REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?

REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?

Reports are coming in from people in and around Billings, Montana claiming they heard what they describe as a "large explosion sound" in the sky. When they ran out of their homes to look at what happened, they saw THIS in the sky.

They claim it appears to them as though an aircraft suffered some type of issue, and may be going down.  Others claim it appears to only be a condensation trail.  No reports, yet, of any plane crashes . . . .


Military helicopters have been seen scrambling out of Bozeman, Montana, headed in the direction of Billings, which is about 140 miles east. Video below:

UPDATE 10:24 PM EST --


Authorities in Billings, Montana say they are aware of the video above, but the claims of an explosion are "unsubstantiated."


+1 # NEW: Chemtrails now at night?Adiff5466 2023-02-04 23:23
I went to let my dog out around 2PM and the chemtrail planes were out like I’ve never, EVER seen before. Now, I just saw they are out AT NIGHT here in MD. I wish I could upload a picture to show everyone, that there are literal squares across the sky! I took it to show my husband.

What just dawned on me brings us back to the balloon story. I wonder if part of the reason for the hazy skies is partly to HIDE THE (USA) SPY BALLOONS?? If these things have been up there for a long time, it would make perfect sense that a hazy sky would hide them from the peering cameras of amateur photogs.

Why would they be doing this at night? I’m a smoker, I know I need to quit..., but I’m always outside at night looking at the stars while I’m standing there and have never until today seen them actively spraying the skies at night.
-4 # DISINFOWARS 1.6 GB DownloadSpyGuy 2023-02-04 15:13
+1 # Any bite yet?LegionPrime67 2023-02-04 17:14
Anyone tried these downloads? I smell a trap. Seems...trollish.
+1 # No way...Adiff5466 2023-02-04 23:27
I think someone once asked how to get spyware off their computers from clicking on it, but most of us wouldn’t dare click on such clearly trollish traps. He puts one on every post.

You’d have to be an idiot.
+1 # 2023-02-04 14:21

Are they going to take out the balloon? This is what they would have to do:

JUST IN - FAA has shut down 3 airports (CHS, MYR, ILM) and closed the airspace off the coast of South Carolina due to "national security initiatives."
+1 # Re: FewThereBeUtah1 2023-02-04 15:08

Humbly grateful for this document | agreement.

Lots of reading to do ...

Many Blessings !
+1 # RE: 2023-02-04 14:26


Observers spotted that:

— USAF KC-135R AE04B3 57-1473 GASMN02 scrambled from Birmingham, AL.

— USAF KC-135R AE0363 60-0341 ABATE98 scrambled from Meridian, MS.

— USAF F-15s EAGLE01 & 02 scrambled from Barnes ANGB, MA joined up with GASMN02 & ABATE98.
+1 # RE: 2023-02-04 14:51

Chinese balloon shot down moments ago - developing.
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?RockyMountainBeerMan 2023-02-04 12:23
I'm hearing reports that it is a hypersonic balloon...
+1 # Saw on telegramGregg W 2023-02-04 11:56
Russians are saying America tried to shoot the balloon down but missed!

That is what this explosion was.

Who knows? Wouldn’t surprise me.
+3 # Russianclove 2023-02-04 11:22
The balloon traveling through the US is from Russia. For years there have been balloons from China. One was just seen over Anniston AL. It then went to South Atlanta. Hawk has been talking about these for a long time. We have blown up the Chinese balloons before. This may be what happened in Montana yesterday.
+4 # That begs the questionGregg W 2023-02-04 11:54
Why is this news now?!! (The balloon)

Why did they decide to tell us about one of these this week?

Slow news cycle? Increase stress and fear in the public?
+1 # Apaches last SaturdayPowerlinetreetrimmer 2023-02-04 11:14
Idk if this would have anything to do with it but mid morning last Saturday about mid morning 5 apache helicopters flew over our little town here on the ohio indiana border headed due west . Neighbor across the field said he seen rocket pods under the wings.

