Transient ischemic attack (TIA)


At about 7:30 last night, I apparently suffered what Doctors call a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).  In common parlance, it is referred to as a "mini-stroke."

It seems that blood flow to a part of my brain became temporarily blocked by a clot.  I had gotten up to get a cup of coffee, and according to the folks at the radio studio, I dropped onto the floor, out cold.   They told me it looked like I "dropped dead on the spot."

Within a minute or so, I came around, but had a horrific headache and was slurring my speech. I had almost no ability to use the right side of my body. Off to hospital they took me.

The E.R. did imaging and a slew of tests.  As this was being performed, I returned to pretty much normal.  My speech is still a bit off, and I am having trouble remembering some things, but Docs say this will subside.

Docs say they believe I had a transient ischemic attack.  Apparently, the things that lead to my heart attack last April, can also lead to a stroke.  

I'm on blood thinners and anti-clotting stuff for awhile.  

Docs told me that stress is a big factor in this type of incident and asked if I am under stress?

Under stress?  Are you kidding?

My country is falling apart.  There's actual civil war brewing in Virginia. My President is being fraudulently impeached. Our country is doing things overseas that are all leading to World War 3 and  I have a constant battle for financing the show and this web site.  Stress?   Nahhhhhhhhh.



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    William Durant · 10 days ago
    I hope and pray all is well. I can empathize with your condition, and just know that much of what you're experiencing is not permanent. Psalm 139:14 "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
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    leszek fiutowski · 10 days ago
    The explanation of Hal's health troble is here. Independent journalists all over the world (see below) tend to die young of heart attacks at a young age. TIAor stroke while on anticoagulants would be consideded very unlikely, unless we are dealing with a very old individual with multiple health issues such as uncontrolled diabtes, kidney failure, certain cancers, etc, etc, etc. Check the book by Progressive Press, Presstitutes: Embedded in the pay of CIA
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    wendy maddalena · 10 days ago
    Pleading the Blood for you, try to take time off. You can't save the world or your country if you aren't here. We will wait, watch and pray.
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    Ronald Kilbury · 11 days ago
    You are in my prayers. May God bless you.
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    todd allen · 11 days ago
    Praise the Lord you’re OK, and it seems the doctor believes that you will improve, I’m praying for you and your family, I thank God it wasn’t worse. Yup it’s a lot of stress and getting worse, I believe in what you’re doing, in fact so much so that I’m trying to put together my own podcast as well.
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    Karen · 11 days ago
    Virginia passed ALL anti-2A bills in emergency session today!
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    Paul Willer · 11 days ago
    The best we can do is to keep preaching from the mountain tops. You are my favorite news source as I verify everything you mention. MSM being the horrendous news nobody can rely on anymore is being replaced by people as ourselves.
    As I always tell the 100,000 plus members of Nibiru Countdown, our future has already been determined. This Reptilian race among us relies on Adrenochrome might as well be Satan and his demons.
    I believe that they thought they were so much smarter than us. They now understand the Blindside is inevitable and are now squirming like cockroaches when the light turns on.
    Hal you are one of God's greatest news reporters ever.
    People will never awaken unless they hear the truth. God bless you Hal.
    We all know how the story ends. ?
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    TSlinger · 11 days ago
    What if...the heart was not a pump, but rather a hydraulic ram? What is there was a 4th stage of water? Look into Dr. Thomas Cowan and the use of Strophanthus hispidus tincture...or don't, up to you.
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    HJ Richards · 11 days ago
    My wife just left for her regular Thursday prayer group She informed me on her way out that she will be a little later than normal as she will say a rosary for you before she comes home I have her hoked on you as well.
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    Jeanne Rostant · 11 days ago
    Sorry to hear this Hal, please take all the time you need to rest and recover. Keeping you in my prayers!
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    Gayle Sherman · 11 days ago
    Hi Hal

