Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deaths

Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deaths

For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Washington Post’s Health 202 newsletter, by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It’s a continuation of a troubling trend that has emerged over the past year. As vaccination rates have increased and new variants appeared, the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated has been steadily rising. In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 percent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 percent, per our colleagues Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cox said.

Being unvaccinated is still a major risk factor for dying from COVID-19. But efficacy wanes over time, and an analysis out last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the need to get regular booster shots to keep one’s risk of death from the coronavirus low, especially for the elderly.

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s preeminent infectious-disease expert, used his last White House briefing Wednesday ahead of his December retirement to urge Americans to get the recently authorized omicron-specific boosters.

“The final message I give you from this podium is that please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated COVID-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible,” he said.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted:

“Dr. Fauci is a pillar of the public health community. From HIV and AIDS to Ebola to COVID, he has kept the American public informed and prepared through multiple crises. It was an honor having him in the briefing room to remind Americans on the importance of getting vaccinated.”

Cox, like many experts, says she’s not surprised by the ratio shift. There are a few reasons:

• At this point in the pandemic, a large majority of Americans have received at least their primary series of coronavirus vaccines, so it makes sense that vaccinated people are making up a greater share of fatalities.

• Individuals at greatest risk of dying from a coronavirus infection, such as the elderly, are also more likely to have received the shots.

• Vaccines lose potency against the virus over time and variants arise that are better able to resist the vaccines, so continued boosters are needed to continue to prevent illness and death.

• The BA.5 omicron subvariant became dominant in July and consistently accounted for the majority of new coronavirus infections across the United States until earlier this month. The highly transmissible strain fueled a surge of new infections, reinfections and hospitalizations throughout the summer.

It’s still true that vaccinated groups are at a lower risk of dying from a COVID-19 infection than the unvaccinated when the data is adjusted for age. An analysis released by the CDC last week underscores the protection that additional booster shots offer against severe illness and death as immunity wanes.

In August, the highly contagious BA.5 variant reached its peak:

• That month, unvaccinated people aged 6 months and older died at about six times the rate of those who had received their primary series of shots.

• People with one booster dose were even better protected. Unvaccinated people over the age of 5 had about 8 times the risk of dying from a coronavirus infection than those who received a booster shot.

• Among individuals who were eligible to receive additional booster shots, the gap is even more striking. Unvaccinated people 50 and up had 12 times the risk of dying from COVID-19 than adults the same age with two or more booster doses.

David French, senior editor for the Dispatch, tweeted: “One of the saddest phenomena of the online right is the absolute fury at those of us who supported COVID vaccines and continue to support COVID vaccines. The death toll of vaccine refusal is simply staggering and heartbreaking.” He pointed out that 100 percent vaccination could have prevented 300,000 deaths between January 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022.

Americans’ uptake of the latest booster shots continues to be slow.

Around 35 million people have received the updated boosters that became available to people 12 and over in September and to children as young as 5 last month. That’s a little over 10 percent of the U.S. population, amid concern that cooler weather will bring a surge of COVID cases as people move indoors and respiratory infections spread.

Wednesday, the White House announced a six-week push ahead of the holidays aimed at increasing booster uptake among seniors, people who are racial minorities and those who live in rural areas, all of which have disproportionately suffered severe disease and death during the coronavirus pandemic, our colleagues Frances Stead Sellers and Ariana Eunjung Cha write.

Senior officials said the Biden administration would direct some of its remaining resources to fight the pandemic into a $475 million campaign to support community health centers and organizations working to get the elderly and people with disabilities boosted.

The administration’s push coincided with the release of a CDC study offering the first evidence that the bivalent boosters are better at preventing symptomatic infection against newly circulating variants than earlier doses.

“I feel very confident that if people continue to get vaccinated at good numbers, if people get boosted, we can absolutely have a very safe and healthy holiday season,” Ashish Jha, White House coronavirus czar, said Wednesday.

(HT REMARK: This news, broken by the Washington Post newspaper, says to ME, the so-called "vaccines" not only don't work, they may actually be contributing to people dying.  No thanks.   I did not take _any_ of the COVID shots and will not take them.  I'm not taking anything that messes with my DNA.)


