U.S. Department of Defense Issues Nationwide Advisory for Wednesday - Palestinian Day of Action

On Tuesday afternoon, I received word that the US Department of Defense had issued a "nationwide advisory" relating to Wednesday's "Palestinian Day of Action."

There was no additional information sent to me about the alleged "advisory" itself; no word if there were specific, credible threats, no word on what areas or regions might be at risk.

I reached out to the Pentagon and a Defense Official got back to me while I was doing my live radio show, so I didn't get this info until after I got off the air.  The Defense Official told me “While we do not comment on purported internal government documents, we respect every American’s right to peaceful protest. We also continue to remain vigilant for any potential acts of violence.”

Based upon this non-answer, I know two things: 

1) The information I received was from an internal government document - so the Nationwide Advisory is real, AND;

2) The advisory relates to "protests" which they clearly seem to think have potential for violence.

On its face, it seems logical to conclude that large cities will see large protests.  Yet, small places have little police protection and so those with nefarious intent MAY choose, instead, to focus on "small town USA."

None of us really knows what nutjobs are out there, or what they may be planning.

If you go out tomorrow, have HIGH SITUATIONAL AWARENESS.  Take notice of the people around you, what they're doing and such.  

If you're out and about, and something strange or sudden takes place, get out of there.  Don't nose around, LEAVE.






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