The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Over

The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Over

The Trump Card is apparently being played. It's much simpler than you all realize. Some of you have gotten it right.  But if not, then our ENTIRE way of life, is over.


# RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverLilBirdie 2021-01-18 23:44
Quoting PaleHorse2021:


Why not assinate Biden while the whole world's watching. Harris was always the one they wanted. Blame it on Trump supporters. Win-win

Except for Biden.
# Operation MartyrMarlynn7794 2021-01-19 08:15
Pray that this does not happen.
+2 # Pray!Marlynn7794 2021-01-18 22:35
Pray for safety, discernment, protection for our president, military leaders, LEOs. Pray for swift action against the traitors. Pray that innocents in DC and throughout our nation will be protected. Pray. Be in vigil from this point. Engagement with the enemy is near.
+1 # D.C.Palehorse 2021-01-18 21:52

+2 # They don't want Schools to watch Inauguration LIVEOccamsRazor 2021-01-18 21:45
# That is very strangeMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 22:13
They must expect something could happen. Many schoolchildren were watching when the Challenger blew up - remember Christa McAuliffe, the "1st teacher in space"? I worked with a man who was the runner-up in the competition! He told me missing out saved his life. He live many years after that and died just last year b4 the scamdemic/plandemic started.
# RE: They don't want Schools to watch Inauguration LIVEPalehorse 2021-01-18 22:04

I watched that. Right out of a Nazi playbook.
+1 # RE: They don't want Schools to watch Inauguration LIVEJeannie Anderson 2021-01-18 22:01
I have tried to share this on Facebook but it keeps saying this is abusive. What the heck?
+2 # RE: MelaniaKme 2021-01-18 21:36
I listened to her, also. My instincts say she is very sincere, in case things don't work out - she is giving her final statement & love to U.S. Also, "ending" time in the White House doesn't mean they will not possibly be in COG Colorado . . .
+1 # Melania's messagePalehorse 2021-01-18 21:29

Was Melania's message misinformation, intended to get the black hats thinking, that Trump is leaving without question? ???
+1 # Active Duty TroopsPalehorse 2021-01-18 21:09

Hundreds of Active Duty Troops Along with 25,000 National Guard Troops are Authorized for Biden’s Virtual Inauguration Event

JUST IN – Pentagon has deployed hundreds of active-duty troops for inauguration security, including service members with expertise in handling chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, explosives, and medical teams skilled in trauma response (Politico)
+2 # Prayingjimginny 2021-01-18 21:09
Hal is Ok ...
+1 # Bugging outlinda josef 2021-01-18 21:08
Hal is talking about bugging out on the radio tonite.
# streaming problem earlierimback 2021-01-18 21:00
I also had a problem receiving earlier however it just came up. on listen while broadcasting
# Now This Is Interesting...Palehorse 2021-01-18 20:45
__/ January 18, 2021

2,000 National Guard Troops in DC Sworn In as Special Deputy US Marshals

Chief Lamont Ruffin from D.C. District Court swore in the 2,000 National Guard troops as special deputy U.S. Marshals prior to the presidential inauguration, according to the federal law enforcement agency’s Twitter page.
# RE: Now This Is Interesting...Kme 2021-01-18 21:20
I saw that also, U.S. Marshalls have power to arrest with "indictments" . . .
+3 # PrayVimiojoe 2021-01-18 20:28
Hal check this know who genetal hyten is, right ?

From a couple of hours ago on telegram
+2 # RE: Praymrfixit 2021-01-18 21:50
# Hmmmmm.....LilBirdie 2021-01-18 23:40
I just wonder who that "ONE MAN" is
+1 # RE: Praymrfixit 2021-01-18 21:55
He said "castle rock" in 1 message, he also just put up that old christmas photo op at white house when trump said calm before storm...?
+1 # RE: PrayKme 2021-01-18 22:40
+1 # Where is the stream?Burnit 2021-01-18 20:21
Hal has no streaming that I can receive. Primary or secondary stream is not available. Anybody else having this issue?
No updates to the website today, either.
# RE: Where is the stream?Kme 2021-01-18 21:28
No problem here . . .
# No stream here either at 8:46 pmWoodlandGnome 2021-01-18 20:48
No streaming here either. I haven't seen any updates for today. Must be something going on.
+1 # On a Side Note...Palehorse 2021-01-18 20:14

Not sure if this has ever been mentioned here but...

Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, as a member of the US Army Special Force's , commanded a group of 11 other soldiers during an operation in Afghanistan where they attacked tanks, while they were on horse back. For real.

He doesn't seem to be the type of guy liberals want to be messing around with.

This true story was depicted in a move titled “12 Strong.” Check it out... good movie.
+1 # RE: On a Side Note...Kme 2021-01-18 20:22
I saw that movie! :) GOD Bless U.S. & be with U.S. come what may. * Prayers for all!
+1 # PRAY FOR OUR TROOPSRick Geise 2021-01-18 20:06
40,000 troops, 50 armored Striker vehicles, F-16 flight wing and Patriot missile batteries. They r NOT expecting a Patriot assault!

Anticipate imminent data dump. Biden will NOT be sworn in- followed immediately by domestic paramilitary attack backed by the CCP on the Capital (12-36 hrs).
+1 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverHJ Richards 2021-01-18 20:06
Guys that write patriot blogs are getting visits from FBI today, wonder if Hal did
+1 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverKme 2021-01-18 20:36
That's what I am wondering. If there is "no show" tonight & no word from Hal Turner, this website may be under "surveillance" . . .
+2 # HmmmJferreri 2021-01-18 20:26
I was Wondering that yesterday.. .The old adage “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you” does not apply in 2021.
+4 # Mental Illness is RealDisstheease 2021-01-18 19:33
All this Satanic bullshit coming from the communist leftists demoncrats,etc.etc. shows how real it is to be handed over to a insane reprobate mind.
+3 # planes off coastSweetspirited 2021-01-18 17:54
military plane flying for hours right off the coast of Jacksonville FL. I look at flight tracker daily and this is not normal activity.
+1 # Plane off Florida coastDan Fogle 2021-01-18 19:34
There’s been a KC135 tanker circling what I believe to be a carrier out there. I tried to find a ship tracker but can’t seem to find a decent one. There’s also an E6B on the east coast as well. Just google the aircraft to see what they are for. If you click the U in the top right it shows only military aircraft
+1 # Thanks for the linkPalehorse 2021-01-18 18:26

I opened the link and found 1 aircraft over the US. I see several options in selecting what one is looking for. I will need to learn how to use this tool.
+8 # The fat lady hasn't yet sung.Marlynn7794 2021-01-18 16:21
Keep your eyes on Jesus. Regardless if how this turns out, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the prize. There is much fear and worry in many of the posts. Prayer & prep Stay close to home and family over the next several days. Wait on the Lord. Psalm 27.
+2 # Loose lips sink shipsMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 18:05
When the Russians attacked the Georgians who were shelling Russian civilians there in 2008, there was 24 hours of radio silence and then BOOM! Think about this and the title above.
Maybe we should not expect to hear anything?
+4 # Very Interesting UpdatePalehorse 2021-01-18 13:36

Something happened for the positive.
# Oh oh...Palehorse 2021-01-18 21:05

Looks like queen gargoyle Pelosi must have listened to the Mike Adams Situation Update posted today.

