U.S. East Coast Weather -- Moving WRONG Way ! ! !

Something very strange is happening with the weather in the northeastern United States:  The clouds are moving the wrong way!   A storm is moving north-to-south.  That doesn't happen here.   Usually, weather moves west-to-east, or southwest to northeast.   Not today!  Video below:

This is the weather radar taken about 4:30 PM on June 22, from

You can clearly see the weather - Thunderstorms - is moving north to south.   This doesn't happen here unless there is a powerful hurricane coming up the coast, and then the counter-clockwise rotation of that storm, sends clouds north to south.   Today, though, there is no such hurricane off the coast.

I have no explanation at all for why this storm system is moving in a way that, frankly, I don't really recall ever happening in my 60 years on this earth; except when a hurricane is off shore.

Very strange to see storm clouds coming in from the north.   Very strange indeed.


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