TSA Orders Employees to Undergo "C.O.G" Training "Immediately"

TSA Orders Employees to Undergo "C.O.G" Training "Immediately"

The US Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration has ordered any Employees who have NOT already undergone the "Continuity of Government (COG)" and "Devolution" training, to "Do so immediately."

The TSA COG program was created in the year 2012, and most TSA employees hired during and after 2012 have already gone through the program.  But as with all new training programs, quite a number of existing TSA employees did NOT go through it when the program came out.

This week, TSA began contacting each employee who has NOT yet undergone the COG program, and ordered them to "do so immediately."

The Continuity of Government program exists so that government operations can continue even though some massive disaster, catastrophe, or attack, has taken out most government functions.  the "Devolution" aspect of COG is that important decisions no longer MUST be made by Washington.  Regions can make their own decisions.  Authority devolves to lower levels when the upper levels are either cut-off, or destroyed.

It is sort of a Doomsday Plan to try to keep a government running even when much of it - or much of the country - has been destroyed.

Here is the TSA  "COG" Program adopted in the year 2012:

Now, **WHY** would the TSA insist that any employee who has not yet taken the training, "do so immediately?"

What does government think is coming, that might cause their employees to NEED TO KNOW THIS?

War with Russia, perhaps?

Nuclear war with Russia, perhaps?

You're a smart person . . . put two and two together.



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