Start Making a List . . .

Start Making a List . . .

Weeks ago, I told my radio audience to start making a list.  A LOCAL list of people who, through their actions or their words, have shown they are working with Communists / Globalists to forever destroy our our Heritage, our culture, and our Republic. Local trouble-maker "activists," local media types (news, newspapers, etc.), Teachers/Professors pushing socialism, communism, or other anti-American nonsense, and of course, those who feed at our public trough: Mayors, City Councils, and those in the legal system.  I told my audience they should view this as a "To Do" list if and when Civil War finally breaks out here in the United States.  

Civil War?   Yes.  

Most average Americans have no clue at all that a Category 5 Hurricane of a storm . . . a political storm . . .  is on a collision course with the United States.  Civil War is very likely on its way here.

These Americans remain blissfully unaware because the mass media they rely upon to keep them informed, was long ago usurped into a propaganda operation designed to keep them ignorant and docile.

With a summer of violent riots, looting, arson and murder, and now the outright THEFT of the November 3 election by Communistic Democrats and their globalist paymasters, a whole slew of Americans have suddenly awoken to the reality that they've been lied to for so long, their country is almost gone.

It is so bad, that the mass-media, actually referred to the riots, looting, arson, and murder as "mostly peaceful protests." 

Instead of reporting on the brazen, rampant, and cancerous, FRAUD which stole the election, they are suppressing the information and instead actively urging our President to "concede" an election they all helped steal.  

When this reality blows up, and it is likely to blow up very soon . . . before the first of the year I think . . . the violence and bloodshed will likely be staggering.  That's why they're cranking-up their phony COVID-19 lockdowns again.  They want to keep Americans home, not conversing with one another at local bars or restaurants, not running into each other on the street, or going to friends/neighbors homes to have local meetings.  They want Americans fearful, and isolated.

They want people shut-in and shut-out of information, so they can finish off the theft of the election and install an ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT to usher in the final destruction of our Republic.  By the time they let everyone out because they say it's safe, the theft will be complete and the Republic will be dead. 

Oh, and in case there's any mis-understanding of my meaning, let me explicitly say Joseph Biden did NOT win the election. His Democrat Party stole the election through fraud.  Mr. Biden and his Democrat Party are an ongoing criminal enterprise, which uses force and violence via ANTIFA and BLM to achieve political goals, thus qualifying them to be designated a Terrorist Organization.

Joe Biden has NO RIGHT to be sworn in as President.  He is a Felon, for whom there is an arrest Warrant out of Ukraine, and he has NO RIGHT to enter the White House as President.  

Now, the mass-media may be suppressing the truth about the Election Fraud, but the truth is getting out nonetheless via the new media of the Internet, and the very old media of Shortwave radio.  Proof? Americans began buying guns over the summer when the Democrat version of Hitler's Brown Shirts (ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter) started rioting, looting, burning cities, and killing people.   

What did Democrat Mayors and District Attorneys do?  NOTHING.  Not only did most of the rioters, looters, and arsonists, NOT get arrested, most of those who DID get arrested, walked free with charges dropped!

It quickly became clear to the average American that our system is falling apart, and their safety was now in jeopardy. 

In my personal observation of ongoing incidents, I have to report, it still is;  and things are likely going to get very much worse. 

Americans saw all these things happening and they took a very decisive personal decision: They bought guns and ammunition.

Just try to buy a gun in a gun store now; they're almost totally SOLD OUT.  Try buying ammunition.  If you can even get the caliber you want - and that's a big "if" - the prices have gone up by ten fold!

No matter, though, you get the point.  Americans have armed-up.

Well folks, guns are like Condoms.  You don't put on a Condom unless you're gonna fuck.  

Similarly, you don't buy a gun for a table centerpiece; you buy it because somewhere in the back of your mind, or in your gut, you realize there's danger afoot, and you may have to shoot someone.

So the question then becomes, Who?   Who will some Americans be looking to shoot?

Well, when the Civil War erupts . . .  wait . . . it has ALREADY ERUPTED with the Democrat Brown Shirts of ANTIFA/BLM . . . . so how shall I phrase this?  HMMMMMMMM. . . .  Ahh, I've got it:  When folks on the political right wake up to the fact they've been under attack by the left for months,  and start fighting back, that's where YOUR LOCAL LIST might be something you choose to refer to; but that is YOUR choice - as would be the consequences.

You see, it appears to me the differences between the right and the left can no longer be resolved through discussion and compromise.  Based on my observations, it looks as though the left stopped listening and started demanding.  For instance, according to the Left, America is a "white supremacist, systemically-racist, nation run by Fascists." 

The obvious retort to such an absurd claim is that if you can't make it here because systems set up by white people are too hard for you and your abilities, move somewhere else.  Just don't expect the most advanced civilization in the world to LOWER ITSELF to your level simply because you're not good enough to make it here. 

The left demands - and has already begun - tearing down our national monuments, and purging our history from schools and the public square.  Apparently, seeing the best humanity has to offer makes the left feel inadequate, and since they can't meet the heavy burden of such high standards, those standards have to be erased and hidden from the poor, delicate, not-good-enough, snowflakes of the left.

Anyone who opposed such destruction of monuments was attacked, beaten, and sometimes killed. 

Worse, the left is not shy about what WE on the Right, think: We're not allowed to think.  We're not allowed to form our own opinions.  We're certainly not allowed to express our views. 

