U.S. "M2" Money Supply Collapsing Faster than During Great Depression

The supply of physical cash money in circulation inside the United States is collapsing fast than it did during the Great Depression.  The chart below, from the Federal Reserve, shows the facts:

It shows M2 money on a year-over-basis is contracting by the most since the 1930s.

M2 is decreasing, every time this happened in the last 150 years there has been a DEPRESSION.  Here's a chart to prove it:

Mind you, the chart above is from MARCH . . . . it's gotten worse since then!

As cash is taken out of the economy, the economy runs out of steam and stalls . . . fast.

What followed the Great Depression?

What’s going to follow this economic collapse?

If you answered “world war” you’re correct!

We're being looted.

Over 50% of the money given to Ukraine is unaccounted for, for instance.

This is the looting stage before the country falls. All planned out.


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