Today is my 57th Birthday


FREE -- At around 8:00 PM eastern time tonight, I officially turn 57 years old.  WOW!  

Looking at my life, I'm married to the same wife for 28 years (this September).  We have a healthy, good, son who will be 25 in June.

I'm happy.

My health is OK. 225lbs and still reasonably strong.  My vision has gotten lousy as has my hearing.  My teeth are now a mess; traumatic nerve death from fist fights in prison.  The nerves died, so the teeth died.  Now, they break-off at the gum line. 

I've spent a small fortune to try to keep on top of it, but lately it doesn't matter all that much to me how I look anymore, so I'll get to the teeth if I get to them. 

I've got achy joints (knees and hips) - all the stuff that comes with middle age. 

I'm confident in my life, my belief in God, the love of my family, and my worldview.  Not too shabby given today's society.

I'm taking it a bit easy today with news and such . . . just to be a slacker on my birthday.

If really important stuff crops-up, I'll probably jump in on it, but I'm taking it slow today.

It's nice weather here in northeastern New Jersey right now; 72 degrees and bright sunshine.  A welcome relief from the ugly winter we've had.  So I'm enjoying the day.

Family is coming from out of state, we'll have a little party of sorts tonight.

Truth be told, I never thought I'd make it this long.  Yet here I am.

Now, my Dad died when he was 57, as I am now . . .   My younger brother died when he was 52.  So as genetics goes, my future looks shorter than most.  I may as well enjoy it while I have it.



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    Janet Christophersen · 5 months ago
    57 is too young to have aches and pains. Friend flew from Texas to China and got a full set of teeth implants affordable ie cheap.for those aches look at C60 purple power, or alive by nature NMN. Or get off google and bing rubbish and use a decent search engine to find what you need. There are russian peptides cheap online which do miracles..thymus, lung, cartilage bladder...instead of stem cells.expect aches and pains at 90 unless one has found solutions. All it takes is intelligence.
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    Lloyd Barker · 5 months ago
    Happy belated Birthday, Hal. May you live till 120 in good health, honor and prosperity!
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    TL Spurlen · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal
    I use the Ultimate Classic it made my lower back ache disappear.
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    Michael Schiavone · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal... You look strong. Keep up the good work.
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    Steve Owens · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal,
    Wonderful that you profess your faith in the Lord God Almighty. I think that you are a fine American and know that the Lord God will use you in a way that furthers His kingdom and to make this nation better and stronger.
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    André Estel · 5 months ago
    I read it too late but belated happy birthday. Thanks for your work and may you be able and motivated to do it for a lot more time as your site fills many "missing links".
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    Madeleine Mead · 5 months ago
    I’ve missed your birthday, but happy birthday anyway. Thanks for your work Hal. Maybe I’m the only one who appreciated the news about the loss and mistreatment of goats in Fresno CA. I have goats on my ranch and have been concerned about this. Not to mess up your birthday with this vile stuff but it’s close to home for me and I appreciate your reporting it. Happy birthday again Hal
    cheers Madeleine
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    Brian Tolle · 5 months ago
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

    Don't sweat the genetics. I'll be 63 in May and like you I sure never thought I'd still be here. My Dad died when he was 53 and all of he 4 brothers died before they were 55. My Grandpa died when my Dad was a small boy. My mother still is going strong at 84 her Dad made it to 90 and her Mom almost made 100, so maybe I have a few years left, You just never know so live each day to the fullest.
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    Reginald Fischer · 5 months ago
    Happy birthday, Hal.
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    Steve Holsten · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday, Hal. I'll be 59 in August
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    Grim · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal.
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    Jeff Smathers · 5 months ago
    I hope the anniversary of your birth may bring a rich understanding and meaningful wisdom on your life Hal and the strength to make decisions that will affect others to do good things for our country.
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    Mel Perry · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Brother! May God bless and keep you and your family.

    Yea, I know. Getting old(er) is a two edged sword. Its good but some things hurt. Still, it beats the alternative.
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    Rob Mariles · 5 months ago
    HBD Duder!
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    Margaret Schmidt · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday, Hal. God bless you.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 5 months ago
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    Andrew Schmoldt · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal! I hope it's been a blessed day.
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    Ronald Kilbury · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday Hal!! You are doing great work.
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    Dave Bero · 5 months ago
    Sheesh...why it was just a year ago you were 56! Have a Blessed Birthday brother! Yesterday was my Dad's 71st and today is my brother-in-law 4th and his son's 13th! Beware the Ides of!!
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    mike dickenson · 5 months ago
    Happy Birthday, Hal! May it be peaceful and joyful - and thank you for your dedication to the truth.