U.S. Congressman: Vax DOES NOT STOP Spread of COVID

Congressman Thomas Massie blew up a Congressional Committee hearing this week when he explicitly placed in the record the fact that the so-called COVID Vaccines "Do NOT stop the spread of Covid."

He also pointed out that members of the US military who refused the so-called "vaccine" were discharged with a less than honorable separation from the military while at the same time, the US Secretary of Defense mandated all troops take "the FDA-approved" vaccine . . . and NOT ONE member of the military has been given any FDA-approved vaccine.

This revelation lead another congressman to ask: Is the Secretary of Defense pulling a bait ans switch?"  meaning the troops are rquired to get an FDA-approved vaccine, but there aren't any vials of any FDA-approved vaccine.

Massie confirmed that military members are, in fact, still getting the non-FDA-approved Emergency Use Authorization vaccine, and NOT any FDA-approved vaccine.

Here's the five minute exchange from Congress:


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