Sweden and Finland to Apply to NATO - next month!

Sweden and Finland to Apply to NATO - next month!

Two newspapers - one Swedish, the other Finnish - have reported the governments of Sweden and Finland have agreed to submit NATO applications at the same time and that it will happen in the middle of next month.


+1 # real truth about ukraineTurnercom1 2022-04-28 11:43
does finland and sweden not know about what has been going on in ukraine since 2014? how they have killed off 14,000 people on donbas just for speaking russian. genocide is the term. russia is trying to help these people. SWEDEN AND FINLAND SHOULD DO ALL THEY CAN TO BE FRIENDLY WITH THERE NEIGHBOR RUSSIA. NATO WILL NOT SAVE THEM.
+1 # Its really old to say demonic possessionDoug Brown 2022-05-01 21:27
It's old fashioned and doesn't work.
But what you say is exactly right.
They knew a about the Donbas persecution.
How could they not know? To pretend now that
Russia's intervention into Ukraine is unprovoked
Is insanity.
This Rollercoaster ride to war is insanity.
You can not say demonic possession but what
else could make people act like cattle?
Like cows getting their nightly feed and hay.
Animal like in their herding propensities
looks like demonic possession.
# A Lot Of ComparisonsForrest Mosby 2022-04-26 07:55
Are being made to the Finno-Soviet War and the outcome…Light Infantry Ski Troops of that conflict didnt face helicopter gunships…And those guys were a different breed than ‘men’ of today
-5 # 06.06.2022Dread 2022-04-26 02:52
Exsoect russiand forces to attack Finland on 06.06.2022 - three weeks after spplication.
By the End of June when NATO is scheduled to have their summit and officially make Sweden and Finland members most of their countries are overrun and NATO is going to be pushed to rush into a war which has been long in the making.
Three hundred years of Pax Americana are coming to an end - the US will not go nuclear on Russia nor will Russia on the US … the European question … is going to be settled and most european states will vanish after the ABC will have rendered most advanced city centers obsolete.
London, Paris, Prague, Vienna and all NATO HQ’s in Germany are going to be blitzed. May, when the Rasputica ends russian tanks are going to blitz out Ukraine to push through to NATO centers … to root out the remains of the NAZI’s who where groomed silently by the western allies in an effort to finalize a two hundred years campaign against Russia.
Now this isn’t about Russia, it is about establishing one mentality and common history. Russia was never part of the Occident.
The past 30 years served to find common ground to achieve that thru diplomacy, economic and political integration - and clearly it failed.
Lawrow already said it’s WWIII … the III is only the third chapter of a war which has been dragging on for more than a century.
After that we, who survive, are going to see nothing but peace and prosperity.
Go, seed and plant your garden NOW.
-2 # Russia does not haveJessiebeaner 2022-04-26 07:09
The necessary persons and weapons
+1 # Its Referred To AsForrest Mosby 2022-04-26 02:15
‘Another Brick In The Wall’….Couple more and we will be irreparably screwed
+7 # Picked the loosing teanGold3084 2022-04-26 00:37
Sweden and Finland have backed the loosing team this time !
+4 # Losing teamchip 2022-04-26 01:57
The communist country known as the
USSA formerly known as America a
Constitutional Republic is living on
borrowed time
+3 # STICKS AND STONESDean Easterling 2022-04-25 23:43
Let us fallen humans choose up sides fight again as we have done so many times in the past. This time the weapons are really too powerful, so the next time we will use sticks and stones if there is enough humans left alive to be a next time.
+5 # RE: Sweden and Finland to Apply to NATO - next month!BeenThere 2022-04-25 23:19
The USA won't save anyone in NATO because the USA is broke! To make matters worse, for the first time ever, the Israeli Central Bank is replacing U.S. dollar reserves with Chinese Currency!
+2 # RE: Sweden and Finland to Apply to NATO - next month!Lambs Servant 2022-04-25 20:36
Russia will not too kindly to this.
-6 # RE: Sweden and Finland to Apply to NATO - next month!mjc 2022-04-25 20:50
Quoting Lambs Servant:
Russia will not too kindly to this.

No doubt. But they'll eat it.

Perhaps there'll be a memo to twist the knife:

"The only thing Russia will achieve by attacking Finland is the destruction of their country".
# I have a questionDM56 2022-04-25 20:32
One newspaper in Finland and one paper in Sweden are reporting this? No official statements from the governments of both countries? Will you follow up?
+1 # I have a questionchip 2022-04-26 02:30
Finland and Sweden remind you of a
couple of drunks at a bar who have
paid their money to a painted up
perfumed up old political whore(NATO)
+9 # Uncle Sam....Gulfcaptain 2022-04-25 20:28
Old Uncle Sam will save the EU! Problem is, old "Uncle Sam" is a broke, underemployed, drunk and drugged out pedophile that likes killing people. I don't know if I would feel all that great about relying on a country that recently just tucked tail and left billions of dollars worth of equipment, hundreds of its own citizens to defend for themselves and the locals that have helped old Uncle Sam for years to their fate at the hands of the enemy. Uncle Sam has terminal cancer. Best look for another way to just get along with each other.
+1 # Interesting reports if trueMan of the Atom 2022-04-26 02:34

Will this leave us defenseless? Ukraine is so corrupt some of these will be "lost" or stolen and sold on the "black market" - coming soon to a city near you in the US, Europe, or Middle East?

If the above story alone is true, the "special military operation" is entirely warranted.

Western "advisers" are trapped.

Austin has this backward - depleting stockpiles by exporting needed hardware, discharging troops who won't take the "clot shot"*, trying to indoctrinate troops (trans-genderism, BLM, etc.) and having cases of myocarditis suddenly appear among active duty troops - I wonder why?! - is weakening the US MILITARY and you Austin are doing nothing to stop this!

*If you have taken one of those experimental "vaccines" do get a D-dimer test to check for microscopic blood clots. Lacking evidence of a pulmonary embolus or blood clot in your legs, that is the likely cause of elevated D-dimer levels. Then you will have to decide what to do about it - aspirin, nattokinase, what?? If anyone here is in this situation, what medical advice did you get?
# Take enzymesJessiebeaner 2022-04-26 07:09
Use a variety of oral enzymes that specifically break down FIBRIN and decrease inflammation.
Dr. Mercola’s got a very good product as does the Wobenzyme company. Other blood thinners are fish oil and a lipospheric curcumin (Thorne and Health Concerns).
The curcumin is an excellent anti-inflammatory too.
# Livin' in the USARedlist Renegade 2022-04-25 23:25
Everybody's kickin' Sam , even Politicians . We're livin' in a busted land , somebody give me hand.... Steve Miller
-3 # Marcia, Marcia, MarciaiCanWalk 2022-04-25 20:23
Russian Aggression
Russian Aggression
Russian Aggression


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