ELECTION FRAUD ON VIDEO: Security Video Shows TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of Ballots, Hidden Beneath Table - Taken Out After "Counting Stopped"

ELECTION FRAUD ON VIDEO: Security Video Shows TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of Ballots, Hidden Beneath Table - Taken Out After "Counting Stopped"

Security video from a Georgia Election Ballot Counting Facility shows Election supervisors sending all Ballot counters and Election Observers home because "Counting was being stopped" (water main break) then those supervisors take TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of Ballots, hidden in cases under a table, and begin counting them after all others departed!


+1 # Do the vote overDoug Brown 2020-12-04 22:37
Seems with as many irregularities that an entire new vote is called for.
+1 # MSM B.S.Michael Bruno 2020-12-04 19:27
11:35 through 13:20

Halle Jackson -- "Fuming over widespread fraud, that doesn't exist..."

Bill Barr -- "... not seen fraud on the scale that could have affected a different outcome of the election."

At the 12:32 mark, the narrative of the reporting switches back to COVID reporting; brushing the fraud aside... like an out of place lock of hair.

So, Halle reports the fraud doesn't exist... while Barr's statement clearly acknowledges fraud exists in this election but the Justice Dept. doesn't see it on any type of scale that would affect things.

1. they clearly aren't even looking and...
2. fraud is fraud.
When there is fraud acknowledged within ANY system then it ALL needs to be flushed out.

On that note, YOU be sure to flush twice.
It's a long way to D.C.
# Listen! What's happening?Man of the Atom 2020-12-04 01:14
First it was the famous "5 finger discount" (AKA shoplifting), then looting and shooting, now vote fabrication most likely for $$$. My, my, now that IS "progress" - in the wrong direction! Seriously, these people need to be in prison if this is accurate and I believe it is. I am not a religious fundamentalist but you can clearly see in our present society (such as it is) a continuing deterioration in ethical and moral behavior, plus an in your face to h*** with what you think about it.

BTW that Simon Parkes guy on YT may be for real - his parents were in MI5 and MI6 so he does have connections. I hope he is not providing misinformation or even worse yet, disinformation. Mike Adams of Natural Health News may also be a sounding board for the Alt Right community, providing "a limited hangout" of some insider information.
# The CraziesMichael Bruno 2020-12-03 18:34
Hal... you spent many years as a shill for our corrupt government to flush out some of the homegrown crazies. You should probably be careful about being *accused* by our government of *inciting* some of the homegrown crazies.

I don't think you want another prison address.

18 U.S. Code § 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government -- I'm not trying to say your comments have anything to do with "overthrow of government," however... "they" might. You've been there before, right?

I do *know* I AM free, however, to *continue* my advocacy of the PEACEFUL overthrow of government... without fear of repercussions pertaining to the contents outlined in the link regarding the above noted U.S. Code.
+1 # RE: ELECTION FRAUD ON VIDEO: Security Video Shows TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of Ballots, Hidden Beneath Table - Taken Out After "Counting Stopped"mrfixit 2020-12-03 18:10
Wow, I.sure would like to see happen like hal sais about trump enact a re-election with military and troops watching over it. Voting might be a little more realistic
# Traitor GinaShil0h 2020-12-03 17:03
That was three days ago.
+1 # Poll WorkersOccamsRazor 2020-12-03 17:00
Hopefully the truth will come out of these poll workers once they are sent down to Gitmo for waterboarding questioning. I bet they will sing like birds.
+1 # Gina Haskel not dead as obit says online...look it upaa092356 2020-12-03 16:52
# Excellent ideal to post President Trump's speechHarnaś 2020-12-03 16:23
I have heard about the speech from an acquaintance a Maestro(!!!) of all people. I have had trouble finding it because it is not on YouTube platform. Facebook and Twitter have censored it. It is spectacular and the Bolshevik Juifs do not want you to see it. I have distributed it to all the people I know and then called up the Maestro to have it sent to all the 7000+ people that he knows.

One of the folks working the Pennsylvania Legislature to elect the Electors to the Electoral College called me up and told me that this is the best reference for all the ongoing fraud. He wants 100 000 Pennsylvanians to see it tonight.

Indeed, the most important part of the speech is at the very beginning, when the President say that according to the Constitution, the choice of Electors is up to the states' Legislatures and nobody else!

Make sure you distribute this video to all you friends everywhere with the above comment. People should know this and then educate (by calling tomorrow) all their delegates (in Virginia), reps and senators, because these spineless knuckleheads everywhere DO NOT KNOW and DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!
+1 # Is Gina deadShil0h 2020-12-03 16:22
U2 flying search over California right now on Adsb global
+1 # My ballot is missing in GaSalinity Now 2020-12-03 16:15
I sent Hal a direct email about this, but I live in Ga and my absentee ballot is showing up as “not received”. This is according to the Ga Secretary of State and my local Ga County Voter registers office.

The local office has advised me to “check with my local postmaster” as to the whereabouts of my ballot.

If you live in Ga, you should check your status.
+1 # Is the CIA director Dead?garclar9988 2020-12-03 16:10
News blackout in DC on this - Diane Haspel found dead of natural causes in her home. Do not know if this is true or not. Can you look into it?[0]=AZVUif_2wrphWqNQi2n1O7VNLW4w6ZifEoKizz1XE4KuB5UKicwhzTFS6QdAMnTLITdTmZ0H6iRtB1ruvwYn356ilXb2KOyF0fa8yZQDRgXOpgmK3651swwpxCLKolMrGBg6MsUrOGud-Z4NDFQJRWav6sucg1T1Pc67MMSadw7r69RW3wcXgpp20KTWkkjEDIY&__tn__=EH-y-R
# That's the wordSrmay72 2020-12-03 21:53
# Reliable sources, ie Shelly Jacobs is worried.Harnaś 2020-12-03 18:52
Shelly Jacobs is worried about Gina Haspel. Calling it rumors is unfair considering that it is coming from the the reliable sources.
# Even if she not dead, she should be.Harnaś 2020-12-03 18:39
I am afraid I must have fallen in love with her and cannot stop looking at her "pretty in flowery pink with a matching black belt" pictures from her Congressional confirmation hearings. Delightful. SHEOL SHALOM. GEHINNOM.


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