Supreme Court Re-Structures Justices for each Circuit . . . .

Supreme Court Re-Structures Justices for each Circuit . . . .

Take a look at the move the US Supreme Court made today.  Oh man, this is EPIC!


Do you see what this means?

Let me explain it to you in terms that will make things instantly clear . . .

MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh

WI - Amy Coney Barrett

PA - Samuel A. Alito

GA - Clarence Thomas

Get it now?

Incidentally, Alito warned PA to separate the votes on election night so that Ballots received after the STATE LAW DEADLINE might not be countable depending upon further rulings.  They didn’t do what Alito Ordered.
He’s pissed. 

Here is a map (click image to enlarge) which shows the Circuits:

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