"What’s This? Pelosi Sends Letter to Defense Secretary Miller Demanding Halt to Attempts to Install Trump-Loyalist Michael Ellis as NSA General Counsel"
# Vaccine side effect?Man of the Atom 2021-01-18 23:14
The last picture I saw of her showed one eye drooping - Bell's palsy? She was wearing a surgical mask so I could not see the rest of her face. I think she took one of those messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) - if so she is in for a world of hurt. The story from skeptical scientists is that when you do get the virus you will be worse off due to "pathogenic priming" from these vaccine types and you may develop an "autoimmune disease" where the cells that produce "normal" antibodies detect the virus in your cells from the vaccine and attack them! One scientist said 21% of those injected with Moderna's vaccine suffered serious side effects and called out the FDA and CDC for politicizing the issues.
# From Mike Adams internet siteMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 18:01

This also mentions shipping containers that have had several reports here - the motorist on I-5 saying he saw thousands of 90% unmarked tractor trailer rigs heading North from the port in Long Beach and further down this list the lady's report on the large number of cargo ships there which is completely consistent.

The twist on what we have been thinking is that weapons will give to leftists to stage attacks! That makes sense for if the Chinese military did this directly, China would be toast.
+1 # "thousands of 90% unmarked tractor trailer rigs..."Palehorse 2021-01-18 18:17

Ya, the shipping containers used as portable "surprise" missile launching platforms is a real bad possibility.

The thing I 'm trying to fathom is the claim of "...he saw thousands of 90% unmarked tractor trailer rigs heading North..."
Such a sight would have been noticed by many people with virial videos everywhere.

The logistics of such a move would be enormous. Doesn't seem to add up.
# StartlingMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 18:16
If you don't want to read it, here is a quote that goes along with the two reports from Long Beach, CA people:

"According to scattered sources who are emailing eyewitness reports from across America, many shipping containers are mysteriously appearing in locations across America where they previously were never seen. Note that these missile systems can be fired from containers sitting in parking lots, or still attached to transport trucks or rail systems.

This may explain why Patriot missile batteries are reportedly being spotted in Georgia and Tennessee, and Patriot missiles are now widely known to be deployed in the DC area."

BTW, I read somewhere and a person here verified it, that there is a large stash of Chinese (?) "assault rifles" in a warehouse in CA and this has something to do with the Governor Newsom. The initial report I saw questioned why they were there.
# Dave Hodges storyMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 19:03
I believe it was one of his posts from a month or so ago - he said Biden would (?) stage a brief regional war with China and then bring UN troops into the USA to smash the opposition. It sounds crazy but all these reports about shipping containers is definitely stirring the pot. This HTRS site indicated there may be a mole in Biden's camp leaking information to the CCP and that there was some trouble with their security clearance. I hope Trump and the Military are fully aware of all that is happening. We will see.

Meanwhile I have read that Nanzi Pelosi still has Swallowell (who had a tryst with a Chinese spy) on the the Homeland Security Committee - unbelievable.
+1 # HowHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 14:58
In what way is it positive ? We all know the truth and the law should be on trumps side .
Its wether or not he will actually do anything about it himself
He has all the power all the authority he needs
+1 # itt never endslaurie spencer 2021-01-18 13:22
+1 # troop movementsmominator 2021-01-18 12:58
now 25 military troop movers in flight. saw a bunch of charter buses on saturday heading east between Nashville and Knoxville TN
+3 # here is a pearl from D. Hagmann: Profile of a domestic terrorist.Harnaś 2021-01-18 12:43
specifically, Susan Rosenberg who bombed Capitol building in 1983. She was not apprehended until 1988 and tried until 1990! She is most likely leading Antifa and BLM today because she is free!
+1 # Special Deputy MarshalsWillys-M38A1 2021-01-18 12:20
2000 Nation Guard troops sworn in as Special Deputy Marshals. Link here:
+4 # Cargo shipsCellphonelil 2021-01-18 12:19
I live in Orange County California and two days ago I saw a massive amount of container ships stemming from port of Long Beach to the border of Huntington/Newport Beach. Last time I saw this was the port strike years ago. Something is up. Other sources say the shipping containers have Chinese missiles in them and possible the Chinese military as well. I keep hearing about a 10 lockdown soon to tackle the Chinese and make arrests. My eyes remain focused on Jesus! Stay prepped and safe.
# Consistent with earlier report by motoristMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 12:27
That report was by a motorist stating he saw thousands of tractor trailer rigs on I-5 heading North from Long Beach Port. About 90% of the trailers were unmarked.
+2 # I hopeHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 12:14
I hope he has gone , because I am sure he was on the list to be rounded up .
If Biden gets in .you will not be able to win .the full might of your massive milatiry and police state will be at his ( and her) disposal .
Everyone of you that thinks you can stand up to your local SWAT team is deluded .
If you get out and save yourselfs you can wait and orginse .
Wait until a leader comes forward .
+2 # SureAstroGoose 2021-01-18 12:52
Very doubtful he bugged out, more than likely it's got a hot story for today or is gathering some intelligence, he's done this before. Sometimes he'll post a story one day then nothing up until maybe before you goes on the radio. Who knows? But maybe with all that's going on he watered some quality time with the family or the wife, he doesn't owe the people of this site anyting other than the stories that he post
+2 # RE: I hopeHJ Richards 2021-01-18 12:19
I seriously doubt he has bugged out. He just spent a small fortune setting up a back up system and buying equipment to support it. He is just busy and has nothing of substance to tell us, we just wait till radio show tonight
# People calm downMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 13:07
No one here has advocated killing "government officials". The 1st amendment to the US Constitution cannot be removed by an act of Congress - that requires approval from the majority of the States and that ain't happening! If Biden is installed, I can still say he is a corrupt politician installed by a fraudulent election and therefore is an illegitimate President. Anyone who can do arithmetic can see that fraud occurred for instance in Pennsylvania as one example. If the Dim idiots overplay any hand they think they have, they will provoke a new and VERY serious secession movement - or at least an interstate "compact" to declare null and void their communistic laws. There are already 2nd amendment sanctuaries and discussion of such laws.
+3 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverHJ Richards 2021-01-18 12:02
Sent him an email, no reply. Has anyone received the super secret ip numerical address yet
# BugkillMark Langford 2021-01-18 15:02
Quoting Whitewolf:
Sent him an email, no reply. Has anyone received the super secret ip numerical address yet

