Some Shenanigans Going on with the BIG Banks

Some Shenanigans Going on with the BIG Banks

On May 29, while my wife was up here at the house in Pennsylvania, I had to give her a check for $1,724 toward the June Health Insurance, car Insurance, and a couple other small bills.   I wrote the check and she used PNC Bank mobile deposit the next day, to put my check into her account.

That check CLEARED my bank on the night of May 30.

Theoretically, PNC __should__ have shown the credit to her account on May 31, or by June 1 at the latest.   Today is June 3, and the money still isn't in her account.

Now, our main home in New Jersey is a Condominium, and my wife is the Treasurer.  Each month, all the Condo owners have to pay Maintenance to the condo, and they do.

One owner used Zelle to send her Maintenance to the Condo Association Bank Account at . . .  PNC Bank . . . .  from her account at CHASE.   This owner has done it this way for months!   This time, however, for some reason, her CHASE account showed that transaction deducted out TWICE.  But PNC only showed ONE credit to the Condo Association checking account.  So what did CHASE do with the duplicate money they took from that Owner's account?

These two things leads me to wonder what's going on here with PNC and with CHASE?  

Why did PNC not credit my cleared check into my wife's checking account, even though my bank paid that Check on the night of May 30?

Why did CHASE take Two of the exact same transactions out of one of our neighbor's accounts, but only send ONE to the Condo Bank?

I am fully aware that we're all human and we all make mistakes; especially me.   And when I do, they're doozies!

But to have two separate, and very large banks, both do something to separate account holders which resulted in money being "missing" for days, is suspicious to me.

Something just doesn't seem right about this.

I have a hunch -- not facts, just a feeling -- the bigger banks are intentionally playing games with accounting and using customer money in ways they shouldn't.

Have any of you encountered similar "strange" issues with the banks?  Subscribers can use the comment area below to respond.




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