+1 # A smartcosentyx1 2022-11-27 09:48
Jersey boy like me. Hal and I grew up skeptical and now we`re pure blooded!. They called us muckrakers. So many around us injured and dying very sad
+5 # █▓▒░ The un-vaxxed now have the power to kill with just their spoken words. ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-11-26 20:06

The brain dead diabolical satanic pharmakeia deep state drug pushers
are so desperate to keep the idiots in line and on que that here is their
latest spoonful of BS.

Nov 26, 2022 - Medical journal claims anti-vaxxers cause deadly
clots in vaccinated people by SCARING them about vaccine
The Health Ranger Report

- Anti-vaxxers accused of causing CLOTS in the vaccinated by
speaking to them
- Medical "science" has gone full clown world

Do non-vaccinated people have psychic / JEDI powers to alter
physiology of the vaxxed?
Beware of unvaccinated psychic clot assassins
+4 # Running out of body bags!paulattahoe 2022-11-26 19:47
Hospitals around the world are short of body bags. My wife, an OR nurse, quit before being fired for not taking the jab. I've been warning people since 2020, but few listen.

The NAZI censors threw me off many social media sites. The experimental death jab was simply an IQ test, and the dummies flunked the exam. .
+6 # Lies,lies,liesTurnercom1 2022-11-25 20:31
Every word is a lie. The shot is a bio weapon to reduce population. 987still births in England. Stated by medical czar of England. All who took the jab are sterile. Democrats need to be sterilized. Darwin theory...
+8 # MisdiagnosisKimbercarrier 2022-11-24 21:44
I don't believe the unvaccinated we re dying so much from covid as they were misdiagnosed from flu and pneumonia.
+5 # Sadly Many will Perish from IllnessesFaith11 2022-11-24 20:06
We are noticing that people that are vaccinated are getting sick, and staying sick for long periods of time. They are calling it the " super cold" or "super flu" some may have a bad. lingering cough. This group should get a T-cell count which will help point the doctor in the right direction. Also D-dimer test might be good idea. We've buried 7 people so far that were v'd. Sadly many of these v'd people perish from many illness that their body cannot fight. Get ready this will reshape the world we live in since 58% of people are v'd.
# Sickcosentyx1 2022-11-27 10:03
and getting sicker, us non jabbed are watching the jabbed fail. It is an IQ test. Early on intuition kept me away from the jab. I enjoyed the jabbed bragging and harassing us non jabbed they`re not bragging anymore just getting sicker. Some regret the jab but will never admit it. Xgiving was interesting the jabbed discussing their various symptoms and sick family and freinds blaming it on a new flu!
+1 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsEddamnit 2022-11-24 17:33
The MSM reports this past week that human population crossed the 8 billion mark but it's a lie.
Population worldwide is falling.
+5 # ARE THE VAXXED DAYS NUMBERED?Plowboy 2022-11-24 17:18
Among the myriad of ghastly ingredients and adverse side effects of these bio weapon injections is their negative impact on natural immunity with each successive jab. The VAXXED increasingly face the prospect of needing a "booster" or succumbing to the next "variant"?

As they fall victim to even common environmental oathigens, they will be led to believe that they were spread by the "unvaccinated"... and we will be targeted.
# Ooops?Plowboy 2022-11-24 17:21
+1 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-24 17:01
They use the "climate change" lie to convince their minions to go along with culling the herd of people.

But that's just a smokescreen to get rid of the Middle Class so they can implement their evil NWO/One World Government/Kommunist paradigm.
+7 # Undertakers and embalmersJessiebeaner 2022-11-24 16:23
Have been reporting this fact for almost a full year. As well, the jabbed have those rubbery vessel liners
+4 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsRAFO 2022-11-24 15:36
“ Wednesday, the White House announced a six-week push ahead of the holidays aimed at increasing booster uptake among seniors, people who are racial minorities and those who live in rural areas…”

Hummm… let’s see… seniors (i.e. over 65 and on Medicare), racial minorities (yikes! Shades of Margaret Sangar!), and those who live in rural areas (lots of Republicans!) should be targeted for the boosters!! Yes, they are VERY CONCERNED about our health… gives you a warm feeling doesn’t it?

