Washington State Crosses "Chain-Reaction Outbreak" Threshold

Washington State Crosses "Chain-Reaction Outbreak" Threshold

The state of Washington has officially crossed the number of coronavirus cases to cause an UNSTOPPABLE, CHAIN-REACTION OUTBREAK in their state.   

Today, Washington confirmed another 99 cases of coronavirus, bringing the state total to 366.   

Disease modeling experts confirm that once a given area crosses 256 confirmed cases, an unstoppable chain-reaction of infection spread has already started.  Confirmation of this will come within 2.4 days.   

After 2.4 days, if the number of confirmed cases DOUBLES, the chain reaction is in full swing.  The disease will continue to double every 2.4 days or so until it runs out of victims to infect.

Once a given area has three thousand (3,000) hospital admissions from this disease, local hospitals are so overloaded they begin to collapse.  Medical care gets rationed, and the death rate soars to 61.5% for those who need Intensive Care Units, but cannot get into one because they're all full.

Shortly after the health care system collapses, society itself begins to collapse.

Folks in Washington state who have "Bug-Out" locations, should go.  Soon.  While they still can.


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