Speaker McCarthy has left the Capital for the Weekend; No Debt Ceiling Deal

Speaker McCarthy has left the Capital for the Weekend; No Debt Ceiling Deal

House lawmakers Thursday evening left the Capitol for the holiday weekend without a deal on the debt ceiling.

Joe Biden waited 97 days to engage in debt ceiling talks with House Speaker McCarthy and other congressional leaders.

The White House is facing a June 1 deadline, but today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she thinks they can stgretch that to June 9 before the US Defaults on its debts. 

House Republicans passed a debt ceiling resolution in April but the White House is blaming the looming default on the GOP.


# Gee...What a surprise...MissinD60s 2023-05-28 11:22
Uni-party theater:

Default = DS can't keep paying off their minions. Default = DS can't keep kickball schemes going. Default = DS DEATH.

# Is it over ? 2023-05-27 23:37
# Thanks for this Inteldak55 2023-05-27 10:00
Thanks for this Intel
+4 # McCarthy & Biden leaving the Capital....BanjoDoug 2023-05-26 18:41
Does this "Pause" in negotiations have anything to do with the Sat phone distribution & the alleged Memorial Day vacation(s) in a CoG Bunker?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know......
# Planned?Kad2866 2023-05-26 16:45
Is this the plan, just let the default happen? Whether or not Biden should be removed. Waiting so long to negotiate is ridiculous but probably planned.
Had a dream last night, hundreds of US jets, etc headed to Russia, was scary cause I knew what was happening and coming.
F Biden and the rest of gang.
# I think the best thing for USA is to defaultChappyusa1 2023-05-26 16:13
Default and maybe the sleeping Americans will do something about this.

I say let it burn!
# REPORT TO DENVER AIRPORTCasimirP 2023-05-26 14:08
+1 # McCarthy Fake Phony and a Fraud .Garyhines 2023-05-26 13:09
I don't have any use for McCarthy or Biden can't stand either one of these bastards..the debt ceiling horse shit .this is all staged and manufactured by this Defacto bankrupt Gov . We're about 6 until u.s defaults on it's debt .June 15 until officially bankrupt. So what's in store once the United States declares bankruptcy .the defacto gov will do one or the other raise interest rates . Which will cause the United States to go into hyperinflation early next year . Time to turn our backs against this gov and stop listening to anything they say any more. .your done !
+1 # JUST LIKE a bunch of JACKASSESNHydg 2023-05-26 12:48
Kicking and braying.....hee hawing and blaming everyone else for THEIR screw ups .... WHEN will OUR military wake up ...............
+8 # #what a showTim421 2023-05-26 12:43
The show always ends the same. Both sides preen for the camera, issue threats and somehow at the last second an agreement takes place and they all vacation together. When you fall for the same scam over and over you are the chump. One big party and we ain't invited.
+1 # RE: #what a 2023-05-26 15:08
I was employed by an international company, based in the DC area, during the fed shut-down under Clinton. Many of my co-workers had government-employed family members….who were advised by their dept heads to immediately file for unemployment, which they received forthwith, and were given retroactive pay upon returning to work.
Yeah, bring on the “fear porn” :/
+2 # RightWAFiddleFarmer 2023-05-26 12:50
You are so right. This has happened a number of times. We have reached the ceiling and workers have gone unpaid for a while. They finally got paid. Nothing ever changed.
+1 # RE: RightThe Deplorable Renegade 2023-05-26 14:57
It's the same stupid theatricals every year at this time. Watch them "make a deal" at the last minute.
+2 # "Congres In Nuclear Bomb Shelters On Saturday (Tomorrow) May 27, 2023" 2023-05-26 12:39
Folks you look at this wrong...

Our Congressmen, women, Transgenders "Think Better Buried Deep In An Nuclear Bomb Shelter."

Don't you worry about a thing Old Joe Slick Dog Biden says, "I Got Your Back!"

Now, "That's Leadership That Counts."
+3 # RE: Speaker McCarthy has left the Capital for the Weekend; No Debt Ceiling DealJayBird60 2023-05-26 12:20
As the Uni-Party planned.
+3 # RE: Speaker McCarthy has left the Capital for the Weekend; No Debt Ceiling DealIgorbzo 2023-05-26 11:42
A plan very well executed... go to the bunker.
+13 # Be sure...Gulfcaptain 2023-05-26 11:26
Folks, be sure to visit the lobby snack bar during the show for our senior special popcorn and med. drink combo for only $28.95 (save $2.00)

Main feature: "The Debt Ceiling III" A non stop thrill ride of economic intrigue and suspense! Directed by: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy. A Yellen / Powell production.
-1 # RE: Be 2023-05-26 13:09
..and stay seated as we roll previews of coming attractions ;)
# #Be SureTim421 2023-05-26 12:44
Said perfectly
+1 # Denninger - must read...dave0975644 2023-05-26 11:25

points to Medicare/CMS as the bottom-line cause
of uncontrollable deficits...
rips the shit out of both Trump and DeSantis on
the issue...
rips DeSantis a new asshole on vax mandates,
illegal immigration, and several other issues...
# Interesting article you postedNHydg 2023-05-26 12:56
That was an eyeopener ......thanks dave
# further...dave0975644 2023-05-26 13:07
Denninger is also my most trusted source on
the technicalities of Covid and Vax data and
issues - he nailed the ramp-up in the all-causes
death rate just a few months after the jabs
started... he is also very good on a whole
load of other issues...

Quoting NHydg:
That was an eyeopener ......thanks dave
# The US govCloudNebula 2023-05-26 10:05
operates in black box mode.
+6 # Biden leavingmizzy777 2023-05-26 09:55
Now he is leaving...bunkers??
+1 # not likely....mdicken1 2023-05-26 12:12
everybody knows Biden is past his "use by date". Pretty much everybody by now thinks it's time for him to go.
# Its NOT the puppet's the ones working the stringsNHydg 2023-05-26 12:59
The puppet only does what the handlers want it to do.
Biden IS and always was a puppet .......
Behind the curtain are the REAL Demons........
# RE: Biden leavingGunner 2023-05-26 11:11
Would be so nice is the pukes NEVER come out of those graves, I mean "bunkers" that all of our dumb asses paid for. . .
+7 # The Unipartyunixguru24 2023-05-26 09:53
Nice theater - Oscar nominations forthcoming. We have zero representation. None. Nada. Zilch.
+1 # RE: The UnipartyGunner 2023-05-26 11:11
And we sit back and never do shit about it. Vote HARDER...yeah
+3 # Not even...MissinD60s 2023-05-26 10:41
Their acting isn't even worthy of being compared to the fallen current state of Satanwood. O'biden n his RINO DS buddy... I refuse to follow it.

The sooner it collapses. The sooner those traitors die. Have a nice day ;-)


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