Correction...they were seen at 2 pm last Saturday
+1 # Apaches last SaturdayPowerlinetreetrimmer 2023-02-04 11:14
Idk if this would have anything to do with it but mid morning last Saturday about mid morning 5 apache helicopters flew over our little town here on the ohio indiana border headed due west . Neighbor across the field said he seen rocket pods under the wings.
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?born again 2023-02-04 10:51
I had been trying to catch the news on this balloon thing like everyone else but i though they could be doing a false flag. But last nigh sleeping for whatever reason blue beam was what i got in my sleep. Not a dream but a thought i guess.
+2 # Could be Russian balloons.gravedigergary 2023-02-04 10:50
The balloons came from way north, like from Russian territory.
+5 # Chew The Meat And Spit Out the 2023-02-04 10:28
We need to take a step back and not go with our first emotional response

Remember the MSM that lied about everything over the past few years? They’re still lying.

When you have the likes of Fox News, News Max, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC all pushing the same naritive, you know there're up to no good.

For all we know this could be a US Military balloon. It could be Project Blue Beam in action. It could be a total psyop. No one really knows.

I believe that this is all predictive programing to get the zombies ready for the next planned crisis. They're laying the ground work.

Ask yourself this....Who benefits by the Ballon incident?

Just like with 911, they don't need anyone to attack the country, they can do it themselves.

Look what they did over the past few years with the so called vaccine. They (government) do not care about us. Never have and never will.

You're doing a wonderful job Hal. I can't imagine doing all that you do by myself.

Take care.

Sam from Rapid City, SD

Steve Quayle says it best... "There is no political solution to a spiritual problem"
+1 # Per our military, Balloons are the easiestsupporttheblue 2023-02-04 10:21
And least obtrusive form of delivery of an EMP. This balloon was surveilled by military and found to be emitting radioactive particles
+4 # I'm an American, and I'm Not HappyCRS 2023-02-04 10:08
Tensions are high since an object identified as a Chinese spy balloon was spotted above Billings Wednesday. Military planes were sent to the area to shoot it down, but they were later ordered to stand down. The Pentagon has been monitoring the flight of the balloon, and additional sightings have been reported in the Midwestern U.S.

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale, while not confirming any explosion, said he's seeking details from the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls.

Matt Rosendale
I am genuinely concerned with the lack of transparency about the original Chinese Spy balloon and potential unexplained explosion above Billings. I have reached out to the Commanding Officer at Malmstrom Air Force base for details.
# LIESShadesofgreen 2023-02-04 09:41
A LADY CALLED in on Hal Show last night and she stated that she could see the crim trails and heard the explosion's at least 125 miles.

