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Recorded THIS MORNING: NYPD Pushing 6' Social Distancing Nonsense- Again

Recorded THIS MORNING: NYPD Pushing 6' Social Distancing Nonsense- Again

In a brief video recorded in New York City this morning, New York Police Department (NYPD) cars are scrolling a marquee along their roof lights telling people "Do your part - Stay 6 Feet Apart."  IGNORE THEM.  This is the newest "Election Variant" of COVID which I designate Variant "BS.24.7"

What you are seeing in the video below is a Psychological Operation (PsyOp) to cause YOU to be afraid and do what THEY say, simply because THEY say so.  This is deliberate FRAUD being perpetrated against the general public, by the very public servants we hire to serve us.

Watch the 10 second video below:

They are intentionally starting this COVID bull crap again, with the specific intent to steal the Presidential Election (again) the same way they used COVID to do that in the year 2020.  Exact same playbook.

They build it up, and build it up and scare people for months, then go into "lockdown"  which they lie and say "It's just two weeks; to flatten the curve."  Next thing you know, they're saying "We can't have people coming out to vote in a pandemic, we need mail-in ballots."  And THAT is how they steal the election.  

They print hundreds-of-thousands of extra ballots, get teams of their brazen election fraudsters to mark those ballots, then DUMP THEM into the count at 2:00 in the morning, and . . . .TA DA!!! When you wake up the next day after the election, the guy who clearly lost, ends-up winning . . . . a.k.a. Joe Biden in 2020.

The people doing this have ZERO morals, ZERO integrity, and they do not care one wit whether you know what they're doing or not.  They are doing it anyway because they ***MUST*** steal the Presidency again to bring in their filthy, degenerate, Communism.

And Communism is exactly, precisely, wheat they're bringing in.  You already see it with their Environmental  and Social Governance (ESG), with their "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" (DEI), with their vicious "Critical Race Theory," and, of course, with the arrest of their chief political rival, Donald Trump.

That's one of the hallmarks of Communism: let criminal go free, but arrest your political rivals.

The tactics being used in this Communist takeover of America are simple: Attack it until they control it.

If they can't get control THAT way, then they come up with fear porn to scare you into submission.  THAT is what you see on the NYPD car above.

Screw them.   DO NOT COMPLY.





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