He sent me an email on 1-12
+3 # No IPCellphonelil 2021-01-18 12:14
Hi. I have not received any emails regarding the IP address.
# RE: No IPmrfixit 2021-01-18 14:10
If I had to guess, setting up and organizing all that needs to go into running a backup server isn't a 5 minute job.
+1 # so much military movementmominator 2021-01-18 12:00
I have be monitoring flight tracker and there has -been at tleast 7-15 large troop movement flights like c130 on screen since yesterday. there are 15 now! all heading to and from DC for the most part. maybe for the military Parade
+2 # disappearancejwnark 2021-01-18 11:45
I guess Hal has bugged out. NO UPDATES.
+1 # AWOLHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 11:42
Has anyone seen Hal?
Anyone live close by ? could you pop over and check on him please?
+1 # ConcerningTrish1020 2021-01-18 11:40
But you have to ask yourself one question....

Since they put razor wire around the INSIDE of the fencing that goes around the Capital in DC... WHO are they trying to keep IN.

My concern... We have how many military troops inside there right now... Will they be told by a commander to drop their weapons? Will our military who are being called their, from just about every state,... Will they be Keeping them, so that the individual state's have less protection? I heard it will be a virtual inauguration. Military only attendence ?? And no leaving. Yeah its a stretch, but its that our turning the tables and a mass deep state / rat arrest. Any ideas on this?
-4 # RE: ConcerningRDunzy4012 2021-01-18 11:59
Its not on the inside you fucking tool! Ive seen dozens of pictures with it on the outside, not that it matters. Do you honestly see Pelosi trytitrying to scale a fence with wire? Quit hanging your hopes on what side if the fucking fence the wire is in.
+6 # Rude responselinda josef 2021-01-18 12:08
RDunzy No need to be insulting when you provide more accurate info.
+3 # RE: Rude responseRDunzy4012 2021-01-18 14:36
You're right....just very frustrated with the amount of BS and what amounts to disinformation. My apologies!
# White House on fire ?Jferreri 2021-01-18 11:08
Reports of the capital on fire h/t .. citizens free press
# RE: White House on fire ?RealityCheck101 2021-01-18 14:02
# YepJferreri 2021-01-18 19:30
Thank goodness. I just caught the initial report. Thanks
+1 # Chinese?Kad2866 2021-01-18 07:20
Looks like America is finished. Where's the emergency broadcast?
Any proof of Chinese soldiers on American soil or at our border? Lots say their here in Canada and Mexico. Ive seen the video of Chinese training in Canada due to communist Trudeau but no real proof.
If China had planned an attack on DC 22,000 troops isnt enough and just where again are the Chinese? Sitting in Baltimore harbor?
# RE: Chinese?RDunzy4012 2021-01-18 12:02
No BIG VOICE broadcast. No update on the 155,000 sealed indictments HAL said were being delivered to local magistrates. Hals done a fuckin runner!
+4 # Reds under the bedsHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 08:13
You lot have never really stopped at it since then have you ?
Its not some one else that's pulled down your pants and bent you over ,it's your own people .
Your son's & daughters ,work mates . Friends .
America has done this to itself .
Quit the delusion and wake up .
Blaming China is fighting shadows .KNOW YOUR ENEMY
+4 # Where is Hal?CloudNebula 2021-01-18 07:19
Please give us the latest info, thanks.
+1 # RE: Where is Hal?jmredmond54 2021-01-18 18:02
We're better off listening to Mike Adams' reports for current information that is accurate.
# Reports at both sitesMan of the Atom 2021-01-18 22:28
People near Long Beach, CA have made reports in the comment section at both of these favorite sites - one mentioned more than 1000 tractor trailers on I-5 going North from Long Beach and a lady here mentioned the port was full of cargo ships about the same time verifying it.
+1 # HalSrmay72 2021-01-18 11:43
If I were him I'd be deep in the mountians of west Virginia or ky. Around hazard in the DNNF. A 4 WHEEL TRAIL GOES FOR MILES INTO THE NF SOUTH OF REDRIVER GORGE TO HAZARD. That's where I'd hide.
# Red dawnHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 04:08
Some tell me why the Chinese would go to all that expense and huge risk ,not to mention the IMPOSSIBLE task of keeping these men supplied ,when it has just installed it's OWN pick for president ? Why not let one man just do the job .

Its not red dawn stop watching it over and over ,your not a "wolverine" your a keyboard warrior with a fantasy
-3 # RE: Red dawnmrfixit 2021-01-18 06:37
Only reason to bring chinks is if biden surrenders all to china asap. I agree. They got their man in without a shot. No reason to nuke. Chinks are here to round us up. Our military will probably help them since they do whatever the heck they are told.
# It. Will get hotSrmay72 2021-01-18 11:55
+3 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverRobert A 2021-01-18 02:24
This is the last article Hal has published and it was 24 hrs ago. During a time the US and ultimately the world is in full blown crisis. In the past when Hal has gone silent he always sent out a tiny blip to clarify why. A few times due medical Hal Turner Show employee or family member would make a quick post. This silent please lets all take this as a sign. Keep the faith in POTUS, yourselves, your families, close friends and the Real Republic and above all stay calm.
+2 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Overmrfixit 2021-01-18 06:33
It's a sigb all hopium is gone, agenda21 rules the roost. We've been played by our president. ( who was a democrat most of his life beforehand)
-2 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverRDunzy4012 2021-01-18 08:15
But...But he was chosen by a group of secret Military Generals to implement their plan to bring down the elite. LMAO.
+5 # Have We Been Hadjimginny 2021-01-18 00:50
1/17/21 - This is the bulk of what I have heard 1. Chinese Shipping Containers with rockets and missiles 2. Trump is leaving the WH for a farewell party in Col. 3. Trump has been encircled by people that does not allow him to know all the options and what is really going on 4. Iran has fired missiles at one of our carriers in the India Ocean as well as at others 5. 25,000 to 30,000 NG in DC, and Miller has asked for more for a swearing in that no one is going to be attending 6. It is too late for Trump to do anything 7. The Military may or can do it all on their own if they a mind to it ... 8. The kill list have already gone out ... 9. A 10 day lockdown, no internet, cell or landline phone, stay at home no going out even to the store for food ... 10. No Law and Order all are crooked and on Biden's side 11. The FBI, DOJ and all the other three lettered outfits have been bought off by the Chinese ... 12. Those Muslin's that think the Chinese are their friends are even bigger day dreamers than we have been ... Congress sold us down the river long, long ago, they believe its their pay day now ...pretty much sum's it up ...
# The bald proper onquayles site comes it upbeat 20 plus patriots emailed him asking when to leaveSrmay72 2021-01-18 12:17
+3 # RE: Have We Been HadKme 2021-01-18 03:09
RE: #2 - Isn't Colorado the secondary D.C. ? Isn't this the underground city for COG?
+5 # The Fate of the Republic rests on TrumpFaith11 2021-01-18 00:23
Trump never gives up, I don't believe he fought this hard to give up. Insiders continue to report this is a military sting operation and they are going to be annoucing it and explaining it to the people. Someone really high up in national security is saying theu will not give the country over to someone they know is compromised by a foreign government A prophet gave the date that things will change Jan 18th. Some interesting things will come out into the open for all to see. He saw a Trump victory
+4 # TRUMP WILL REMAINzoochman 2021-01-18 00:03
I believe God's Prophets, (most except Pat Robertson who suggested Trump should concede), the military will make the arrests, Trump will remain, there will be fallout, foreign and domestic. Either way, we live or die in Christ.
+3 # OkHouseapp2020 2021-01-18 03:49
[quote name="zoochman"]I believe God's Prophets, (most except Pat Robertson who suggested Trump should concede), the military will make the arrests, Trump will remain, there will be fallout, foreign and domestic. Either way, we live or die in Christ.[/quote