+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?A706 2023-02-04 07:18
+1 # Off topicWoulf 2023-02-04 07:06
Tuesdays show was what I think a lot of people needed to hear. HISTORY. This didn't start yesterday, it has been on going for a while.
Hal just dragged it out into the open.
Rainbow bullets anyone?
+1 # HistoryWoulf 2023-02-04 07:03
Hal seems to remember HISTORY.
REMINDER: Japanese Used Balloons to Disseminate Chemical and Biological Weapons in World War II
+1 # any update?newFane86 2023-02-04 07:03
Any update on its present location? Link to see the current location?
+1 # WellWoulf 2023-02-04 06:58
When there are any openings in the DOD. I think I know whom they should hire.
+2 # New web site leaves a lot to be desiredkristopher 2023-02-04 06:51
Your old web platform was 100% better than this current one. News Nation / World. Site in general Has many issues.
Thanks for your radio show. But, yes last nights show wont play for me either.
Take care of yourself, we care about you.
# RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-04 06:51
“The FBI Isn’t Hunting Down Public Enemy #1…The FBI’s Become Public Enemy #1” – Chanel Rion on OAN (VIDEO)
+2 # F-Troop, "It Is Balloon!"QuestionMark28 2023-02-04 06:48
+1 # Last nightmizzy777 2023-02-04 06:31
Radio show is not working.
-1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-04 06:30
Let slip the chains and let loose the Woulves of WAR.
-2 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-04 06:25
The Score - Revolution (Official Audio)
# RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-04 05:23
Брат Бог благословит. Нет страха, нет границ. Это приходит ко всем нам.Расскажите им. Все еще ЗДЕСЬ. Мы сделали то, что должно было быть.
Я могу жить или умереть с этим. ЧЕСТЬ.
Adam Jones - Topic
+1 # So Hal, We have Russians Posting on your site. Russian Translationwatchmann 2023-02-04 17:11
Brother God bless. No fear, no boundaries. It's coming to all of us.Tell them. We did what we should have done. I can live or die with it. HONOUR.
+1 # To Woulfwatchmann 2023-02-04 17:17
Да благословит тебя Бог, брат. Эй, если вы видите Путина, скажите ему, что с нами все в порядке, если он нанесет ядерный удар по Вашингтону, округ Колумбия. Это оказало бы американцам огромную услугу. Но убедитесь, что все присутствуют. Давайте посмотрим, когда все должны будут присутствовать? О, да, речь о положении в стране нашего сумасшедшего президента Комми.
-1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-04 05:14
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) - Church Battle Royale (edited - Only Action)
+2 # WW3Silas8 2023-02-04 03:58
Starts now
+3 # ArchivesItsMePD 2023-02-04 01:15
The archive for Feb. 3, 2023 is the only one not playing. The articles are there. Don't get your drawers in a wad, I'm sure Hal will fix it as soon as he realizes it isn't uploaded. The man's gotta sleep sometimes. And, he does take the weekend off from doing shows....he deserves that. It's $1a week....he owes us nothing.
-17 # ?1.618 2023-02-04 00:28
First can't find old news articles, now can't get audio archives... if this shit aint fixed tomorrow membership gets cancelled
+1 # 2 wordsA706 2023-02-04 07:50
User Error
+6 # RE: ?Gunner 2023-02-04 05:27
Relax ass-clown. Take your $1 and stick it up your ass.
# Cancel culture1.618 2023-02-04 16:05
You guys are so busy herding-up that you can't even notice that you have your own little cancel culture going... enjoy each other
+1 # BullyItsMePD 2023-02-04 20:07
for you...
# Cancel culture1.618 2023-02-04 16:04
You guys are so busy herding-up that you can't even notice that you have your own little cancel culture going... enjoy each other
+5 # SoWoulf 2023-02-04 02:07
If YOU were a" 1 man show". HOW fast could you deal with all the incoming problems?
Care to "quess" what takes "priority"?
YEA, the 1 guy that keeps this up and running. Just saying.
+4 # Heart 2023-02-04 05:25
Not to mention the guy was just in the hospital for heart problems.
# RE: Heart problemsWoulf 2023-02-04 05:55
+3 # Go onAdster 2023-02-04 01:35
I dare ya
+6 # Newbie!!ItsMePD 2023-02-04 01:10
New here are ya? I don't think Hal will miss your $1 a week. Chill!! He isn't your personal page boy.
-1 # RE: Newbie!!1.618 2023-02-04 02:16
You don't know what youre talking about... you sure dont know how many years I've been a member of this site, you don't know what article Im looking for and can't find... you dont know shit. I'm sure Hals got a thick enough skin to hear criticism without a bunch of fucking cackling hens coming to his defense... quit being a brown-nose ass kisser
+1 # RealityWoulf 2023-02-04 03:37
Hal was a USMC "FIRST" before "anything else". I don't think he has a "thin skin". What he dose have is a new OS and a way of doing things.
Learning new things is a b*tch. I like the old ways. These system were old and needed an update. To many enemies and to few friends, been there, still there.
I tried to tell him if you say you have a "mile of stories", you better be able to line then up and they had measure a mile. If you say you have "hundreds of stories", you better be set to count them and they better equal a hundred at the least. The "Department of Consumer Affairs" has gotten on my a** more than a few times.
So, to the "RELEVENT PART". Ever Emailed HAL and ask "where that story is?"
As for "The Hens". Is it "not nice" to have "people watch the left and right flanks". In the old days "I could only wish".
-1 # FoundationsWoulf 2023-02-04 04:26
The "things we are built upon".
You Can Run
Adam Jones - Topic

