On October 12, we reported that the federal government was warning industry to prepare for a possible "Grid Down" situation.  We have now gotten more information . . .

The Oil and Gas Lobbying folks in Washington, DC have CONFIRMED insider information that government is REPEATEDLY, almost URGENTLY, warning key manufacturing sectors to "immediately prepare for a "Grid Down" scenario, especially a communications grid down situation."

In the two and a half days since that original story was published HERE, the warnings to industry have not only continued, they have taken on an air of urgency.

From a source: 

"The Gas & Oil Lobbies in DC evidently have insider information of a likely Grid Failure very soon----it could be only a Power failure, or worse, it could be a full Communications failure. The GRID. They don’t know. 

 The Alerts her company and others in their industry are getting are urging companies to make immediate preparations to mitigate these crises so that they can continue to operate. My friend, who by the way was the lead developer of the very first Trading Systems for Wall Street, said that if the failure is communications, no mitigation preparations will work. It’s all bets off."

Now, you know what I know.  Not much, but better than nothing.

If a communications grid failure would mean "all bets are off" then that absolutely points to SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONS.  



These types of specific warnings to industry by government DO NOT happen lightly.  That such warnings are not only being issued, but are ongoing and taking on a sense of urgency should be a crucial indicator to YOU, to prepare."

Make sure you have Emergency Food, water, enough medicines you need to live for awhile, gas-up your vehicles and have spare fuel for cars, generators, kerosene heaters if you have any and so forth.  If this turns into a COMMUNICATIONS failure, that __could__ mean phones, cellular and even the Internet could be gone.   You MUST have some way to communicate with others.  

Have CB or HAM radio. Something.

Don't put this off.  Get your preps done ASAP.  People "in the know" are getting VERY nervous about this. 

Prepare.  They are.



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