UH OH! Weather Guys are Starting to use the "B" Word: "Blizzard"

UH OH!  Weather Guys are Starting to use the "B" Word:  "Blizzard"

Weather forecasters are starting to use the "B" word: "Blizzard" to describe potential Nor'Easter they THINK will come north along the US east coast later Thursday, Friday (Snow starts NJ & NYC) into Saturday.  But depending on the TRACK the storms takes, NJ/NYC gets between 3" and . . .  24". . .of snow.

WOW!   I don't think I've ever seen a forecast of 3 to 24 inches of snow in my 59 years on this earth!

Anyway, the storm track is going to be the key here.

ONE computer model shows this low pressure system heading due east, way out into the ocean, and the east coast gets NOTHING.

THREE other computer models show the storm moves off the coast and then heads north along the coast.

TWO of the the three keep it close enough to the coast where snow will start in the Carolinas, move through Virginia and get REALLY BAD into New Jersey/NYC and up into New England.

ONE of the three shows the storm staying farther off the coast, reducing NJ/NYC snow totals, then WALLOPING New England, with Boston getting 2 feet.

So here we are, Wednesday, and the weather guys still can't tell us what will be two days from now on Friday into Saturday.   Sort of makes me doubt the accuracy of their whole "Global Warming" forecasts into the next 50 years.  But that's a separate issue.

Folks in New Jersey, New York City and into New England should prepare for potentially VERY SIGINIFCANT SNOWFALL Friday into the weekend.


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