The TRUTH will find us all in the end.
+3 # LolItsMePD 2023-02-04 03:33
Hal's got thicker skin than you for sure. Bless your heart.
+5 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Cydoniak 2023-02-04 00:13
+2 # Steve Quale's word is good.Doug Brown 2023-02-04 02:33
First. Steve Quale is very credible.
It the accusation is true,
Second, if the bloons
are of Russian origin, it notches things
up considerably.
+1 # RE: Steve Quale's word is good.Cydoniak 2023-02-04 05:07
+2 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Cydoniak 2023-02-04 00:12
no radio show in archive hal
+3 # February 3 archiveBullet457 2023-02-03 23:56
Can’t load archive for February 3 what’s up?
+4 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?jcallaway67 2023-02-03 23:28
Looks like tonights show did not archive correctly.
+4 # FamilySrmay72 2023-02-03 23:15
I have a cousin that's BP close to there. When I asked he sent an prepared text I believe he was told to give if ANYONE, Asked, including family!. I feel it's much worse then even we , as theorists lol, can understand. Typing as hals shows close to the end he's talking about a meteor, no no no, if you seen the "solar panels" I believe it's a type of cloaking device masking something very large they don't want us to see.
Really look at the details of the solar panel looking piece between "balloon" and the camera guy. If you have seen pics of the sun simulator they are saying we see daily.
The movie DONT LOOK UP, IS WHAT I THINK IS THE REASONS FOR THIS BS WAR. IF THEY KNEW SOMETHING OR SOMEONE WAS COMING , THEY , TPTB, WILL HAVE ARMAMENTS ARE IN PLACE WORLD WIDE "INCLUDING" NUKES! Earlier this week we seen the Green comet then we see this "balloon" ? We know they have cloaking even on a huge scale. Project blue beam is only a tiny part of Satan's plan to fool the world. MrBB333 WAS SENT A VIDEO A LADY CAUGHT A FLEET OF UAVS HEADED TOWARD ANTARCTICA TAKEN FROM THE ISS.
REMEMBER Satan wants to take as many Christains souls to hell with him as he can, BLOWING THEM UP AND VAPORIZING 1BILLION SOULS GAINS HIM NOTHING , Satan must get Christains to willingly worship him and change the very DNA THAT OUR GOD, THE "ONLY" TRUE GOD!, MADE US WITH IN HIS OWN IMAGE. If he gets you to turn away from God , yet not change the DNA, YOU CAN STILL ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU . You ever see colages of pics of different people as you add more pictures it creates a bigger picture? This is how the Holy Spirit shows us the big picture of Bible prophecy. First we must wipe EVERYTHING we were taught from our brains, to make room for God to show us the way he meant for it to be taught.
Something is coming that will fool billions.
Something from above Satan copies Scripture to fool us, so when we read Jesus will be returning from the HEAVENS I'm sure Satan will do also claiming to be God. Look at how easy it was to fool 75% of christains. Have news scream your going to die run and get our DNA CHANGING, MARK. If he comes from the clouds for the first time ever people from all 4corners, will be able to see him on tv, online , etc. Thing you should ask is , WHY DID THIS VIDEO FROM A "NORMAL" AMERICAN GO VIRAL SO FAST? HOW DID A VIDEO THAT WOULD MAKE MANY LAUGH AT OUR MISSLE DEFENSE, MY SONS MISSLE RADAR , BROTHER IN LAWS RETIRED COMPUTER ENGINEER FROM ARMY AND NORTHROP GRUMAN. THEIRS NO WAY A SIMPLE CHINESE BALLOON FLOATED INTO OUR COUNTRY , ZERO! EVEN BIDEN WOULD HAVE SEEN IT. NOW IF IT WAS A CRAFT WE ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH ABSOLUTELY! We were talking about hyper Sonic missles then same day , a Chinese balloon just floated into our country and not taken down? We have drones smaller then a mosquito with cameras with such clarity you can't imagine. Satilites that can see through walls yet they say and most believe it is a recon balloon? That's a damn joke!
-2 # RE: FamilyWoulf 2023-02-04 01:00
THEY can change a mans DNA. What THEY "can not" change is WHO he is, WHAT HE IS or "WHY HE" is.
Even a "Kenite" is still "a son of GOD", if "HE" chooses.
While "ULW" came in handy in the old days there are "other things" they relay on now.
Are "NEVER WON" by "the tech" but the "GRUNTS".
+3 # █▓▒░ That is smoke for sure. ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-03 23:32