What will you do if " God's profits" are wrong ?

I will remind you ,if they are wrong then they are NOT God's profits as God is never wrong
So what ever excuse or b.s they come out with they were liers ok ?
Also the Bible tells us we live in a time were false profits will raise .
Some one isn't a profit just because he says things you agree with.
+7 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverRobert A 2021-01-17 23:08
For those that think POTUS Trump hasnt played a card or move etc. Give your heads a shake. You want him, Miller, Flynn, Powell to give daily updates?? Maybe post some nice details on social media with a nice pic of them sitting around drinking coffee. This is literally a fight between Communist tyranny and a free society. Not just for the US but for the world. So ask yourselves why with a story so big would Hal be relatively quiet on details for weeks now. The tombstone article the other day he didnt bring it up on that evening show. Even when a caller politely asked regarding it you could hear he wanted too but couldnt say much. Right there you know he didnt write it to get listeners to the eve show, if he had the show would have started with that. Hal like the other few patriots with connections are silent not because they want too but because of WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. In short show some faith, loyalty and phuking patience that the ongoing shadow ops will come thru....
+1 # Important 2nd Amendment legislationMan of the Atom 2021-01-17 22:28

You may want to contact your State legislators about this!
+2 # Update from Patrick ByrneKme 2021-01-17 21:56
Patrick Byrne has just closed his Overstock facility in Satsop Business Park, Grays Harbor County, Washington (blue) State of Governor Inslee. BTW, the "Satsop" site is a previous large Nuclear plant site on a hill. It is also a training location/camp for the National Guard in this area. This article states there is no change to Overstock's lease. Overstock has simply "shut" down temporarily, here.
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick ByrneKme 2021-01-18 02:00
My best guess at this time is that this "hill" is the tallest in our county, has been a National Guard site, and may possibly be used in our area as a missile air defense site if need be, or et al . . .
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick ByrneRobert A 2021-01-17 22:52
Its also right beside Quinault Reservation which is a coastal native REZ. Its well known for years CHICOM troops have been hiding out and training on Indian reserves in Canada and the US alike.
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick ByrneKme 2021-01-18 01:40
Washington State is a (blue) state; however Grays Harbor County is a (red) county which includes the Quinault Tribe.
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick ByrneKme 2021-01-18 01:37
I live in this area and have many close tribal associations. There are no Chinese here in Grays Harbor County, which includes the Quinault Tribe.
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick Byrnemrfixit 2021-01-17 23:25
Hey that Q post 4414, some of us were trying to decode what QVIR stood for... Your remarks of an indian reservation caught my there is a website for another tribe Could there be a connection with chicom troops hanging out in these reservations?
+1 # RE: Update from Patrick ByrneKme 2021-01-18 02:13
I tend towards the report (if the Chinese are in Canada) they will follow the routes to Minnesota (check the map) from the west coast. They most likely wouldn't come down through Washington State, as they would be heading right into the Whidbey Island/Everett/Bremerton Naval Facilities and on down to Tacoma which are a conglomerate of self-defense for the Pacific Northwest. Even if our governor is pathetic, the Military here has the higher power.
-6 # TraitorsReich45 2021-01-17 21:45
Most of the comments I see are here show me we have a lot of gutless so called Patriots who have little faith in the current President. Some of you should really be ashamed of yourself.
# GutlessJferreri 2021-01-17 23:03
Sooooooo . I don’t see you running up bunker hills . Just trashing your neighbors... good job !!
+1 # How likely is it thatjimmyc 2021-01-17 19:32
Trump has been scared off or paid off? It's definitely food for thought.
+1 # RE: How likely is it thatAngelaM 2021-01-17 21:59
they are crumbling the right pillar. stay in the middle. they are in this together. all includenhal in that together to get her. i would suggest just stay in the middle. no one is giving us that option. its the one we want
+6 # Biden Report ReleasedBman20 2021-01-17 19:09
+3 # Senate reportlinda josef 2021-01-17 20:26
Bman20 has linked to the Senate report on hunter. Its harsh. Share it.
+2 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Overbperkins68 2021-01-17 17:06
Since Pres. Trump has been blaming China for this virus since March (the China Virus) we can assume that Mr. Biden's business dealings with China are "aiding and comforting the enemy", because China is now technically "the enemy" due to the corona virus.
+5 # No One Leftcathbad 2021-01-17 16:29
There is no one left in the halls of government that can or will do anything about this. Swallowswell (the Chinese boinker) has his job back on the HS Committee thanks to Nancy. And why not? He only gave away national secrets - as if we had any left. Somebody has to blink - the ChiCom Army, the US Military, the Russian military - let's get it over with!!!
+1 # I agreeThe_Big_Guy ACCOUNT TERMINATED 2021-01-17 16:52
Someone has to blink, I've got something in my eye
+2 # TrumpDonS 2021-01-17 16:02
Unfortunatly there won't be a Trump card get played!!!!
+10 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Overvarclore777 2021-01-17 13:35
My heart goes out to all of us and the Republic. I hope God gives us another chance. I hope and pray we will see military rise up against the dark and soulless entities that have infested our lives. God bless you all.
+5 # Do you think folks realize that Trump commands the guard in DCbigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:34
Every single National Guard soldier sent to DC is automatically under the command of Trump. I hope he is enforcing this and using it to his advantage. He has a small army already assembled in DC that legally reports only to him and not through the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Does anyone think this will be relevant?
+3 # Don't get your hopes upHillbilly Jim 2021-01-17 13:04
Sec. 5
Congress shall enforce...with appropriate legislation

The 14th supposedly "gives" Congress the power to enforce the 14th. And declare what is appropriate.

