U.S. Mint Confirms: "Global Silver Shortage"

U.S. Mint Confirms: "Global Silver Shortage"

The United States Mint has announced there is a "global silver shortage" and as a result, "some people will not be able to buy certain silver coins."  Meanwhile, Silver Market manipulation is artificially suppressing silver prices, but some folks are now saying baseball bats to the back of manipulator heads might solve that trouble.

The US Mint issued the following public statement regarding Silver coins:


Given the reality which has just been admitted by the United States Mint, one has to ask how it is that silver prices have remained so stubbornly low?

The apparent answer: Price manipulation.

With the US Department of Justice appearing to many people to be hopelessly corrupt, the manipulators seem to have free reign to fix prices all they want. 

How long this lawlessness will go on remains to be seen.  Perhaps it will go on as long as Justice Department attorneys continue to get bribed?  Stay tuned.

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