Speaker of the House Sends Lawmakers HOME - Three Days Before NATO Exercise . . .that may start Russia War

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took the extraordinary and very unusual step of canceling votes for the rest of this week and sent lawmakers home today.   Just three days before the largest-ever NATO "exercise" simulating war with Russia . . .

The "public reason" given by Speaker McCarthy is that this was due to a "revolt" by 11 members of the House Freedom Caucus, who banded together to grind proceedings to a halt in protest of the speaker caving to Democrats during last week's compromise to raise the debt ceiling.   

The looming and not-so-public fact is that NATO's "exercise" simulating war with Russia starts in 3+ days - and that "exercise" -- may turn out to be real.

Bear in mind, this action by the Speaker takes place just about one week after members of the Senate were all given Satellite  telephones "in case a disruption to US communications occurs."  It also takes place just a few short days after the Memorial Day weekend holiday, during which, select high-level FedGov officials secretly spent the weekend at Government Bunkers with their families.  a "practice run" for the real thing, maybe?

Or was it not "practice" at all?  How many of those officials are STILL in those Bunkers?   Is Congress now joining them?

I don't believe the public reason given for this sending of lawmakers "home."

Governing is always messy.  It is always disordered.  There are always disagreements and there is always upheaval.  Yet, the Speaker chose to "send lawmakers home????"   No, I don't buy it.   I don't buy it one bit.

Who knows, maybe they're planning some type off False Flag attack upon Washington, DC to be blamed on Russia?

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Stay tuned . . . 





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