The 14th is legal fiction. I wouldn't hitch my wagon to that horse. It was written and used for tyrants by tyrants and exists for tyranny. It will not be used to give liberty. It is a tool to take liberty. Listen to what congress is saying of late- are they not talking of "insurrection"?
+4 # Insurrection as already occurredbigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:10
No question. Pelosi committed Insurrection in her conversations with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That's just one example. Numerous examples of treason exist. It's blatant. Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff obey the President on this since China is involved. One would think so but they are more politicians than soldiers in some cases. The case is undeniable and clear. He needs to hard and act fast. He needs to disable all comms and then do what needs to be done. Folks are helpless without internet and cell phones. It should be fast and straight forward if the Presid ents orders are obeyed.
+6 # PrayerJamestannon 2021-01-17 12:47
If you needed a hint:

Now would be a great time for a whole wack of prayers for the USA (and global freedom).
+3 # TotallySBGlett77 2021-01-17 13:47
You said it, James !
+5 # God acts through men.bigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:25
God acts through men who pray. We are the answers to oour prayers. The prayers should not be for someone to save us but that we have the strength to save ourselves. Prayer only accomplises changes if men are willing to act out in faith. Action that is mindful of God is what is needed.
+9 # We are screwed.bigpinkpig 2021-01-17 12:36
Trump will not act even though he has clear legal justification to do so. It's doubtful the Joint Chiefs of Staff would obey. He is alone with bad advisors. We are witnessing the final breaths of our country. I was a nuclear submarine officer. This is the saddest time of my life. We, the American people, did this to ourselves by not paying attention and electing traitors to our legislatures at the state level. We did by supporting ind numbing social media. We did it by accepting lies from media and not thinking for ourselves. Complacency has killed our Republic. No one needed to attack us. Not a shot had to be fired. We willingly handed our country cover to our enemies. Trump must act but my hope is faint. The American people would support him. The National Guard in DC is his to command. Use them to stop the inauguration. Put people in isolation.Declareca national emergency based on foreign election interference. Suspend Habeus Corpus. Take control of social media and news networks. Drop the Internet and Tcable phoneas necessary. This can be done but it will take drastic action that no one will take. If not for us, then he should do it for himself since he has faint hope for himself or his f miky if he just walks away. They will never leave him alone.
+7 # RE: We are screwed.RealityCheck101 2021-01-17 15:02
Are you unaware of election fraud? It's not who votes. It's who counts the votes.

And if we lose our country it's because our country turned its back on God Almighty. And it's a righteous judgement against us.
+6 # January 20th.jwnark 2021-01-17 11:57
On that day, you will know whats up. There will be no MYSTERY. It will be in your face. Do I know whats going to happen? No, I dont. But what I do know is this. Thousands and thousands of troops are in d.c. China has thousands of soldiers in mexico and canada. China owns the panama canal. There is strike groups on both coasts. The chess pieces have been positioned.
+3 # But is there a chess board?bigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:38
Maybe so. But are we playing chess? If the other side is playing boxing while we are playing chess, then we are in a hurt. I hope Trump knows the rules of the game he is playing (there aren't many). Decisiveness, speed, overwhelming force, and control of comms are the factors that win this game.
-5 # Ooorrrr!gotalife 2021-01-17 11:46
Aliens finally arrive to take over earth, and enslave humanity and sell around the galaxy to the highest bidders....
+1 # There may be no space aliensMan of the Atom 2021-01-17 22:35
I have read a lot of strange books. Among my favorites are the ones by the late John A. Keel, "The Mothman Prophecies" (also a film), "Operation Trojan Horse", "Our Haunted Planet", and "Strange Creatures from Time and Space". Don't read these books late at night as Keel said there is a "self-reflective" factor in these bizarre episodes. Keel dismissed the extraterrestrial hypothesis (as did Dr. Jacques Vallee, another UFO researcher). The evidence simply does not support it. They believe these things are related to the Earth. Keel later said he was not a UFOologist, he was a demonologist!
-1 # Chinese already bought it.bigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:39
China already owns this galaxy and half of the one closest to us.
# PATRIOTS......!Texascaver 2021-01-17 11:24
They are coming for your freedoms, and your guns and there's not a DAMN thing you're willing to do anything about it. You people discuss me.
+4 # RE: PATRIOTS......!Suzuko804 2021-01-17 21:25
Quoting Texascaver:
You people discuss me.

