VIDEO: MS-13 Murders Man on NYC Subway - Uncensored, Unedited Actual Murder

VIDEO: MS-13 Murders Man on NYC Subway - Uncensored, Unedited Actual Murder

The video below shows MS-13 gang members beating then shooting-to-death a man in a New York City Subway Station. 

Unedited and uncensored, it shows who New York City welcomes (poor, MS-13 illegal aliens) versus who New York City rejects - anyone wearing a MAGA Hat. 

New Yorkers are getting exactly what they deserve based on who they embrace and what political positions they adopt.  

Let's be blunt: New Yorkers re-elected Mayor Bill DeBlasio even though he openly embraces Sanctuary for illegal aliens. New Yorkers re-elected Governor ANdrew Cuomo who not only campaigned on being a Sanctuary State, he signed-into law, one of the worst abortion bills in the world; allowing a healthy, normal baby to be aborted up to the point it is being delivered out of its mother. This is a man who seems to embrace hideous death! New Yorkers re-elected him anyway.

You are warned that the video below is extremely graphic.  It was taken at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subway train station at 90th Street and Roosevelt Boulevard in Queens, New York, yesterday (February 3, 2019) at about 3:00 PM.  

You are also cautioned there is explicit racial language used by passers-by who tell the attackers "Leave him alone nigga."

As you see the men struggling on the ground, pay particular attention to the man wearing the LIGHT GRAY COAT. He gets up from the victim with a gun in his hand. He then pulls back the slide to chamber a round, and fires at point-blank-range, SIX TIMES.

This is what life in New York City is, now that liberal Democrats are in charge. 

This is an example of the ILLEGAL ALIENS being protected by United States Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the rest of the evil, lying, satanic, Communistic, Democrat Party FILTH infesting this country.

If YOU are a member of the Democrat Party, YOU are partially to blame for this murder and so many other crimes. YOU are enabling this via YOUR politics, and in my view, that makes YOU disgusting.

Hey New York City, tell us again why we should "embrace diversity" like you do?

No Thanks.

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MS-13 Murders Man in Broad Daylight - NYC Subway - Feb 3, 2019

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 9 months ago
    I guess all those idiots thought they were helping the situation by screaming incoherently and flapping their arms, while attempting to reason with the attacking predator and videoing with their cell phones.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    William Raywalt · 9 months ago
    This is just another reason I think NYC would be an ideal place for an above ground nuclear bomb test....
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Feral Woods · 9 months ago
    One Halloween night, my room mate came home after a narrow escape on Hollywood Blvd, when a gang of Mexicans in a car, pulled out a shotgun and blasted away at someone on the sidewalk. When the Mexicans took over the boulevard, going down there wasn't fun anymore.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    BRIAN KEANE · 9 months ago
    good to see some guys trying to jump in and break it up --how can you tell m13 and not some other gangs/hoodlums-doesn't make any difference to the dead guy but...when are some of the ambulance chasing lawyers going to go after civi damags from gangs? feds/state governments don't have any problem doing asset seizures so????