Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey Reportedly "Missing"

Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey Reportedly "Missing"

Reports are appearing on social media claiming the CEO of Twitter,  Jack Dorsey has been reported “missing” by his friend and colleague Biz Stone. No word yet from authorities. The famous CEO has a net worth of $4.1 Billion.

Dorsey allegedly disappeared from his San Francisco mansion sometime Sunday night. A journalist described him as acting “very irrational” and “disturbed.” He was allegedly tweeting things like “President Trump is dead” which he then reported to the Secret Service. 

These reports prompted the Hal Turner Radio Show to make some inquiries and the RUMOR MILL is awash with as-yet unsubstantiated claims.  For Instance, one Intel source claimed:

"Jack Dorsey is currently meeting with multiple teams of lawyers who are frantically trying to bribe/plea his way out of a life changing prison term for child pornography.

Indictment is sealed but it was part of the global sting a few days ago. The same operation which netted the NYC Jewish day school headmaster and the Disney Exec story which broke today.

The-in house counsel is already interviewing for his replacement as well as preparing the financial plan for the largest PR operation in the world history.

No chance he makes it to prison, he has way too much dirt on the NorCal VC guys. (Rothschild Agents run VC in the Silicon valley)

It's probably why he's hiding on a retreat in BANF or Wyoming, Oops did I just say too much?"

Suicide with 2 bullets to the back of the head is how these tragedies play out."


Again, this is  unsubstantiated and there is presently NO PROOF that this claim is factual.

So, the simplest question to ask seems to be WHERE IS JACK?

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    Copperhead · 1 months ago
    Is he the first to make that sudden, unscheduled vacation to New Zealand?