Strange: Corporations Offering "Opt-Out" on Mother's Day

Strange: Corporations Offering "Opt-Out" on Mother's Day

A sudden and strange activity is taking place with large corporations. They are emailing customers offering to Opt-Out of Mother's Day (and Father's Day) sales reminders.   This reeks of anti-family and anti-women activism.  Anything to disassemble the nuclear family.

This pattern was first noticed over the weekend, when a number of well known corporations sent emails as follows:

This is too widespread to be "organic."  Clearly it is a corporate-driven effort with many differing corporations doing it.


Could it be part of an effort doing away with all acknowledgment of mothers?  You know, like the whole "trans" thing?

Some people have suggested it is what they call an "Ongoing erasure of women so they are replaced by transhumanists who want test tube conceived, incubator grown babies."

Other people have suggested it is "Anything to weaken the family unit…"

Of course, there is also a weird component to this; you know, lets remind these people about mothers-day early -- to see if they want to be reminded about it?

The more these "sensitive, tolerant" types try to not be offensive, the more they offend . . . normal people.




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