Are you smoking space potato's?
# More LikeWoulf 2023-02-04 00:36
+3 # Tonights archive of showmarie369 2023-02-03 22:58
The archive comes up but does not pplay. The display just turns grey. Maybe its just my cell.
+5 # RE: Tonights archive of showRaven1 2023-02-03 23:06
I experienced the same.
+3 # RE: Tonights archive of showBob 2023-02-03 23:05
I just tried to open the archive for tonight from my PC. I can't get it to play either. I reloaded the page 3 times and still doesn't work. Maybe Hal will see these comments.
# Off topic: GeologistWoulf 2023-02-03 22:43
Would anyone like to "explain why" there is a "fine layer" of "Iridium" in the "geological record". Satellites and Iridium. HMMM
If the C14 test are off. Did you use new shovels', boots and gloves? Any decontamination procedures? Just asking.
+1 # RE: Off topic: GeologistZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-02-03 23:22
chicxulub meteor impact
# RE: Off topic: GeologistWoulf 2023-02-04 00:19
So they say. That would "imply" that it would not be the same "thickness" all over. Just saying.
Maybe "past" proves "future". IE History repeats itself.
So how many satellites are up there now?
+1 # Kaboom...foldurrrr 2023-02-03 22:39
Possible asteroid burned up in the atmoshere.
+1 # RE: Kaboom...Woulf 2023-02-03 22:54
NOTHING is "impossible". Just cost more, is harder to do and needs a little more planning.
But impossible, NO.
+2 # RE: Kaboom...RockyMountainBeerMan 2023-02-03 23:02
I say, "That's improbable!"
# RE: Kaboom...Woulf 2023-02-04 01:11
+1 # SatallitesWoulf 2023-02-03 22:37
Satellites are normally powered by "Iridium". (Radioactive element)
So a "radioactive signature" for an "electronic package" would not be "abnormal".
WHY they have not tried
"Mid-air retrieval".
If it is "harmless" they can "ship it back" and say "Here you go, we got it for you". If it is a "spy package" they can DL everything on it and maybe reverse engineer a few things. If "anything else", we know where we stand.
# RetrivalWoulf 2023-02-04 03:48
Wither ground or air based. There is not enough coffee, bran muffins, sports pages or any amount of humming. That will get you right for at least a week. Any one else is lying like H*LL.
+1 # A guard against fear is knowledgeplasmaglyphs 2023-02-03 22:33

Almost once a week, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus fly space weather balloons to the stratosphere over California. These balloons are equipped with sensors that detect secondary cosmic rays, a form of radiation from space that can penetrate all the way down to Earth's surface. Our monitoring program has been underway without interruption for 7 years, resulting in a unique dataset of in situ atmospheric measurements.

Latest results (July 2022): Atmospheric radiation is decreasing in 2022. Our latest measurements in July 2022 registered a 6-year low:


Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.
On February 3, 2023 there were 2328 potentially hazardous asteroids.

# Fireballnjc 2023-02-03 22:30
+1 # MissleBrock78 2023-02-03 22:22
Looks like missle contral
+1 # So there's 8 more coming and for to australiaChappyusa1 2023-02-03 22:21
If they are truly radioactive, then it is an act of war. Let's see as the facts come before we say or do anything. Misinformation is all we get nowadays.

Is it me or is Biden a complete weakling moron pedo? I bet none of this would have happened under Trump or Reagan.