What if we would rather discuss something other than you?
+1 # LMAO1horsetown* 2021-01-18 02:38
@suzuko...that's too freaking funny!
+12 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverJoe Tittiger 2021-01-17 11:08
This argument is bull shit. ALL that matters at this point is who has the will to act and the power to win. "LAW" became irelivent weeks ago.
+14 # President Trump knows what awaits Melania and Baron if he fails.WoodlandGnome 2021-01-17 11:08
I don't even want to imagine the truly terrible fate that awaits his family. There's no possible way that their fates haven't been described in gruesome detail in missives that the Secret Service has had to view.
In the end, doesn't a man fight on to protect his family? Isn't that the last hope he has? You fighting men out there, think about what these animals will do to your own women, and then think about how much worse it is for the Trump family... they will be made an example of. Isn't President Trump's son Baron underage? Imagine his life going forward, with all the hatred for his father, and accusations that his father is like Hitler. What do you think that child's life will be like?
Surely his father will not let a horrible fate happen to his family.
I truly wish them all the best in this terrible time. History has some very ugly pictures on what happens to some rulers.
+3 # ThanksSBGlett77 2021-01-17 12:48
You are so right. Thanks for another good reason to keep watch and pray - this Trump motivation hypothesis.
+3 # Remember the Russian Royal FamilyBanjoDoug 2021-01-17 12:02
The Czars may have not have been great models of patriotic leadership, but the same Khazar Commies of that era are also here today and they will do to the entire Trump family line what they did to the Russian Royals. DT knows it's now or die.... the only question left is will the US Military support the Insurrection Act Declaration. There is still time for that, but my faith is growing weak...
+4 # Drunk on ConsumerismA. Frantz 2021-01-17 10:16
..sadly while you all were Drunk on Consumerism-(pushed by9/11 Bush ) and intoxicated with confusion and star struck w. streaming b.s.t.v., they.. got you!-lulled you into F-150's, cloud technology and tracking.
What to do?...un do all the above.
(soft & fat- you've lost what matters in America )
Read books, work out, buy old cars w/o tracking, free yourself from social media, write letters, walk down your street, say "hi" to your neighbors. Buy land. And, stop whining.
+5 # Humber stolenJferreri 2021-01-17 10:05
Humvee stolen from LA armory.. let’s see if it shows up in DC.
+1 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverStanding Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-01-17 09:59
My take, based upon all the confusing, contradictory, and disinformation laden "evidence" sloshing around on the internet, is that there really is "a plan" of some sort, and that the entity Q was not just a delay and distract operation. Unfortunately, that fact, if true, and Hal's first assertion do not preclude Hal's second assertion that "Our way of life is all over". At least it will be different, but probably a bit more ... dynamic than we would prefer once it comes to realization. Days of detached complacency are over.
+7 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is OverAunty Margie 2021-01-17 09:45
It's not over til'God says it's over. God put DJT into office & if it be His will, He'll keep him in office. When the odds were against our forefathers in 1776 & beyond, they had two choices; either stay & fight or go home & lose everything. They fought ... "And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh say does that star spangled banner still wave, for the land of the free, and the home of the brave." God Bless America & God Save America ... AMEN.
+3 # #Re: The "Trump Card"byebyebirdie 2021-01-17 13:55
Amen Aunty Margie!!!! Amen and Amen!
+1 # God also put Hitler in powerbigpinkpig 2021-01-17 13:44
Do not presume to understand God's plans. What happens here is largely decided by us. Trump stays in power or not because of our actions not some heavenly eedict. I suspect, in the grand scheme of things, Trump staying power is almost irrelevant to God.
+2 # RE: God also put Hitler in powerRealityCheck101 2021-01-17 15:17
Nothing is irrelevant to God. And why do you say that God also put Hitler in power if you don't believe God puts people in power?! SMDH
+2 # Daniel 2:21RealityCheck101 2021-01-17 15:14
"And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:"
+9 # Nice Job, Mr. Hal Turner...rhhe 2021-01-17 09:41
Mr. Hal Turner, your reporting and due diligence towards your readers is PREEMINENT PAR EXCELLENCE. As all of us continue with our lives during the next 72-hours -- and after that -- FEAR NOT.

Psalm 91, verses 1 & 2 KJV:

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: My God, in him will I trust."
+2 # Cameras in DCJferreri 2021-01-17 09:32
“ Earthcams “ has several different webcam feeds. Some show military deployments quite clearly.
+3 # It's OverJMonday 2021-01-17 09:30
Guys, no one is coming to the rescue. The Republic is dead.
+2 # We lived through 8 years of ObamaMan of the Atom 2021-01-17 11:51
... so I don't want to get hysterical just yet. If Biden becomes President (I don't know that) what will happen? Trump has been able to do some good things but the Dims will try to undo some - how much of it? The trade deals because of the Chamber of Commerce? The tariffs on China after what they have done to us?! Politically suicidal! I don't think they will touch the wall but some of this depends on Mexico - they are tired of the caravans coming through their country. What will the W. Va senator do? How many of the Dims will want to go full socialist and fall on their swords in the 2022 election or face angry voters in "townhalls"? Also if they raise corporate taxes against the will of the Chamber of Commerce and corporate lobbyists, they will guarantee a recession and even the voting machines will not save them. They will try to raise the minimum wage, adding to the recession and exodus of jobs. The messenger RNA vaccines will soon begin to kill and/or disable some of them and their constituents. The Catholic wife tells me Vatican City will soon be vaccinated - if so, some of those old boys will be dropping like flies. The trouble is they will likely try to blame "COVID21" - more lockdowns would create chaos. Also, will God send natural disasters upon us as some of you note we deserve divine judgment - earthquakes, asteroids, volcanoes? Will this this the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation?

Trump can still install special counsels to investigate the election and the corrupt Biden family. He would be stupid or ill advised not to do so.
# But...Jules 2021-01-17 15:43
Obama did not have control of the House and the Senate, but he had his pen and he had his phone and that was bad enough.
Do you understand that they are not going to allow Trump to do a single thing if he leaves? They intend to strip every single one of us of all of our rights, all of our food all of our possessions and all of our wealth and then slowly take our health away. They do not see us as human or worth saving. You see them already enacting this in certain places.
+1 # Um....yes he didJAY SWIGER 2021-01-17 16:18
For four months Obama had both the house and senate and that was when Obamacare was passed.
+7 # Chesty PullerSBGlett77 2021-01-17 09:07
I'm once again reminded of the words of Gen. Chesty Puller: "We're surrounded - that simplifies our problem".

Very simple - judgment, when it finally comes, begins at the house of God ( I Pet 4:17 ). His children will repent under the chastening hand of God, for whom the Lord loves He chastens ( Heb. 12:6 ). Some will be chastened to the point of being called home to Heaven, where they will suffer loss of rewards for remaining defeated, but still be saved; some will repent and go on to develop as Christians. Simple.

As for them that reject the gospel in this time of opportunity, what shall become of them, and of those who previously had rejected God and were given over to a reprobate mind, etc. ? They are the lost - their time of opportunity as a spirit with a body has been squandered in unbelief and disobedience. This, in the instant case, would include of course the lost invading foreign forces as well. What shall become of them ? God leaves that unhappy outcome as a rhetorical question in Verse 18 of I Peter 4.

Simple. It is time to repent, and receive God's gift of salvation, and be born again. He may have you fight in certain pockets of the judgment, such as defending family or the helpless; He may have you minister in other ways. He may have you do according to Isaiah 26:20-21 and simply hunker down.

So, the situation has become simple, and easily scoped out. God may yet work through Trump if a general spirit develops where people are soul-searching and repenting and crying out to God for rescue in this crisis, or He may bring corrective judgment ala Babylon's downfall, but we all individually remain at the precipice of life or death eternally. Eternity is where time does not exist, but eternal spirits of people whose time in a body is done, do exist. This is always the case for man, who cannot brag about even tomorrow; whose life is a vapor, so to speak. But at certain times it becomes starkly clear - and this is one of those times.

