‘Shedding of blood' may be required to save US, former State Senator says

‘Shedding of blood' may be required to save US, former State Senator says
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A former State Senator says it may take the "Shedding of blood to keep this republic" and adds, “And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes.”

Russell Pearce, a former president of the Arizona state Senate who helped author a controversial immigration law in the state, appeared to advocate for violence for the U.S. to save itself in remarks delivered earlier this week.

Pearce, a Republican, spoke Monday at a rally in Gilbert, Ariz., dubbed “Patriotism Over Socialism.” Other featured speakers included Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward and Laura Loomer, whose anti-Muslim social media posts have gotten her banned from Twitter, Uber and Lyft, the Arizona Republic reported.



It was not clear what Pearce, now an employee of the Maricopa County treasurer, was speaking about.

Pearce was recalled from office in 2011 over anti-immigrant emails and comments. On Monday, he lashed out at state lawmakers, according to a video published by azfamily.com.

“We have stupid leaders, stupid politicians, and it’s time we start replacing those that refuse to stand up for the values that we have shed blood for,” he said, according to the paper.

Pearce is best known for ushering in Senate Bill 1070, which gives police officers the authority to determine a person’s immigration status during an arrest for a state crime and detention.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Carl Goldsworthy · 7 months ago
    Found it hard to believe this. Maybe this is what he has in mind.
    Citizen’s arrest or kidnapping? US militias told to stand down after catching 300+ migrants (VIDEOS)
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gifford Rodine · 7 months ago
      Your source may have some inaccurate wording, or not be aware of the Constitution of the United
      States of America and the legal standing of militias. This is typical of "emotional journalism."
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Carl Goldsworthy · 7 months ago
        It was just the numbers that were stark. Like people argue about 1/2 million immigrants a year to the UK as ok. They work, are net contributors we are lied to. And I say think - a London tower block Grenfell Towers went on fire - 70 died, mostly immigrants. There were 120 living there - so we need to build 4,166 tower blocks of flat this, ready for next years immigrants.
        Where does that money come from ? Add in schools, power stations, water plants, sewerage, hospitals etc. The glib becomes a stark reality - we cannot afford immigrants just to make the rich richer with ever increasing GDP. And destroy the planets ecosystem.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          BriteRED · 6 months ago
          YUP ....U.K. has a problem ......A BIG PROBLEM..... looked at from this side of the pond it appears that the U.K. had no constitution or Bill of Rights to protect the people living there. You pretty much BELONG to the "queen" the state, the "elite". I understand that the U.K. is kinda the "testing grounds" for the "control systems" .....the subliminal messages in all TV and radio ......chemical techniques/drugs/vaccines for control . However it does seem you have stayed pretty much away from it, you do seem to have SOMETHING left over.. . . . . at times.
          NOT that the world does not have a problem overall ......with the Evil Empire trying to make slaves out of the world.. . . . along with killing off what they believe is useless eaters.
          Makes one wonder ......at WHAT point did the guys that made up the original Crusaders declare "enough is enough" and just start eradicating the vermin.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            Carl Goldsworthy · 6 months ago
            I am not in favour of anyone deciding what I am allowed to do - aka a constitution. I prefer to pay someone to do a job - and fire them if they screw up. Capitalism means that the rich run the government, communism that the intellectuals run it.
            Either way, a self serving minority rules. In other countries the military rule - looks like the USA is going that way.
            The judiciary, police are just the well bribed enforcers.