This is what "Diversity" Actually Is . . .

The politically-correct, and the weak-minded have, for years, told us that "Diversity is our strength" when reality shows it is just the opposite.  Want proof? Watch the two minute video of "Diversity" attacking in New York City . . .

The video below is from Bel Fries in New York City.   The three women were told that the fries they ordered would cost $1.75 more for the extra sauce they wanted.   The women didn't want to pay the $1,75 . . . . so they did this:

THIS is what "Diversity" actually is:

The New York City Police Department has confirmed the arrests of the three women: Pearl Ozaria , 27, Chitara Plasencia , 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson , 23."

Ahhhhhh "Diversity."   Had enough yet?


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