Consider what your sin does to separate you from a sinless and eternal God, repent, and tell him you receive His gift of salvation through Jesus' death and resurrection ( which proved God accepted the gift in your behalf ). You will then know you are saved, and face the coming times with calmness and assurance, even if a bunch of no-good reprobates are raging and killing and lying. Unless THEY repent, and many at this point cannot because of prior heartfelt rejection, they will see the lake of fire in eternity. Some of us may even get to help usher them there sooner, with God's help.

We're surrounded - that simplifies our problem.
+4 # AirportJferreri 2021-01-17 09:05
Military has been deployed to the airports in New York area. Different branches in the same area
+3 # ClarificationJferreri 2021-01-17 09:10
Group of servicemen wearing different uniforms. Air Force tiger stripe , multi-cam etc.
+7 # I Say Good Riddance.....JAY SWIGER 2021-01-17 08:49
I say good riddance to a soul-less existence. I say adios to a way of life that put man before God. I bid adieu to a world of morally bankrupt consumerism and autocratic mankind-centric world governance.

I welcome the chance re-capture the essence of a God-inspired mankind.

Yes, the world.....and as a result, our a dead and desiccated husk. Soul-less in existence and without moral center. I say it's time to doff the cloak of selfishness and don the armor of God; that armor that requires dying to self in order to live for others.

Rise up my brothers and sisters! Holding on to the past, Godless, existence is much like trying to grab hold of a raging fire; it will burn you to ash the more you strive to grasp it.

Instead, take His hand; the hand He has always held forth to us. In that grasp we will all find love and hope; not death and destruction.

There is no where to hide from the evil that faces us. We either rise up, or we face eternal damnation. While we don the armor of God and we gird ourselves for the struggle that faces us, we must do so with love and hope in our hearts; though we enter mortal combat and we ourselves pay the ultimate price.

Again, rise up my brothers and sisters!! With love, hope and firmness of conviction.
+1 # Inspiringlinda josef 2021-01-17 20:23
Thank you so much for that! We are redefining ourselves from consumers to members of God's army rising up to our part to play. Some to battle in prayer, some to provide financial support, others to organize and lead. Even if Trump is miraculously restored to leadership, our battle is just beginning. I feel tremendous unity forming in the body of believers.
+5 # 14th Am.DonS 2021-01-17 08:43
Trump threw us all under the bus !!realize it and plan accordingly
+5 # What a coward....LilBirdie 2021-01-17 13:27
DONALD JOHN TRUMP has stepped up for the country & people he loves. He has faught faithfully and diligently for us. For 4 years he has been a true faithful man of honor leading this country.
Now at the last minute where it's necessary for us to have faith in him based on his history andtrack record of defending us, you cowardly defame his character.
Get ahold of yourself! The VERY LEAST you can do is hold your cowardess until the 20th.
"IF" at that point everyone & everything has failed us, you can go running off into the sunset with your hand flaling in the air. But until then DO NOT besmerch my President!
+9 # Future in God's Handspsr1926 2021-01-17 08:42
The future of the USA is in God's hands. We have no control over it. I rest knowing I am save in the Lord's mighty hands. No matter how this turns out, those that have faith in the Lord's word will be saved.
+3 # TV pastorHouseapp2020 2021-01-17 08:41
I saw one of your TV evangelist say
" If God doesn't smite America he owes sodom and gomorrah an apology "

Its great to hear of your faith guys it really is .
Our prayers are with you .
But I am afraid God isn't going to step in and save you .
This has been along time coming .
+4 # 14th amendment section 3chip 2021-01-17 08:25
Excellent article Hal,, very somber
Things look very bleak to say the
least. No matter what age or
health conditions ,,be prepared
to give your life to defend our
Republic and our families. I'm
pessimistic but I think Trump
is going to ride off in the sunset
and not do anything. Will surprise
me if he does. Waited too long.
+5 # It's OVER!eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-01-17 08:23
Guys, it is DONE, I am very sorry to say it but the Fat Lady has Sung. Finished. Over-with. We are Toast, AmeriKA is Toast.
+5 # I Won't partJAY SWIGER 2021-01-17 08:31
I don't disagree with the fact we recently knew done. She is, and was the moment her people turned from God. However, that doesn't mean the idea of eternal freedom and divine providence that initiated the creation of these united states is done. As long as we stand in defense of God, those ideas and the ability to institute them on earth is never done. We simply must return to the fold. It's just that simple.

It's simple faith brothers and sisters. When we believe to the core in divine providence, things change.

Rise up!!!
+5 # BeggingHalsPlace1 2021-01-17 08:18
MY President...begging to PLEASE be ‘that guy’!!
+11 # Now Is THE Time!!JAY SWIGER 2021-01-17 07:33
Unfortunately, this is the world WE ALL have allowed to come into being; through our idolatrous worship of temporal masters over the creator. WE did this and no president or government official of any stripe is gonna do anything before God; it's just that simple.

Now is also not the time to run away. This is the time to stand FOR God and to don His armor; to stand in His defense. As Thomas Paine said in The Crisis: "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

This is why, for a long time on this site, I've continued to beat the drum for love and hope; not vitriol and hate. Stand in defense of God, not in the wishing of death to those who oppose you. Paine also said: "I have as little superstition in me as any man living, but my secret opinion has ever been, and still is, that God Almighty will not give up a people to military destruction, or leave them unsupportedly to perish, who have so earnestly and so repeatedly sought to avoid the calamities of war, by every decent method which wisdom could invent."

These are the times that try men's souls. We must be as winter soldiers; willing to give all in defense of God and our country. We can't call God to be on our side, we MUST be on His side; the side of ensuring the enshrinement of the heavenly kingdom on earth.

These are not the times to shrink before evil. Rise up my brothers and sisters and stand for and in the presence of a just and righteous God!! Do this and the righteous cause will prevail. Just know it won't be easy. It won't be painless. It won't be without vast and troubling sacrifice; even unto your very lives....and the lives of all whom you love.

But WE the people of these united states have allowed this vast and troubling evil to perpetuate in our is upon us to rise up and cleanse the land of it.

