U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. Dollar

U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. Dollar

Did you know the United States of America actually has a PLAN in the event they can no longer service their debt?   They do!  Adopted it back in the early 2000's.  Meet the "6900 Protocols."


# Rein in Medical/Bureaucratic Tyrannydz parklender 2021-06-20 12:39
15 States Have Passed Laws to Stop Future Lockdown Orders | David Knight

Betrayed by Trump, who used Fed to bribe governors to force lock-down,,
And your business suffered because he didn't rein in big pharma-Fauci..

Rein in government power & incentives( Bribery) by the federal Government.
Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats MUST be stopped from future medical dictates (and politicians).
Here’s what has been done & needs to expand to stop MSEHPA

+3 # Off topic but address some reader's commentsRed Deer 2021-06-19 00:33
A compass, the kind used to find North while hiking, is very sensitive to any changes to the earths magnetic lines of force. Any ferrous metal (iron) interferes with the the magnetic lines of force and will cause the compass needle to deviate towards the iron containing object. Brass, aluminum and other nonferrous metals do not effect the compass in a measurable way. The human body also will not cause the compass needle to deviate unless it has some magnetically acquired properties such as micro circuitry powered by batteries such as pacemakers, hearing aids or surgical implants that have reacted with body fluid salts and acids. Finger rings that contain base metals contaminated with iron can also effect the compass needle. If you have or can get a hikers compass ( not an electronic type but an old school one) place it on a wood table, away from any metal containing part such as hinges or bolts. Place your hand in front of the compass to see if you can cause the needle to swing or follow your hand or finger. Next try a paperclip that id made of steel. The needle should follow the clip. A refrigerator magnet will definitely cause the needle to track the magnet. So let me know of your results if you can effect the needle with just you hand. I have not been able to replicate sticking magnets to one's self so we may be on to something. Comment back and let's see! Thanks
# Red blood cellsmoscieng 2021-06-20 11:55
Red blood cells have magnetic properties:
+4 # GREAT presentation HalNHydg 2021-06-19 00:12
People needed to hear this ........ it is really going to separate the the chaff from the grain. Makes ya wonder tho ...... WHO is gonna pay the military guys ......... someone is STILL going to have a stash of coin.....of course the ones that have been stealing from all of US. Folks need to spend time every day online and downloading survival info ....... copy every bit you can. A cheap used laptop would serve one well , a small solar cell to recharge it. Spend money on things to make food ..... Hydroponics,ALSO, as the saying goes for a prepper .... 3 guns .... a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun.. . as a minimum....better get ammo NOW. If you can only find birdshot for the shotgun ....get it ...... cut the end open and pour hot wax into the shot ......makes a great slug.
# AhhhhRaio81597 2021-06-19 00:05
So now we know why they are pushing for a cashless society so hard. Crypto can be valued just based on popularity alone. Just look at bitcoin.
+7 # Not related to subject..Lexie 2021-06-18 22:28
Reports coming out that 400k persons who received Astra Zenca jab are not to travel/fly ...this could be related to the 4 BA pilots who died in the past couple of weeks due to blood clots...proverbial s is about to hit the fan.
# There's talk of grounding all BA flightsRaio81597 2021-06-19 21:37
There's a possibility that all pilots will be grounded, just in case they may have a reaction while in midair. That means that the populace will also be grounded, where as many tend to take summer holidays during this time they will now be left at home. This of course puts a strain further on the supply chain for food, since they normally expect fewer workers and less demand for food at home as well. So expect supply chain disruptions this summer and plan accordingly.
# RE: U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. DollarNotthemama 2021-06-18 20:47
What if on a Sunday night, Japan did this instead?
When the Asian markets open most westerners are on their second bottle or sleeping.
+3 # YellenBundy 2021-06-18 20:17
Regarding the one to make the ultimate decision:
Janet Yellen is the current Treasury Secretary.
Janet Yellen was the Chair of the Federal Reserve from Feb. 2014 through Feb. 2018.
She is also part of the massive "Jewry" (as the article puts it) that Biden has installed.
Let's not forget Trump's daughter is married to one. That shit is everywhere it shouldn't be.
"Biden’s choices reflect a diverse cross-section of American Jewry..."

Jewry. Apparently an acceptable and preferred term by Jews.
Is that because it sounds like jewelry? Or, even, dowry, perhaps?

It's all about the money.
Always back to the money.
Always back to the Federal Reserve and the world bankers.
+5 # RE: U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. DollarGunner 2021-06-18 19:58
Oh my, AmeriKA is so, so DONE. DEAD. DOOMED. The proverbial writing is on the wall I am afraid to say. We all knew this shit-show would not continue and all of us have sat back and done virtually NOTHING about this massive cluster-fuck.
+2 # reallyselah 2021-06-19 14:04
tired of hearing you spew about the rest of us doing exactly the same thing you are doing. NOTHING. lay off bro.
# RE: reallyAdster 2021-06-20 01:49
Agree, he's like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over. I believe he's agitating for folk to uprise. A paid stooge, or employed government fool if you will
-1 # RE: U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. 2021-06-18 19:47
There is something very important that is MISSING from this article -- an explanation of how money is created. If this were covered, readers would realize that there is no practical limit to the amount of money that the government can create. While it is true that money is created as debt, and that the debt will always exceed the amount of money in existence, the rate of increase in money creation can be extended into infinity until the public realizes the money has no value. That wouldn't result in a Force Majeure, but only in a rejection of the currency. In practical terms this means that the public doesn't need to fear a default event as described above -- instead it is more likely that the currency ends up being rejected by the public that simply no longer values it.
+1 # brethanson@Standing Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-06-18 22:18
As a corollary, it is known from the very outset of the creation of such systems the debt will never be repaid as it is mathematically impossible, just as you have described. This is an intrinsic consequence of any fractional reserve system. The only practical measure of success for such a system is persistent, yet stable, inflation. As ever more extreme measures are employed to keep the system "stable", the system is pushed ever closer to thermal runaway.