BTW… STAY AWAY from the mRNA flu shots!! Just another way to jab the unvaxxed and kill the vaxxed.
+4 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsebelfer52 2022-11-24 15:34
Lot of double speak in their report. Vaccinated are less likely to die but majority of deaths are vaccinated to some degree. That would require the unvaccinated to be getting sicker at a higher rate which has been proven to not be the case since the vax doesnt stop infection or transmission. What a joke they are still pushing the vax
+5 # Satan solution=Death?acturner067 2022-11-24 14:56
In the book of Genesis Aaron was ask to make us gods to go before us. He told them give me your golden earrings.The earrings represent lack of hearing? As for the the people today lack the ability to hear truth? Aaron golden calf caused the dull minded to show their true colors, idle worshipers? Today the same could be said for the Vax it's like an idle? The people are full of mischief and want a cure by mans hands. Satan created the problem and their desire, waited for the reaction (please make me a god/vaccine-in Latin is poison) and his solution, he gave them death.


Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
+4 # HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THIS? 2022-11-24 14:47
Since there is not a test being used that can actually test for this virus. The PCR "test" most certainly does not!

This should be rephrased as"

"Vaccinated people now make up a majority of deaths that we arbitrarily classify as COVID in order to get Federal money"
# Didnt Somebody SayForrest Mosby 2022-11-24 14:33
That it wouldnt work?
# RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsBeenThere 2022-11-24 14:18
I read that as saying there is a $475 million campaign to to continue lowering the U.S. population via mrna vaccine.
+1 # "they may actually be contributing to people dying. " 2022-11-24 14:15
"they may actually be contributing to people dying."

You think. Maybe?

I would bet the farm on it Hal.
+3 # Just the 2022-11-24 13:20
Just look at the graph and ignore the bollocks written.
In the decade before covid vax - the worldwide fertility rate was levelling off.
After vax started it dropped off a cliff.
Fertility rate: 'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born
The world is ill-prepared for the global crash in children being born which is set to have a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies, say researchers.
But but in non mRNA Russia it is INCREASING

And in non mRNA China it is INCREASING

Of course, .in mRNA Australia, New Zealand it is DECREASING

And in 80%vaxxed with mRNA vaxed Brazil it is DECREASING

All my checks show other countries that used Chinese, Russian vax also used mRNA vaccines. Except Belarus uses both China, Russia vax.
Guess what ! It is INCREASING

Categorical, absolute, unqualified proof that mRNA cov 2 vaccine reduces fertility (of women and or men).
+3 # more confirmationmdicken1 2022-11-24 17:58
of the Deagel 2024 prediction for each country's population (USA < 100 million). May God NOT have mercy on all those who created/prospered/promoted/benefitted/deceived others into this nightmare.
+1 # WowSBGlett77 2022-11-24 15:27
Great collection of facts to support a great post, Carlireland !
+2 # RE: Just the beginning.....BeenThere 2022-11-24 14:22
And to all naysayers, if facts alarm you, the problem isn't with the facts!

Good post carlireland34......
+2 # RE: Just the 2022-11-24 14:46
Remember that mRNA and your defiled DNA gets passed on to your children.

I think it is so shocking that most people cannot take it on board.
But when they do their rage at tthe destruction of their family line will be mighty and bloody.
# RepostedA706 2022-11-24 13:33
Thank you. Great info.
I re-posted over on GAB. I can remove if thats a problem.
+2 # RE: 2022-11-24 13:49
What sparked my search was a radio report that fertility was dropping. They suggested it might be due to one particular chemical in processed food. A "woke" coverup for cov mRNA, because it is only made after decades of dropping rates ! Can you get it into the Washington Post ?
+2 # Happy Thanksgiving!!A706 2022-11-24 12:56
Hal, You and your family have a great Thanksgiving and you definitely have earned a long Vacation!! God Bless.
+5 # IQ TestHeron13 2022-11-24 12:56
Wether or not one decides to take these shots is the simplest way to determine intelligence at this point. I understand the motivation of fear to take them early on, but at this point there is a mountain of evidence that should make one question their choices.....
+4 # I betTigerTiger 2022-11-24 12:27
The unvaccinated who died were not given any access to ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. They just let you die or give remdesivir which also kills you.