Don the armor. Take the stand. Fight the fight. Be a son or daughter of God. He has not abandoned us...we have abandoned him. Time to lay claim to who we were put on earth to be!!
+4 # BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUSOrion888 2021-01-17 04:53

A Servant of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Gary
+9 # Tell GarryHouseapp2020 2021-01-17 05:39
Tell pastor Gary this.
In a country that applauds gay marriage ,God isn't going to help you .
In a country where abortion is an everyday common place event ,God isn't going to help you .
In a country where sodomy Technics are taught in schools ,good isn't going to help you .
In a country so corrupt , corruption in a career ,God isn't going to help you.
In a country that sells and exports billions of dollars bwith of weapons , responsible for millions of deaths babe injuries ,God isn't going to help you .
In a country bursting with drug addicts , pedophiles and devil worshippers,God isn't going to help you .
God may well intervine but your not going to like it !
+1 # If you believe in the RaptureMan of the Atom 2021-01-17 20:51
... the true believers will be removed from this world b4 the s**t hits the fan. Those "Left Behind" will then get the business. It may not be so Biblically accurate, but see the movie "The Remaining (2014)" to get some idea of what that may be like.

While I am not saying this will happen, I am not God to tell you what I am going to do. Isaiah 55, verses 6 to 9 come to mind.

I understand the concerns, such as "drag queen story reading hour" for little children in public libraries which Alex Jones uncovered - really unbelievable that we have come to this, let alone all this nonsense about multiple genders, his/her pronouns, biological males competing in women's sports, virtue signaling idiots trying to rewrite history of a time that has vanished - our history should be told as it was, including the way women were treated in most of the American Indian tribes, and that "people of color" including some wealthy Freemen also owned slaves back then, but maybe kept families together better. Yes, Washington had slaves but he freed them on his death and so did his wife Martha on her death. When do they tell you that?

Personally, I do believe in "karma" (work) and natural law. Karma does not have to mean something magic - if you don't operate a motor vehicle or even a bicycle recklessly, you will come to grief. If you drink too much alcohol, you will kill your liver, and short of that you will destroy your vitamin B1 levels and be more likely to catch this "virus".

My personal prediction is that a very big earthquake will occur soon, larger than ever seen before in our lives, maybe around the Pacific Rim. I first dreamed about that in 2011. It would have the potential of destroying the Left Coast.
+7 # THIS.tslinger 2021-01-17 10:21
Wake up Christians...
+3 # Houseapp 2020oldschool 2021-01-17 09:26
Sodom and Gomorra 2.0
+6 # Houseapp2020chip 2021-01-17 08:48
As much as I hate to admit
it you are 100 percent
correct in your assessment
of our country. We will pay
under God's judgement but
a lot of Americans are
willing to die for what the
country once was,, not what
it is now. Maybe the survivors
can salvage what's left.
I hope so.
# The end time Church?Man of the Atom 2021-01-17 21:34

This would be the Church of Laodicea in Revelation 3:14 - 18, if the current "Church" is even that good.

Some say the 7 churches represent 7 church ages and we are in the last.
+5 # NancySteven Holsten 2021-01-17 04:53
I renamed her Nasty Peloshit!& then there's Chucky Shitmer!
+4 # And...KXH 2021-01-17 03:47
And the children will continue being abducted,raped,tortured,and killed!
+4 # Strange that .Houseapp2020 2021-01-17 04:04
I've never known a country who's children go missing like they do in the USA . its bus loads every week
+4 # make no mistakeNunya 2021-01-17 08:00
it's like that in many countries.
# RE: make no mistaketslinger 2021-01-17 10:22
Yes. But optics...
+5 # HalHouseapp2020 2021-01-17 03:43
For the 1st time in days ,after silly story and copied articles ,we finally get to the truth.
Congratulations Hal for calling it like it is .
I have been criticized for saying almost to the word what Hal just said .
Now good folk . LISTEN.
get your family together and go somewhere safe .
You are leaving NOTHING behind worth you or your families lives .
Save yourselfs while you can.
Because once the trap is sprung it will be to late .
Read your history .
This isn't new , round ups and camps come next .
After that ? Well you all should know .
Drop the rose tinted glasses and RUN .
+1 # questionvome 2021-01-18 05:00
Are you suggesting that people leave the USA or that they should leave for a remote rural area in the USA?
+8 # or....Nunya 2021-01-17 08:06
stand and fight when they come for you. Increase the odds for everyone by taking commie bastards out with you. Will you take the guillotine, or will you take a bullet? Die on your own terms, folks. You can run, but you cannot hide forever.
+6 # Nunyas postchip 2021-01-17 08:33
Rather die taking a bullet.
thoughts of my head
whacked off is good
enough reason to fight
like hell.
+4 # hope springsHope springs 2021-01-17 02:49
The moot point is who the 20000 National Guards are taking orders from? The deep state seems to have isolated the President from the system. Sadly if even the Joints Chiefs of Staff do not want to get involved, im not very hopeful. It would really mean the system is rotten to the core. Imagine sites like Twitter/Facebook can deny the President access,..unbelievable.
+9 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Overgts6 2021-01-17 02:34
If Trump is REQUIRED by law to do this, If he doesn't, then wouldn't he be committing the same treason as the rest of them? And ALSO subject to military tribunal?
+3 # Tribunal of GodhelpHal 2021-01-17 08:00
The trouble is if there are not enough good military to carry out such orders, even against their superiors, there are no tribunals for bad guys, only good guys.
+2 # RE: Tribunal of Godgts6 2021-01-17 13:07
then those same military are also guilty. And will face the same tribunal from the civilian militias and armies that will form.

No exemptions. "I was Just following orders" aint gonna cut it.

Enemies of the people are enemy combatants, no matter which kind of uniform they are wearing.
+11 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3TexasWolf 2021-01-17 02:20
Pray for the Republic and our President.
+10 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3Jeannie Anderson 2021-01-17 02:19
I get what your saying but will our president actually DO something? Its upsetting seeing what the left wants to do to us. I mean they keep saying things like we need to be re educated. We are racist, homophobic, xenophobic and whatever other phobias they can think to throw at us. They are gaslighting our population into thinking anyone that doesnt agree with the left is evil.
+6 # it's up to YOUNunya 2021-01-17 08:04
to do something. Time is long past for pressing the legalities of these matters. This will only end in bloodshed. So, wait for it to come to your door - as it most assuredly will or go hide under a rock somewhere. Either way, most of us will die so do so on your own terms, NOT theirs!
+1 # RE: The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3Robert A 2021-01-17 02:39
One would believe he is has and will do something. Look at it this way. What's one of the most common things someone who is guilty and lying through their teeth does? They scream bloody murder ranting idiotic lies, untruths and just utter desperate bullshit. Look what you wrote above about the lies MMedia and Democrats are saying. Do you think that qualifies for the desperate bullshit??
+1 # I sure hope soReich45 2021-01-17 02:16
I sure hope that is the case and it is over and done with swiftly.
+1 # Fire up his fancy jetjimmyc 2021-01-17 19:21
and get the hell out of Dodge; he can never hide in the USA. Soon to be the USof Chicoms. I'm going to be sick!


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