The Left demands we ALL agree with, and support, them.  If we merely disagree with their interpretation of history and current events, they call us "Domestic Enemies" and "Cultists" and violently attack us.  They've gone so far as to shoot us dead in the streets! 

If we on the Right decide to avoid confrontation and remain silent, they declare "Silence is violence" and attack us anyway.

The Left demands absolute conformity under threat of murderous violence.  So much for the "tolerance and diversity" they preach.

They are even willing to publicly threaten the President of the United States with this ultimatum:

A lot of Americans see this and a lot of Americans have had quite enough.

So the folks on the left are doing their thing, with force and violence, openly demanding our President concede an election which he DIDN'T LOSE (except via Fraud), while those of us on the Right wait, hope, and pray, the law will be applied.   

That approach by those on the Right has proved useless. Don't get me wrong, praying is great.  I pray. Everyone should pray.  But God helps those who help themselves.  Action is required.

As those on the Right come to the realization that the only way to put an end to this nonsense is to physically fight it out, I fear THAT is when the bloodshed is likely to be horrifying.

But you know what?  I cannot escape the nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, it's long overdue.

For literally decades we in America sat quietly by while the sickos on the left destroyed city after city with their garbage ideologies, their rampant corruption, and their sick deviancies. The left pushes their sexual deviance, their failed ideas about what constitutes a "family" and their twisted notion of racial "inequality" on TV and in movies as if their twisted, satanic beliefs are normal.  They're not.

A Civil War might wipe all of that out.

And by "wipe all of that out" I mean, real Americans, with real families, tired of all this nonsense, might go out and get rid of these destructive, parasite, beasts, most of whom sit around doing nothing but who collect a welfare check from OUR tax money, then go out riot, loot, burn and kill.  After all, society does have a right to defend itself from those destroying it.

Ridding the land of the sick parasites on the left, and those who promote / propagate their degenerate ideological and cultural views, might allow our nation to restore its moral center, its integrity, and it's safety.

There's no shame in killing people who have been working for decades to wreck everything around you.  There's no shame in destroying by force, corrupted entities that stand by and do nothing while the law they are sworn to uphold, goes deliberately unenforced. Society can defend itself from destruction by confronting and  destroying those attacking it.

Many Americans can see for themselves these people on the Left have lived by the sword.   Many of those same Americans think it might be time Lefties die by the sword.

But this is a decision with very real consequences.  You can't just go out and start killing people. I am not going to do that and neither should any of you  NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT. 

Remember, we're talking in the abstract here.  There is no Civil War in the USA yet, so what might happen IF such a Civil War breaks out is all speculative. (Are we still allowed to speculate?  God knows nowadays government makes a crime out of anything and I darn sure don't want to go down that road.  So, let me think a moment.  Yes.  Since I am confident that, as a Credentialed Media personality, - a Talk-Radio Host on FCC Licensed radio stations  - I am protected by the First Amendment freedom of speech and of the Press, therefore I will risk continuing to speculate in this article.)

Yet if I am correct, it won't be long until forces beyond all our control, light the fire that would enable folks to do exactly that.  If Civil War comes, don't hide.  Don't cower in fear.  Do what needs doing.  Maybe Have your list handy.

From my perspective, as a 58 year old married, father, who suffered a heart attack 18 months ago, underwent open heart surgery for Quadruple by-pass of clogged heart arteries, only to suffer blood-clot clogging of the BY-PASSES, and then suffer a SECOND heart attack four weeks ago (which did terrible damage and has left me unable to walk even 50 feet without stopping to catch my breath) it looks as though the stage is set for actual Civil War.

I've got my popcorn ready.  I can't participate because my heart is wrecked. I can't even walk up stairs without being short of breath.  There's no way on God's earth I would engage in criminal action or could engage in Civil War.  I just physically can't.  But I'll be there with Patriots in spirit!  


Publisher's NOTE about this particular posting: The public advocacy of the use of force or of law violation has been held "protected speech" under the US Constitution's First Amendment by the US Supreme Court in the case "Brandenberg v. Ohio" (395 US 444 (1969) and CANNOT be prosecuted as Incitement to violence because it does not meet a two-part test established by the court.  The Internet does not lend itself to Imminent lawlessness and imminent lawless is not "likely" to take place because there is no mob presently assembled, the article above does not mention any location, date, time, or specific named person.

This standard was further upheld by the Supreme Court in the case "Indiana v. Hess" (414 US 105 (1973) 

This article also cannot be prosecuted as a "Threat" pursuant to Supreme Court precedent in Watts v. U.S. (394 US 705 (1969) but is instead crude, political, hyperbole (i.e. trash talk) about an ongoing issue of public importance in the political arena, wherein speech is sometimes vituperative and inexact.

The Standard in "Watts" above was further upheld by the Supreme Court in "Virginia v. Black" (538 US 343 (2003) which defined a "threat" as "a serious statement of intent to commit an act of violence" which no one has done in the article above, and which the writer specifically disavows and tells others NOT to do.

This standard was upheld again by the Supreme Court in "Elonis V. US " (575 US _ (2015) which held there must be INTENT to "threaten" which this article does not do; it merely reports what others have stated privately and does not mention any specific named individual or place or time, and does not say anyone is going to take any action or that anyone is being sent to take any action. It is speculation and/or mere advocacy.

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