War with Russia; War with China; Civil War -- Congress is Literally TRYING to get this country destroyed because THEY are Broke and need Debt Forgiveness

War with Russia; War with China; Civil War -- Congress is Literally TRYING to get this country destroyed because THEY are Broke and need Debt Forgiveness


Your local member of the United States Congress (House and/or Senate) is trying to get YOU and YOUR FAMILY killed, because HE is broke and needs debt forgiveness.

Yes, those friendly neighborhood members of Congress, who you see in your communities glad-handing, back-slapping, hand-shaking, and kissing babies, have a real problem: They and their pals in Congress have over-spent so much money, for so long, they can't pay it back.

They did this because they are craven for power.   They have actual power and they seek to keep it.  The easiest way for them to do that is hand out cash money to voters.  Welfare, medicare/medicaid, food stamps, Obama phones, Section 8 housing subsidies, utility subsidies and the like, are the ways they get the small-minded, lazy, and useless eaters, to keep voting for them.

Since it isn't THEIR money they've been spending, they haven't a care in the world about how far into debt they send the country.  It's been this way for decades.

Only now, they've got a real problem.  They've spent so much, for so long, buying votes from the non-thinking, lazy, useless, dumb, people, that they can't pay the money back anymore.  The interest on the debt is taking almost all the tax revenue.

Now, logically, they can resolve this by cutting spending and paying down debt.  But if they cut spending, those useless, dumb, lazy people, won't vote for them and they'll be out of their cushy, powerful jobs.

For the political class, losing power is akin to a drug addict running out of his dope; it hurts so bad, they'll do just about anything to get more.

Which brings us to today; since they cannot cut spending for fear of losing re-election, and they're at the point where they are almost unable to pay the interest of what they've spent, they NEED a way out.

The only way out they can come up with is . . . war.

They NEED American cities to be bombed by a foreign Bogeyman.  They NEED American citizens to be killed -- in the millions - by a foreign Bogeyman.

If they get that, they can go to the Bankers and others to whom they owe some $31 Trillion and, crying crocodile tears, say "Our cities are smashed. Our People are dead.  We have no hope at all of paying back the money we owe you; we need debt forgiveness."

The Bankers and other creditors will see for themselves that the cities are, in fact, smashed and millions of Americans are, in fact, dead, and they'll realize there really is no hope at all of being paid back; so they'll provide the debt forgiveness because they have no other choice.

Then, these very same politicians will slither out of the nuclear Bunkers we built for them, and start the whole shit show all over again.  With themselves, of course, in power!

For them, the problem is solved.

All the rest of us have to do to achieve this resolution, is . . . die.

THAT is why you see them sending Billions and weapons and military intelligence to Ukraine.  They WANT to trigger World War 3 with Russia.

THAT is why you see them making unauthorized trips to Taiwan, sending weapons and aid to that island.  They WANT to trigger World War 3 with China.

THAT is why you see them backing out of the Iran nuclear deal, and negotiating in BAD FAITH to restructure the deal.  They WANT to trigger World War 3 in the Middle East.

and lastly, THAT is why you see them now calling "MAGA" Americans, "extremists who are a threat to the country." They WANT to trigger an actual, bloody, Civil War here in the United States.

Each and every item shown above, would result - on its own - with smashed American cities, and millions of dead Americans.

Any single one of the items they're presently pursuing, will achieve their goal.

And all YOU, YOUR FAMILY, Me, and my family have to do . . . is die.

THAT is where we are, this seventh day of September, 2022. 

We got here because the very members of Congress, smiling, glad-handing, back-slapping and kissing babies, in our communities, NEED us dead.   And they are actively working to make us dead.

If they actually manage to get any of these wars started, and the country is hit with nuclear bombs, or erupts into Civil War, remember this article so you know who it is that did this, did it on purpose, and is Guilty as sin.

When you see the Guilty slithering out of their bomb shelters, give them what you think they so richly deserve, for what they've done.  


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