The willful blindness on the part of the medical profession to cheap, effective therapeutics is one of the most amazing and evil things I have witnessed in my entire life.

Hell, even having sufficient vitamin D can substantially reduce risk of death, but you don't see anybody in the government pushing that. It is criminal.
+9 # CancerA706 2022-11-24 13:03
I personally know 3 people who were healthy and in great phsyical shape, they got vaxxed and devolped serious health problems ranging from Lung Cancer - Stage 3, Pericarditis, Shingles and leg clots, Pancreas Cancer, Altered personality' and severe memory deficit from Brain Damage, etc...
The most disturbing part is they continue to get the shots.

They went from pre vax healthy to post vax unhealthy and dying and still cant face the truth!!!

And......they keep getting Covid, RSV, Flu over and over.....MY friend we are watching pure Madness from EVIL!!!
+4 # Amen to thatSBGlett77 2022-11-24 15:34
To me, the altered personality is the most frightening. I had a younger friend have that happen very soon after the vax, and he became a completely different person, almost like all restraint on anger, hostility, rudeness, etc. disappeared. It was just as though he had become possessed, but the demon was cagey enough to stop it just before making him nonfunctional in society.
+4 # RE: I betThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-11-24 13:02
I take vitamins, C, D, zinc, elderberry extract every day ever since the whole Covid affair began and never got sick one time. I feel great. All people need to do is keep their immune system built up and they’ll be just fine.
-5 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsmeanize1962 2022-11-24 12:24
I got the opposite intake I want to tell you something I have not gotten the covert shots either they're starting to get really tricky dick the flu vaccine I did get for the first time this year but they're getting tricky dick about it they want to switch over to RNA seasonal flu vaccine starting next year so that means I won't be doing that I don't believe in RNA vaccines too much of a different doorway technically they should be giving you a new vaccine every 10 days to work and then I'm still won't work and if they work they're like 93% effective if they get into the wavelength of course I'm going by old military handbooks from the early 90s I have not received any RNA vaccine and now I might get higher and a job working at a warehouse factory FedEx I might be exposed to the virus all the time and that virus has been around 3 years and I haven't gotten sick once I think there's something that distorted about this it almost sounds like something escaped from a lab and if you touch somebody or you're within two feet to them you'll get it you'll turn purple and y'all go insane insane that's what it looks like to me I wonder if something happened in an airport 3 years ago somewhere and it did escape but they're not telling us the truth maybe they knock people unconscious and put them on a respirator when they stop some acting out insanity insanity I don't know very suspicious but I do take the other vaccines and I'm fine with them shingles went good the second shingles my arm got sore and hot for a week the flu vaccine went good then pneumonia shot went good except I have hand problems since getting it 20 minutes later but I take him medicine for those hand issues
-1 # Have a Great day sirA706 2022-11-24 13:06
I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Meanize 1962!!
-4 # And youJohn Jones 2022-11-24 13:46
And you too A706....we need more kindness like that on the forum. I would miss Sammy's rants.
+6 # Died SuddenlyModSquad 2022-11-24 12:07
MUST WATCH "Died Suddenly" on Rumble before it's gone
-2 # Me TooZachsubscriber1 2022-11-24 12:00
Really glad I didn't get any jabs either. Here's my research regarding experimental drug deaths:
+2 # Check the number of people that "Died suddenly" the video and the embalmers observationsSmiley1984*! 2022-11-24 11:55
Check the number of people that "Died suddenly" the video and the embalmers observations, it is quite revealing. See:-

Also 93 doctors who got vaccinated have died in Canada, people are dying on set, at the controls of aircraft, buses, etc., too many unexplained SADS.

