So Many Dead Bodies, Indianapolis Coroner's Office Out of Space

So Many Dead Bodies, Indianapolis Coroner's Office Out of Space

There are so many dead bodies in the Coroner's Office that handles Indianapolis, they need more space and more staff to do Autopsies!  Coronavirus? They won't say!

Marion County Indiana Deputy Chief Coroner Alfarena Ballew said they are forced to take the victims' bodies to a storage space at Indiana University.

Unfortunately, the lack of space is not the only issue the coroner's office is facing right now.

"What happens is, we're at capacity with the number of cases that we get, but we only have a limited number of pathologists who can perform those autopsies," Ballew explained. "We typically have to carry cases over for the next day, and sometimes it takes us about four days to get completely caught up with performing autopsies and doing examinations."

Ballew said the goal is for families to receive information from the exams and autopsies along with their loved ones' bodies within 24 hours. To do that, they would need five forensic pathologists. They currently have two.

"When we're at capacity and working the large number of cases that we have, I mean, you're talking about burn outs, you're talking about the inability to complete as many autopsies as we can in order to move the cases along for the decedents to be released to families," Ballew noted.

When asked how many of the dead are from Coronavirus, the Coroner's office declined to answer.

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