    Take care of yourself and take it easy, give yourself a breather too. Glad you are back and sounds like you have very good care.
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    Matthew Worner · 11 days ago
    Well now, Hal, been meaning to talk to you about your sense of humour... Get well quick, and stop reading the newspapers. Or rather scooping them.
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    Charles Yearwood · 11 days ago
    Hal, sorry to hear about that problem and hope you have a speedy recovery. I'm 62. I stay active and quit smoking 12 years ago. I keep my weight stable and avoid junk foods all I can. I feel pretty good for my age. I don't touch any alcohol or drugs, not even prescription ones so I think I'm good for a long time to come.
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    MakeReady · 11 days ago
    Dammit Hal yer NOT eating the RIGHT stuff , ya GOTTA take supplements too.
    Get a good homepathic person that can get you on a good diet. Some cardio exercise too....... our age ....we are more sensitive to the ails. YUP and for sure the stress needs to be addressed ......... Could be ..... cutting back would help loads. The old original news from Hal was great a spread sheet or a pro con sheet.....what are your benefits of the new show and the old one. I don't think you will hear anyone complain about the old "show"/ news feed.
    GOD BLESS YOU HAL.. . . what you are doing, "with your toes in the fire" is flirting with the devil , yer poking the devil in the eye. There are not may Patriots that can do what ya do.
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    Charles g Hawley · 11 days ago
    Glad to hear you are doing well. My
    prayers are with you for a speedy
    recovery. Get some rest.
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    Gifford Rodine · 11 days ago
    Money, same as usual is on the way. READER, it is your turn now to send money. We appreciate and ADMIRE all that you do.

    You might think about Transcendental Meditation. It works for me for over 45 years. And I am the same old sarcastic SOB.
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    Paul Lambert · 11 days ago
    Yeah, I was actually afraid of something like this. I am glad you are still with us, Hal.

    Letting stress do you in is exactly what would serve the interests of the Deep State and whoever else is behind destroying liberty. You can't fix it all on your own, but the best revenge you could get against all those people who have screwed up your life in the past and are making you sick in the present is simply to live well, Hal. You need to spend as much attention on healing YOU as you do your civilisation.
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    Rich Merkel · 11 days ago
    Hal so sorry to hear this and you are in our prayers. WE KNEW something went wrong because of the tuesday re-broadcast on weds. Stress...we are all under stress from the BS going on in this country. It is beyond the pale to what lengths our evil party system is taking this once great country. Talks of gulags and loss of once secure freedom is terrifying and probably something we will continue to deal with. Americans do not deserve this hell and its the politicians who are bringing it all on us. Try to relax best you can and we must all do that to stay clear and focused on what can save our Republic from the communist socialist agenda. God Bless America Hal...get well soon.
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    Guy Aul · 11 days ago
    Howdy Hal...may you have a speedy recovery. Just a thought, but may be helpful as it was a lifesaver for me back in '85. You might consider a rather big change in your diet to help with stress. Find a good practitioner of Naprapathy. Here's a link:

    In my case, I followed his diet exactly and I mean exactly. In about 3 weeks time, my blood work got normal (it was all screwed up), BP went from 140/90 to 90/60 and I felt like a new human being. He could hardly believe my BP dropped so much. He did ask if I felt light-headed, but I did not. I was 35 then. Believe me...I was really stressed to the max so I know how you might feel, or at least somewhat how you feel. Financial stress and starting a new business with 5 employees, with a baby on the way and $700 in the bank...basically that was where I was at.

    In my case, it was found I was allergic to corn, wheat, yeast, dairy and eggs. At that time, he told me that about 90% of the population had the same issue. I was also diagnosed with Adrenalin Stress Syndrome as well as being Hypoglycemic. He gave me a 4 day rotation diet, without any of the aforementioned items. Also prescribed were large doses of various minerals and supplements. He told me I was the only one who ever followed the diet and his advice. I ate poorly and that's a fact. He had me fill out a sheet describing exactly how I ate, basically for the last several weeks at that time. See if a typical MD or Nutritionist would go into such detail. They really don't know squat about what you should or should not put in your mouth. You are what you eat.

    In any case, following his advice saved the day. Even now (I'm 69), by BP gets down to 90/60 and sometimes a bit less. Other times it will get up to maybe around 110/70-75 depending upon what I'm up to. Resting pulse in the range of 47 to 60.

    By the way, back in '85, after re-configuring how I ate, I still had the stress, but was able to handle it better and in a relaxed type mood. Exercise is important, too. He told me to walk up and down stairs for 20 minutes a day. That was too easy for me, so I carried a 25 pound barbell weight and worked up to a 50 pound (2-25's taped together) barbell weight. I'd also do lots of reps of various routines with the barbell and just 55 pounds of total weight. As you can see, this is mainly cardiac exercises... not meant for body building.
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      Paul Lambert · 11 days ago
      I am going to look into this as well, Guy. Thanks for the link.
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    Crea Copeland · 11 days ago
    We are praying for supernatural peace and rest for you Hal. I think I speak for a lot of us; we are grateful for all the time and effort you go to just to keep us informed. Blessings