We have been warned by experts what to expect, and the CDC published it's own list of adverse effects BEFORE the roll out. Why has there not been ANY proper investigation of this phenomenon?

All we get is denials and cover up, with reinforcement, that you need to get your boosters: and that they are "Safe and effective".
-1 # MidlandA706 2022-11-24 13:40
I knew a Smiley family from Midland Mi, raised keeshonds. Ex in laws. Good People.
+10 # What they are leaving outCaleb 2022-11-24 11:12
These people are intentionally playing with words.

Lets lay it out....

If you look at ALL deaths....blood clots, heart attacks, common cold, Covid, undiagnosed....the percentage of those having the Vax far, far, far exceeds those Not Vaxed.

No medical model or mathmatical model accounts for this other than the Vax being deadly and disabling from any number of vectors.

One of those vectors is thought to be a continuing destruction of your immune system. It gets worse over time and drastically worse with each additional boster. Every month and year the vaxed will be sussectable to illnesses their body would have fought off previously.....especially mild covid.

Stay away from these things.
+7 # OH 2022-11-24 10:30
In other words.
+6 # World Premiere: Died SuddenlyWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-24 10:15
Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

Some Thing Diabolical in the SHOT Like Hydra Vulgara and Graphene Oxide! Lethal Injections Approved By FDA are Now Mandatory!

Embalmer finds "white fibrous clots" in 86% of dead people who got the vaccine.

In a 2013 trial of over 200,000 people testing mRNA-based medication - LESS THAN 5 are alive today.
+4 # SheepWAFiddleFarmer 2022-11-24 11:02
Most people are sheep. They actually used pretty effective psychology. Create fear, have the solution. Many commercial ads do this as well to sell products, so many people have already been conditioned through practice to respond to it. Psychological warfare.
# EveryoneLegionPrime67 2022-11-24 10:23
Needs to watch that and share it.
Just go to and search for's on many channels.
+3 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsDan Edwards 2022-11-24 09:54
Everything was good until the lying started, lying as follows:

That month, unvaccinated people aged 6 months and older died at about six times the rate of those who had received their primary series of shots.

• "People with one booster dose were even better protected. Unvaccinated people over the age of 5 had about 8 times the risk of dying from a coronavirus infection than those who received a booster shot."

Everything she said from this point was complete Bull shit!
+13 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsDan Edwards 2022-11-24 09:57
No one is dying from Corona, everyone is dying from the clot shot, and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!
# Exactly.WAFiddleFarmer 2022-11-24 11:03
Had C a couple months ago. It was noneventful.
+6 # You know what they can do with their shots?mizzy777 2022-11-24 09:47
Sick evil people!!
+1 # Lies and lying liarsTksarge 2022-11-24 09:46
At best, the jabs do nothing.
At worst they will kill all who took them.
The truth between and those who.pushed this shit in us and our families will never face justice for the carnage that will result.
# People...learned.Doug Brown 2022-11-24 12:08
People far more learned than I suggest
something drastically more insidious is
going on.
That the entire vaccination morass is but
amother vector contributing to our
collective demise.
+10 # The Word of the Lordmdicken1 2022-11-24 09:36
given to Jeremiah (5:26-29 NLT)
"Among my people are wicked men who lie in wait for victims like a hunter hiding in a blind. They continually set traps to catch people. Like a cage filled with birds, their homes are filled with evil plots. And now they are great and rich, they are fat and sleek, and there is no limit to their wicked deeds. They refuse to provide justice to orphans and deny the rights of the poor, should I not punish them for this? says the Lord. Should I not avenge myself against such a nation?
+9 # OKSBGlett77 2022-11-24 09:32
Excellent article, Hal. Very well balanced, and still it leads the discerning individual to conclude the shots lead to eventual death.

