U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draft

The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved language in its annual defense policy bill that would require women to register for the draft.


# Trans-proofingPaul Lambert 2021-07-28 15:29
Well, maybe the idea is to prevent men from identifying as women in order to dodge the draft. Who knows?
# 4F?Burnit 2021-07-23 13:18
I wonder how many of the 18+ year old women will be eligible? I mean look at the physical shape of some of the young people today. They can riot, mug, and get pregnant. But, when it comes to serving, I bet most of 'them' will be too fat, high blood pressure, borderline diabetic, autistic, etc. . Just watch.
Most of the military is NOT infantry. Women already serve it almost every capacity.
# war .... The BASTARDS are preparing for warNHydg 2021-07-23 13:16
The Bastard USSA gov is preparing for war with ........... Russia???? The BASTARDS are planning to put EVERYONE on line ........ as it gets into the last days of the war the BASTARDS will put our children on line .
+2 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftHarnaś 2021-07-23 11:34
Cannon fodder will be in short supply when WWIII hostilities commence imminently. Everyone is racing to be the first to attack since the initiative and momentum are always with the side which attacks first.

Predictive programming in the arts and media has promoted the myth of the future female Amazon soldier for decades in Jewish Hollywood. Yes we already have some quota female Navy pilots who cannot fly. Israeli press reported an incident recently of a female IDF soldier who was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds after being attacked by some deranged Palestinian had managed to take all her weapons away from her.

Still, IDF even has its own exclusive female tank battalions. I wonder how do their tanks will advance when the tracks come apart and need to be fixed. It is a heavy duty job fixing those tank tracks!

All this nonsense of modern-day Amazons fighters is coming here form IsraHell where females have always been conscripted at 18 and serve two years!
# DraftJnene 2021-07-23 09:50
I was in the first group to have to sign up for selective service back in 80 or 81. I went to the post office and filled a card out and never heard a thing since!
# Yes we are going to War against Russia.JorWolf EXPIRED - Last Payment May 2021 2021-07-23 09:35
Yes, we are going to War against Russia.

Or we Nuke them, or they Nuke us! Either Way there will be a War. Probably about 2024 after the 2 Ring of Fire Eclipses will cross USA.
# RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftGunner 2021-07-23 06:26
How damn Pathetic truly!!! We all have sat back and done absolutely NOTHING and now the cunts want to take your daughters, your sisters, wives, etc, etc and use them for cannon fodder - great job America. . . Where are all the big $$ men, you know the shit talking, zero action clowns I mean patriots. . .
# americalKevin Mills 2021-07-23 00:59
The draftees are always picked by the political "in" people. During the Viet Nam times they always found ways to get the poor bastards drafted while their protected class were deferred. Also during the whole Viet Nam " Crime " time not one single member of congresses son served in Viet Nam...fact. The other big "out" was to join the National Guard or Enlisted Reserve. This protected class went home after Basic Training and Advanced training for the...never to serve on Active Duty. By the way now who is it to say what a person sex is?
# Make them serve in Biden's militarydoopy 2021-07-22 23:26
I will go down and volunteer for the draft board, make them all serve. The best diversity lesson out there is to be miserable together in the military. Let the liberals and feminazi's put skin in the game.
+1 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-07-22 22:36
It remains to be seen how many females would register for the draft. I believe they would resist it. I also wonder how many 18-25 year old males registered since the draft was reinstated. I would bet that most didn’t. Besides, those same ones are probably either in prison or dead. All the same I wouldn’t let anyone take my daughter.
+1 # Try It!!!imdacodeman 2021-07-22 22:22
Come and try to get my daughter.
+1 # GlobalistsAdster 2021-07-22 22:16
All wars arent for USA as a nation, but instead for foreign globalist interests. Politicians can pick up some boxing gloves, get in the ring and fight to the death their adversary and play it this way instead. Seems fair , cheaper, less loss of life
+2 # RE: GlobalistsGunner 2021-07-23 06:27
We have Not had a legit war since the damn Revolutionary War.
+7 # Defund the Draft ;)Karl P. 2021-07-22 21:17
There should never be a draft, period. If the lying maggot traitor scum politicians can't convince the public to fight a war, then it's an illegitimate war from top to bottom. On the other hand if the war is truly legitimate and the public won't fight, then the country deserves to die and be replaced by a stronger nation. Drafts only prop-up weak nations and dictators.
+2 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftMadfr0g56 2021-07-22 21:11
Bet there’s going to be lot of suiside out there now. Fools!!! How about the illegal population? MAKE EM SERVE!!! Road to citizenship LOL
+1 # Truth is...Woulf 2021-07-22 22:55
A lot of people from all over do serve. The Filipinos have served in the USN , Mexicans in the USMC and they do not get papers. I think they should. They have done more with a hitch than all the "Soy Boys" put together. If you need immigration....Whom would be better, all these boarder jumpers or these guys? Oh, all most forgot, they probably won't hate use and vote Demon-rat. Guess that's the problem....
+1 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftJuden 2021-07-22 20:57
The daughters will be getting barefoot and pregnant, making her man a sandwich and washing dishes in no time flat.
Bring on the female draft!
+4 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftAnthony Schneider 2021-07-22 20:46
They know that war is on the horizon.
+3 # oh FFS!DevilDog 2021-07-22 20:36
Women have been fighting in wars since the 1st caveman walked out of his cave.

Deadliest Female Snipers in History

To bad they were communists
-1 # RE: U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draftWilliam Bermudez 2021-07-22 20:27
The draft is not going to be reinstated. It would be political suicide to do so.
+1 # DependsBurnit 2021-07-23 18:41
It won't be suicide if the elections are are rigged.
# Don't bet on thatNHydg 2021-07-23 13:27
It has been proven now that a nation does not need to vote .......those so called politicians are outhouse scum. There is no vote for your doesn't work. The third worlders are here.


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