Video: Tractor-Trailer Carrying NUCLEAR WARHEADS on-the-move-North Dakota

Video: Tractor-Trailer Carrying NUCLEAR WARHEADS on-the-move-North Dakota

A Tractor trailer carrying nuclear warheads was caught on video Saturday afternoon in North Dakota.  The truck was being escorted by local police, Military Police, armed Military troops, and protected overhead by helicopter gunships.

Here is the brief video:

Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is the most well-known nuclear missile base in that area of the country.  All the missiles in that base are already armed.  So why the additional warheads?

Under Barack Obama, the US nuclear arsenal was made much smaller.   Missiles that had previously carried TEN (10) Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicles (MIRVs) were reduced to only one warhead.  Perhaps the US is re-installing multiple warheads on our existing missiles?

Why would they be doing that unless they are expecting an actual nuclear war?

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And expect one they should, given the meddling the US is doing in Ukraine, and the harshest economic sanctions ever imposed, against Russia, are all adding up to the US being hit by Russia.

Of course, the American people remain blissfully unaware that their government has us all on the threshold of actual nuclear war.  They're unaware because the "mass-media" has utterly failed to do its job of reporting actual news.  The mass-media seem more interested in the severely mentally-ill who think men can be women and vice-versa.


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