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Uh Oh. . . Both CNN and FOX News Do Stories about "De-Dollarization" - If MSM is covering this; it's because FedGov KNOWS what's coming

Uh Oh. . . Both CNN and FOX News Do Stories about "De-Dollarization" - If MSM is covering this; it's because FedGov KNOWS what's coming

For literally decades, people scoffed-at "conspiracy theorists" talk about the US Dollar collapsing.  They laughed at "the tin foil hat crowd" when it screamed from the rooftops that rampant over-spending would kill our currency.  The responses to the conspiracy theorists and tin-foil-hat-crowd was simple: "The dollar is the world's reserve currency; the world can't do without it."  Turns out, the responses were wrong.

Within the past 24 hours, far left-wing CNN and far right-wing FOX NEWS have both begun airing stories about "De-Dollarization."   For both the far-left and the far-right main-stream-media to be airing such stories is no coincidence.  That the MSM is now airing this means the powers-that-be in the US know - as a matter of absolute fact - the world __is__ turning its back on the Dollar, and that means trouble is coming to the US.  Trouble on a scale that literally NONE of us has seen in our lifetimes.

We begin with the piece aired on FOX NEWS, which featured an interview with former Assistant US Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley.   As you will see in the brief, 4:45 video below, she clearly mentions "Weimar Republic-type inflation" . . . . she's talking about here.   HERE!   In the United States!   Watch:


Next, the segment that aired on CNN:


Folks, they're beginning to tell the general public what's coming.  

CNN's piece talked about the dollar suffering "a death by a thousand cuts."  THAT is what is going on.  As the Dollar "bleeds-out" our cash will buy less and less.  And CNN's piece makes clear "America will face a reckoning like none before."

You have to prepare.  You have to get the things you will need, NOW.   The you must begin changing how you hold assets and wealth.  You need to put your "dollars" into something which is not "dollars" but will hold its value no matter what changes take place: things like real estate, shelf-stable foods, tools, and, of course, precious metals . . . . but be careful about those precious metals..  You can't eat gold or silver.  And since no aspect of our economy is moving toward the acceptance of either gold or silver in COMMERCE, having all your assets tied up in those metals would be a recipe for starvation.

The de-dollarization of the world is not going to happen overnight.  Yet, it __is__ happening.

I am NOT a licensed financial expert.  I do NOT have any special training or knowledge in matters financial and I cannot give financial advice.   

What I _can_ do is tell you what's actually taking place in the world so you can decide for yourselves about what -- if anything -- to do with your assets.   You should consult with a Licensed financial expert before making any financial or investment decisions.

Having said that, for myself, I and members of my family choose to start making moves now with pension plan, IRA, 401-K and the like.  Because having all our assets (what few we have)  in "dollars" is suddenly becoming a very bad idea.

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