Why are all the libtards fcking weaklings?
+2 # Nah...Adiff5466 2023-02-03 22:50
There is no way this is legit. Like I’d mentioned above, if this was in any way true, we wouldn’t hear anything about it. They certainly wouldn’t let it linger in the air for days much less come all the way across the country taking images before doing something about it. This stinks and it seems like a false flag of some sort to rally the country against China. They know, because they’re planning it, that war is coming and when it happens everyone can point back to an event like this. That, or this native weather balloon will be used as an excuse to wage war against China. Who knows. All I do know is that anyone with an ounce of power or say-so in our country is bought and paid for by China. They’ve already agreed to let them invade our shores and will do nothing when it happens, especially Gavin Gruesome Newsom (and all of the Joint Chiefs according to intel from Jaime Waldon). There are still colonels and generals that are loyal, and would even ignore stand down orders; however, with all of our missiles, tanks, planes and bullets being drained by Ukraine, they won’t have anything to fight them with. With that treacherous and filthy traitor Trudeau allowing China troops on our northern border to “protect their interests” in Canada, and then in Mexico, the Chinese setting up shop with the cartels... it’s all but a done deal.
+5 # Something is wrong...Adiff5466 2023-02-03 22:20
Is it just me or is anyone wondering why we are hearing about this balloon on the news? Seems to me the powers that be would keep something like this under wraps. They clearly want the American people to know about it. And how do we even know it is Chinese? Why wouldn’t they shoot it down in the pacific as opposed to letting it take photos clear across half the damned country? 2 or more years ago, I would’ve dumbly believed whatever the news told me, but we’ve all come too far and know better now.
+2 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?RockyMountainBeerMan 2023-02-03 22:08
one over latin america now, too:
# Hey HalWoulf 2023-02-03 22:03
The fact that you "do these things" just "proves" you are TCOB. Moses took care of his people. Just saying.

Takin' Care Of Business - Bachman Turner Overdrive - with lyrics
# RE: Hey HalWoulf 2023-02-04 00:30
Just means "You're on it".
+5 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Galwaypoet 2023-02-03 22:03
From what I've learned regarding the hole in the "Pentegram" it was made by a small cruise missle or other relatively small object with no wingspan marks or other remains of passengers or luggage. just so happened that the area destroyed was involved in finding squandered military funds. So yea, the military not only takes our hard earned money while we pay $10 for a carton of eggs, they use the money to kill their own countrymen for fun and profit. Skilled pilots are on record as saying the supposed "airliners" couldn't do the U-turn and bank into the Pentagram, and the G-forces would have diabled the fierce hijacker with with a box cutter that overwhelmed a pilot with self defense training and an entire cabin of healthy citizens. When I hear the patriotic break music iat the half hour mark in the show, I just cringe.
+4 # look at the videos of them hitting the buildingFlyfisher01 2023-02-03 23:09
i was home watching live, fox news
bimbo gretchen and her two key chain hosts were at her side,
they showed the videos over and over,
both planes went right through and their noses came out the other end of the building. NO DAMAGE

even the bimbo and clowns by her side noticed, and were confused how that could be.
but i doubt you can find the videos now.

no planes dont be fooled , all nasa CGI
explosives started, drew attention to buildings,
then the pages of the koran found. "then we got to steal oil, rape and pillage iraq because afganis hit our buildings?"
makes sense
+2 # No doubt.Adiff5466 2023-02-03 22:35
Also, we’ve all been on planes and didn’t turn off WiFi. Here we are in 2024 and can’t get and keep a signal in the air, yet we are still to believe 22 years ago it was possible to make a call without it being dropped?! And not one, but DOZENS of calls were supposedly made to loved ones? You hate to wonder what happened to those passengers on all of those doomed flights. Were they flown into a hanger somewhere and gassed while told “everything is going to be fine, we had to make an emergency landing”? One day all involved will face a reckoning. Steven Ben-Noon put a video out recently talking about how he (or someone) was outside the trade centers the day before with Amir Tsarfati, an alleged Mosad operative and head of Behold Israel. According to Steven, out of the blue, Amir looks at the buildings and says something to the effect of “I wonder what would happen if these buildings were taken down”, insinuating a terrorist attack. Then the next day it happened. I think the video was on Patreon or iConnectFX.