A totally different system would be required in order to have a balanced budget and no debt. Once people had a taste of such a thing, would anyone want it? Alternative systems are quickly thrown off, and governments readily resort to monetary heroin.

We are left to survive the life-and-death-cycles of the systems we have.
-3 # RE: U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. Dollarhmetling 2021-06-18 19:03

Those that boast about the future are the very same people that will SOON DIE AND GO TO HELL...


Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Proverbs 27:1


But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.

James 4:16


For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.

Ezekiel 18:32


The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Psalm 9:17


And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?

Luke 6:46


Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 7:21


Once Saved, Always Saved - A Doctrine of Devils:

A Compendium of Truth, Replete With Indisputable Scriptural Evidence.

# ThisFalcon9h 2021-06-23 11:54
Psalm 9:17... there you go.
# PM Mining Stocks?Mel 2021-06-18 19:00
Have long considered this scenario. I know the stock market is going south in general, but anybody have any thoughts on gold / silver mining stocks? I would think that after a week or so to sort things out, these would head north in a big way.

Right? Wrong? Not even in the realm of reality?
+1 # PM Mining Stocks - if only it were that easyStanding Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-06-18 22:39
We have all looked for an escape.
The exits are blocked, including gold and silver.
Perhaps gold or silver might play a role in the start of the next system ... How long will it take for the painful period to pass away and the new system to start?

Take a break and go read "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" by Rudyard Kipling a few times - until you have it memorized.
+5 # DagnabbitMel 2021-06-18 23:09
Then maybe its just time to hit the knees and storm the Gates of mass!
+2 # Lose it allAdster 2021-06-18 19:08
Sure, if you want to gamble and can afford to lose it all. Friend, i personally would have zero dollars invested in the stock market. Only the big end of town wins, and when the orchestrated collapse happens... the serfs like you and me lose everything unless we have it in our own hand. Consider a collapse happening, do you honestly believe the mine will be continuing, with all workers there on site ? Think about it
-1 # RE: U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: "Force Majeure," Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, "De-Monetize" U.S. DollarRAFO 2021-06-18 18:48
Bug out location?? Only a pipe dream for most. People will have to prepare as best they can and “hunker down” wherever they find themselves. Extra water and food, a decent shelter, and defensive arms, a cook stove with propane. Those are the essentials. Remember, in the economy being described, bartering is the name of the game. I got something you need… You have something I need. Rehearse your speech on how to turn people away at your door (and mean it). Even relatives that used to laugh at you and click the phone in your ear. God speed!
+5 # Famine beginsSovereign Grace 2021-06-18 18:22
All the wild fish in my freezer attracts a magnet. They are soaking our meat and fish in poison hydro gel and nano particles. To attract our bodies to the 6 and 7G that is probably already here. Just another way to do away with us. So whatever has not already been in your home for a month or so, do not eat. UN mandate says that all food must contain hydro gel and nano particles by 12/31/21.
+2 # hydro gel in foodShasta 2021-06-18 23:54
"UN mandate says that all food must contain hydro gel and nano particles by 12/31/21" - do you have a link for that? More info?
+1 # that "yo man gimmie.....DevilDog 2021-06-18 18:16
would be its last words just like this

ONE DOWN a Few Million to Go
+4 # China CCPDean Easterling 2021-06-18 18:16
If i remember correctly, wasn't the mortgages of America home owners used as colleterial against the US Debt to the CCP. So if the US banking system fails CCP will have legal right to nearly ever home in America. OH, i hope this is not true!!!!!!!!
# LOLMein.Dingus 2021-06-18 19:59
no-way they scuttle the US ....the Nesara/Gesara reformation is almost at hand. The US 'corporation' has been insolvent for a while now - bankrupt. Biden is President of nothing. Congress is just hanging around and doing committee /TV stuff , Washington DC. is closed , White House vacant..... patience , but I wish they hurry up with the forensic audits and re-seat 45 , enough to kick-off the reformation, on many fronts (not just economic)
+3 # Economic ArmageddonWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-06-18 17:45
I wonder how many PHD's in economics at the Federal Reserve. The math seems simple enough to me. We live in an insane asylum. Great work Hal you have scored untold victories in defense of TRUTH and JUSTICE.
The Money Masters

The Creature from Jekyll Island Audiobook by G. Edward Griffin (FULL AUDIOBOOK ON MY LBRY CHANNEL)
+1 # It's DA you know what...codeblue 2021-06-18 18:47
Thank you for the link to lbry - looks like an interesting site
# RE: It's DA you know what...DevilDog 2021-06-19 07:01
your welcome
+1 # foreseen since 1982HeroBeer 2021-06-18 17:40
since 1982, i did foreseen the $ may become worthless -- and the euro may *flip* ....
+4 # Americans robbed...JoelTexan 2021-06-18 17:34
Who picked your pockets the most, America?

The Banker Barons?
The fleecing-the-flock clergy?
The taxing and monetizing entities?

Glad that God is the Source of our matter what happens. We should do my absolute best to be self-reliant, and He does what He needs to meet our needs.


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