Donors fleeing just by dragging those Donors into the Civil process.

Suddenly, the existence of these vast organizations becomes untenable . . . .

I'm telling you, there's a Gold Mine for Lawyers who are hungry. 


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