I was shocked because Amir is always posting his Bible studies and is all pro-Christian in his views and teachings... but he’s also pro Israel no matter what. If something goes down surrounding Israel, he is immediately on YouTube giving his spin on the situation. I guess I was deceived by him because I used to like his videos, even though I hadn’t watched one in at least a year. Maybe God was steering me away? Maybe Steven Ben-Noon is lying? I have no idea but thought it was worth sharing.
+1 # All Over the News NowGetsum 2023-02-03 21:57
This story has been active for over 24 hours now. Headlines at The Liberty Daily:

Supposed explanation:
+2 # PayloadMANYROUNDS 2023-02-03 21:54
A more precise timetable would be required if it was emp related, Weather research? Maybe, is this the only one? It would however be a great plaltform to drop canisters that explode at a given altitude to maximize disperson of an agent of some kind, and over the next few weeks watch and see what happens. If it is a fast acting one it could be much sooner that we find out.
+1 # Evil Spirits?Ziglveit B Shtoonk 2023-02-03 21:49
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Galwaypoet 2023-02-03 21:47
In regards to the huge Chinese ballon and its huge "surveillience gear, now that I have heard of the incident over Billings, I wonder if the balloons act like a sort of "mothership" to deploy spy drones... or worse.
+5 # The standing army makes a 2023-02-03 21:20
They go after a smoke trail and have been ignoring these balloons for at least 2 years.?


I have been aware of these balloons for 2 years now..... and the complicity of the standing army that we call the Air Force
+5 # █▓▒░ That is smoke for sure. ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-03 21:12

When I was much younger I remember condensation trails.
If you held your hand up in the air the trail was about as long
as you little finger and they never grew any longer as they were
water vapor and dissipated quickly.

(I am old enough to remember when Chuck Yeager was the first
pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound. I watched many, many
water vapor con trails over the years. I remember how long they
were visible before they vanished.)

Woke tard explanation:
If you wait till the end of the video you can tell it's just smoke
coming out of the chimney of that house.
+4 # RE: █▓▒░ That is smoke for sure. ░▒▓█Bob 2023-02-03 21:25
We are in our 70's and 80's. We also remember what a true contrail looks like.

This was something else entirely. Not contrails, not chemtrail, but smoke from something that had exploded or been destroyed.
+2 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?TexasWolf 2023-02-03 20:55
Hmm...perhaps that was the real balloon?
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Bob 2023-02-03 21:23
We were just wondering if this was the second balloon spotted coming down over Canada. We could have deployed an SR71, or something similar, that detected something and shot it down.

Would be nice to find out, but everything is hidden.
+4 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Lambs Servant 2023-02-03 20:54
Thanks Hal.
-1 # Typonjc 2023-02-03 20:47
Hi Hal, I know you are getting ready to go live, but please fix the headline.... "Billings"

By the way, as always thanks for the Intel!
+4 # Contrail??Rebelsari 2023-02-03 20:46
Doesn't look like a contrail to me. Looks Mighty suspicious though.
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?Woulf 2023-02-03 20:37
Whatever it is it looks like it is "going down".
We get enough "geo-engineering" trails to know the difference. Like a "cockroach" in the kitchen at midnight. Keeps me wanting to scream "RAID!"
+2 # RudyItsMePD 2023-02-03 20:36
I emaild you the link to Rudy Juliani live now. He seems to believe it was the Chinese spy baloon. Might be a looooong night.....
+1 # RE: REPORT: Large "Explosion" in Sky Above billing, Montana - Smoke trail?raleighdbp75 2023-02-03 20:35
The town apparently is till there ......So im guessing they didnt get nuked.
+2 # Is This The Payload?QuestionMark28 2023-02-03 20:29
+2 # RE: Is This The Payload?Woulf 2023-02-03 20:42
EMPs can be done "without" the nuke part. "If" 4 or 5 suitcase ones went off in NYC it would shut everything down and know one would know what happened. Just that nothing works anymore, "stoned age". (pun intended)


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