We Cannot Keep America a "First-World" Country by filling it with THIRD-WORLD People


It is simple logic:  One cannot create or maintain a first-world country by filling it with a Third-world population.




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    Steven Holsten · 2 months ago
    Amen Hal...
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    transformationtime · 2 months ago
    Obviously, news desk!
    But what is your opinion, where this terrible political war, this deep split of society in your country will lead you?
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    Doug Brown · 2 months ago
    My Dad was in the Second World War in the Pacific Theatre. Somehow in his military travels he became friends with a family from Taiwan, and he helped this man, wife and their three little children move to Battle Creek, Michigan, where we lived. I remember their cooking fondly.
    Anyway, this family from Taiwan couldn't become American fast enough, They boys loved the Detroit Tiger's Baseball Team, they all took English classes. They became citizens and it was a very big deal.
    This pattern of endearment isn't so much the case today.
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      Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
      Since then, the world population (in America too no less) is told that the United States and everything it stands for is rotten. If even the American people (the most vocal ones at least) cannot be inspired to identify with and stand up for their own country, why would any newcomers do so?
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    jack marsicano · 2 months ago
    turd world nation, California leads the way