I particularly liked your inclusion of Cynthia Cox's remarks. They show how rationalization and sloppy statistics can be applied cleverly to lead to any conclusion one desires. Rationalizations become the wind that liars use to blow the unwise way off course without them knowing it. Some facts that expose her points as subtle and false:

1. Sudden, unexpected deaths are way up, especially in younger age groups and those who physically exert;

2. New forms of blood clots not even comprised of blood have been found in cadavers, 95% of which were vaccinated;

3. Data concerning vaccine deaths and hospitalizations keeps being revealed as having been covered up or discouraged from being reported since the introductions of the vaccines;

4. Peer-reviewed ( P-R ) studies from Switzerland and elsewhere OVERSEAS ( of course ) have shown that your DNA is indeed permanently changed by the shots ( ref. HT remarks at end of article );

5. Studies, some P-R and some suppressed, have shown that one's immune system is totally compromised by mRNA vaccines;

5. Many horrifying effects, mostly long-term and completely unstudied by Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, Astrazeneca, et. al., have been positively and rigorously identified and predicted by highly credentialed scientists. We are seeing these as the causes of sudden deaths, disabilities, and so-called "long COVID".

6. The reports of "cause of death" have been completely distorted since COVID was even a thing. It has been guesswork from the time COVID came along. The data on "cause of death" is absolutely, positively unreliable. The umbrella statistic, "all-cause deaths" is of course reliable, and is showing a 60+% increase and rising since vaccinations started. The increase is also disproportionately greater in those under 50. The all-cause death curve has an exponential shape in the U.S. and Europe.


Please note: Advanced education or high intelligence does not impart WISDOM. Wisdom is undefined in the Bible ( its effects are only described ) and is something bestowed only by God, according to the scriptures. Those who heard His voice and did not harden their hearts when this first came out, knew something was wrong, and set out to find out what. The gullible ( i.e., fools, in Proverbs ) listened to Bill Gates', Tony Fauci's, Deb Birx's, Trump's, Biden's, etc., etc. rationalizations, and were filled with wonderment; a fool's wonderment.
+4 # RE: OKDan Edwards 2022-11-24 09:59
Soooo true.
+8 # Things Article Forgot to AddHeflin540 2022-11-24 09:31
Deaths from auto-immune function degraded by so-called vaccine,

All S.A.D. deaths (just drop-dead syndrome)
Cancer deaths
PCR deaths

Basically, what will be known as VAIDS soon and widely.
+8 # █▓▒░ Vaccinated people and the Matrix ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-11-24 09:07


This is the dark underside of tyranny that nobody wants to talk about.
Not a single politician talks about it on a regular basis.

We must recognize that these are the very same tools and products
that make our busy 21st century lives so convenient, so efficient and
entertaining. And so we buy them on cue, we upgrade them on cue,
we hand over our biometric data on cue, until one day we will wake
up and realize we have convenienced ourselves and entertained
ourselves right into a digital gulag from which there is no escape.
This is how the globalists intend on breaking the backs of free Americans.

By the year 2030 they plan on having 500 new vaccines.

The Beast (system) needs FOOD, and that food is “Data.” How much
are you feeding to the Beast? Got your FartBook, Twits, Instagram,
YouTube, Voicemail, Texting, etc. etc. etc.

+1 # Hear, hearSBGlett77 2022-11-24 10:40
Excellent first-principles comment. It's Love of the World gone wild, and there is both a temporal and eternal price to pay.

I think I will print the entire comment out and frame it for visitors to read.
+3 # RE: █▓▒░ Vaccinated people and the Matrix ░▒▓█Dan Edwards 2022-11-24 10:00
Very real and excellent comments sir
+12 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsAvanarts 2022-11-24 08:59
I plan to leave this world with the same, unmodified, DNA that I came into it with.
+1 # █▓▒░ Vaccinated people and the Matrix ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-11-24 09:12

Are you eating GMO foods?
# 2014 warning of DNAFreedom4ever007 2022-11-24 08:58
+10 # NeverKathybb 2022-11-24 08:57
Me either Hal, I’m never going to take anything that would change my DNA! Plus, kill you. No thanks.
+10 # RE: Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deathsGunner 2022-11-24 08:45
The Clot-Shot = The DEATH, MURDEROUS shot!!!


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